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So... you've been playing MapleStory for a while now and are still wondering what gapachon is. If so, this short guide is for you.


First, gapachon is used by buying gapachon tickets in the Cash Shop. You can find the Gapachon NPC in most cities. Now here is how gapachon works, when you insert your ticket you get a random prize. You may get Level 90 equipment, or lowly items like Return Scrolls. All I can really say is think lucky and hope for the best.I would suggest buying 2 tickeks to start and buying a few more if you are lucky. Well this is realy all I can say.


ECT. if you liked this guide look for ward to more from me. I hope this helped. Last, my in game name is xXLkyXx and fell free to msg me any time.Although I can only play on the weekends. Well later.