Grendel the Really Old

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Grendel the Really Old
Grendel the Really Old.png
Species Human
Services Quest giver
Job Instructor
Continent Victoria Island
Town Ellinia
Area Magic Library


  • An elderly magician who resides at the middle of Ellinia; go to him if you want to become a Magician.
  • The only job master who gives quest for all jobs.


His real name is Hines Arthur Grendel and he is the oldest person in MapleStory. His present age is over a thousand years old. During the Crimson Balrog war, he assisted Athena Helena Pierce to seal her dark clone into the other realm for the third job advancement test. This was likely done the same to Dances with Balrog and the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, 7000 years ago, during the Victorian civil wars, Zakum, an apprentice of Grendel, cursed Grendel with an unbreakable curse, which made Grendel live forever inside the walls of his Magic Library. In his anger, he sent Alcaster to go after Zakum towards the El Nath Mountains. Alcaster turned Zakum into stone and made several living seals that would not allow him to move. The seals were scattered all around the Maple World. These seals included Pianus the Doom Flounder, Papulatus Clock the controller of time and Thanatos a ghost doomed to search his destiny in the Forgotten Passage. After Alcaster sealed Zakum, he suffered amnesia and forgot what has happened. Grendel realizing how enraged he was, sealed his dark clone into the other realm to avoid himself from being taken over by rage and hatred. He discussed the weak seal on Zakum with Athena, Raymus D. Lord and Gumbitti Blackbull to send some of their soldiers to Zakum's Altar to redo the curse. This had to be done every 7000 years.

Quests Given