GameAngel's Guide to Making Mesos

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Table Of Contents

This guide will help you know what to do and what to sell for good money. There are also many good quests which give you some really costly stuff, but most people would like to scroll it, but for me I like to sell it (I have bad luck with scrolls anyways.)

  • Gathering for Money
  • Looting
  • Selling Items
  • Money Making Quests

Gathering for Money

One way you can earn money is by training on Monsters and just simply taking the items and mesos they drop. This may not be effective until monsters start to drop 200 mesos but you should also take the items they drop, even if they are in the etc section. You may also find equips, scrolls or stars which can be sold for a very high price. Also try to be in 2x drop events, which could help you earn a lot of money and some good equips or scrolls.


Another way too earn money is looting! Looting may be very effective for Levels 20-35 at Amoria at the Sakura Cellions. Try to find a pro killer(or a noob) that isn't taking the stuff they kill and just loot it. It may not seem effect but after maybe 2 hours you will have 400k. This isn't seen done very often because people prefer to fight for their items and like the exp they get too but if it's possible, try to party with that person. This gives you the ability to take the items immediately and gives you exp.

Selling Items

There are some items that give some very nice amounts of money, but are rare:


60% for weapon/magic attack


Steely- .5 mil

Ilbis- 9.5 mil

Overall Equips

Sauna Robe Male[Clean]- 1 mil


Icarus Cape 2[Clean]- 4 mil

These are only a few of the good money making items.

Money Making Quests

Level 20

Pia and the Blue Mushroom

Scroll for helmet 10% or 60% or 100%

Level 25

Sabitrama and the Diet Medicine

Scroll for overall DEF 10% or 60%

Level 30

Jane and the Wild Boar

Scroll for weapon ATK 60% or DEF 60% (any scroll in this category [random])

Missing the Mechanical Parts

Scroll for shoe JMP 10%/60% or shoe SPD 10%/60%

Level 33

A delivery to A Lost Time

Scroll for 60% for your classes weapon, 60% (choice)

Level 40

Peace at Eos Tower

Scroll for glove ATK 10% or 60%

To the New World

60% for att/magic attk of any scroll(including 60% glove attack)[random]500k-2 mil

Jane the Alchemist

10% or 60% glove attack- 1-2 mil

Level 42

Icarus and the Flying Pill

Icarus Cape 1-3: 2-4 mil(try getting the Icarus Cape 2 = 4 mil)

Thats all that I have for now, I'm only Level 41

Hope you liked my guide for Making MESOS!

Made easier on the eyes by Seth1134