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Owner Glibber
Stock General store
Continent El Nath Mts.
Area Ice Valley II


  • This NPC can be found within El Nath territory, located in Ice Valley II. He sells a variety of potions and other goods. His unique location allows players training within that area, to restock on potions without having to return to town.

Stock list

Name Image Cost
Red Potion UP1.gif
Orange Potion UP3.gif
160 mesos
White Potion UP4.gif
320 mesos
Blue Potion UP2.gif
200 mesos
Mana Elixir UP5.gif
620 mesos
Dexterity Potion Dexpotion.PNG
500 mesos
Speed Potion Speedpotion.PNG
400 mesos
Magic Potion Magicpotion.PNG
500 mesos
Warrior Potion Warriorpotion.PNG
500 mesos
Sniper Potion Sniperpotion.PNG
500 mesos
Fried Chicken Fried Chicken.gif
220 mesos
Pizza Pizza.gif
450 mesos
Hamburger Hamburger.gif
450 mesos
Hot Dog Hot Dog.gif
320 mesos
Hot Dog Supreme Hot Dog Supreme.gif
530 mesos
Lemon Lemon.gif
310 mesos
Watermelon Watermelon.gif
3,200 mesos
Ice Cream Pop Ice Cream Pop.gif
2,300 mesos
Red Bean Sundae Redbeansundae.gif
4,000 mesos
Melting Cheese Melting Cheese.gif
4,500 mesos
Reindeer Milk Reindeer Milk.gif
5,600 mesos
Sunrise Dew Sunrise Dew.gif
8,100 mesos
Sunset Dew Sunset Dew.gif
10,200 mesos
Unagi Unagi.gif
1,100 mesos
Pure Water UP6.gif
1,650 mesos
Name Image Cost
Return Scroll to Nearest Town Return Scroll - Nearest Town.gif
400 mesos
Arrow for Bow Bow.JPG
Arrow for Crossbow Crossbow.JPG
Subi Throwing-Stars Subi.JPG
500 mesos
Bullet Bullet.png
600 mesos

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