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The 'Free Market' is the trade centre of MapleStory. Many players flock to the Free Market to sell or buy their items, to trade fame, or simply meet up with others. During certain events, GM's may summon major bosses here, and kill dozens of unsuspecting players.

How to Access

The free market can be entered from many towns. Here is the list of them:

Structure of Free Market

  • Also known as FM.
  • There is only 1 Free Market map. Whether you come from Perion or El Nath, you will all land up in the same map.
  • When you leave the market, you will be taken back to the map you came from.
  • There are 22 numbered portals to the right of the map. These portals take you to different maps. Most players call these maps "rooms".
  • The 22 rooms are divided and placed on 4 platforms. Rooms with a Henesys background are found on the bottom most platform; the second platform's rooms has a Ludibrium theme; the rooms of the 3rd platform is Perion-based and the topmost platfrom contains rooms having a style of El Nath.
  • These rooms consist of simple platforms, with some teleporters which teleport you up and down the platforms.
  • These rooms are usually used for setting up shops.
  • Most Maplers congregate in Channel 1, to sell and buy items. Similarly, many stores are set up in the first few rooms of the Free Market.
  • As such, many shop owners go to the extent of buying and selling spots in rooms in the Free Market, because the first few rooms draw many customers passing by.
  • There is a glitch on JMS where even if you are in Ludibrium or Ossyria, you can use either Orange, Juice, Cola, Ice Coffee, or Strawberry Juice to get back to Victoria Island. Although you end up in Korean Folk Town, you save 30 minutes of time waiting for ships.
  • The Free Market is also used as a meeting place, as it is easy to access from wherever you are. People sometimes try to recruit for guilds, boss teams and even to make friends here.

Note On Free Market

Due to the increased chatter and typing inside the Free Market, sometimes you cannot get messages to people from outside the market or receive them due to lots of type chatter. It is best, if you need to tell someone your in FM before entering it and telling them when you exit FM to avoid confusion as to why you are not answering their messages.