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GallantEmblem.png Gallant Emblems are items gained by participating in Battle Mode. They are used as tools to create special level 130 equipment, Shoulderpads and exchanging for Battle Square items.
Gallant Emblems can be obtained by trading Battle Points in. The Rate of Exchange for Gallant Emblems is shown below.

Battle Points Gallant Emblem(s)
500 1
1500 4
2500 7

Battle Square items


The following items can be traded in for Gallant Emblems through Larson.

Gallant Emblems Items Image
10 Larson's Challenger Pendant Larpendant.png
10 Larson's Challenger Belt Larsonbelt.png
10 Larson's Challenger Epaulette Larshoulder.png
10 Larson's Challenger Ring LarRing.png
GMS: 5
MSEA: 10
Mystery Scroll MysteryScroll.png
GMS: 6
MSEA: 10
Mystery Recipe MysteryRecipe.png
50 Gallant Battle Manual (Theory) Gallantbattlemanual.png
100 Gallant Battle Manual (Practice) Gallantbattlemanual.png
GMS: 4
MSEA: 10
Battle Pouch Battle Pouch.png