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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

The One-stop Bandit Guide by Freakonut.

Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction
1.1 - Why a Thief?
1.2 - Bandit or Assassin?
1.3 - STR or LUK?
2.0 - Becoming a Rogue
2.1 - AP distribution
2.2 - 1st Job Skill Point distribution
2.3 - 1st job Gear
2.4 - 1st job Training Areas
3.0 - You're a Bandit!
3.1 - 2nd job Skill Point distribution
3.2 - 2nd job Gear
3.3 - 2nd job Training areas
4.0 - 3rd job Chief Bandit!
4.1 - 3rd job Skill Point distribution
4.2 - 3rd job Gear
4.3 - 3rd job Training areas
5.0 - Conclusion and Credits

Part 1

1.0: Introduction

I made this guide for all the Sin-haters out there. So there, Assassins!

MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG in which you can interact with other players, make friends, kill monsters and just have fun in general. In this game, there are 4 classes to choose from, namely the Magician, Warrior, Bowman and the Thief. You probably are interested in the Thief, since you're reading this. But why on earth would you want to be a Thief?

1.1: Why a Thief?

Pros of a Thief (as a class on the whole):

  • Great avoidability
  • Great damage
  • Has Haste, the much wanted skill that nobody has except Thieves
  • Coolest looking gear ^_^
  • Nice graphics on skills
  • Can jump-attack (more on this later)

Cons of a Thief:

  • Generally 2nd most used class in MapleStory. (Magicians are the most used class) so not much of a pride being one.

unstable damage

  • Expensive!

If you like cool-looking characters that dish out the hurt on a regular basis, the Thief class is suited for you.

1.2: Bandit or Assassin?

Ahh, the long-debated question. Which to choose? Read on to decide.

Pros of a Bandit:

  • More stable damage compared to Assassins
  • Has Savage Blow, the coolest skill in the game
  • Daggers look better than Claws
  • Dagger Scrolls are cheaper than Claw Scrolls
  • The Chief Bandit's skills are better than a Hermit's on the overall
  • Generally has the cool factor
  • Less Bandits compared to Assassins

Cons of a Bandit:

  • No mob-control skills till the 3rd job
  • Not ranged
  • Uses A LOT of mana potions

Pros of an Assassin:

  • Has Lucky Seven, a bloody broken skill
  • Ranged
  • Jump attack has more effect here than on a Bandit
  • Levels rather fast (for a while)
  • Is very wanted for Party Quests
  • Has Alchemist, another broken skill

Cons of an Assassin:

  • Very common
  • Claws look like crap
  • Will be using Lucky Seven from 1st job to 3rd job
  • Can get really boring
  • Stars and good claws are ZOMG EXPENSIVE (much more than a Bandit's potion usage)
  • Besides Alchemist, there's nothing else interesting about the 3rd job!
  • Hated for KSing by most players especially dexless ones

Now you have to make your decision.

Bandits are cooler. Assassins are better. For a while. Then they aren't that good anymore. If you choose to be an Assassin, hit the Back button and get the hell out of my guide. And you will be cursed for eternity.

If you choose the cool path(no duh), read on.

1.3: STR or LUK?

Another big question. STR bandits are Bandits who choose to add points to STR,in order to use daggers that require STR. LUK bandits do not touch STR, and use LUK daggers.

STR bandits have more stable damage. This means that their damage range is smaller and it is easier to predict what damage they will do. However, their max damage is weak, due to the lack of LUK. STR bandits are also cheaper to maintain. LUK bandits have much higher maximum damage, but a wider damage range. They are more expensive to maintain.

STR daggers are slightly faster than LUK daggers(probably due to some bug, however this is unsure). This has been proven. However this evens out when LUK bandits get Dagger Booster.

So choose which Bandit you will become, and read on.

Part 2

2.0: Becoming a Rogue

Now that's you've chosen to be a Bandit, you'll make your new character. Make him look nice, choose a weapon and get to rolling his stats. If you're a LUK bandit, you'll want a 4 for STR and INT. Any number will do for DEX and LUK. If you're a STR bandit, you only need a 4 for INT. Anything will do for STR.

If these stats seem hard to get, just persevere and keep trying. after all, you want your Bandit to be the best it can be, right?

Once you're level 10, go to Southperry and talk to Shanks. Pay him 150 mesos and go to Victoria Island. Once there, go to the guy next to Jane(I think his name is Shane?) and pay 100 mesos to go to Kerning City. Go to the Fusion Jazz Bar (ask for directions, people will usually help you) and talk to Dark Lord. Say yes when he asks you if you want to be a Thief, and wham, you're a Thief. Congrats.

Note: You MUST have AT LEAST 25 Dex to become a Rogue.

2.1: AP distribution

  • Level 1 to 10: Get your DEX to 25, as this is the requirement to become a

Rogue once you reach level 10. Then put the rest into LUK.

  • Level 11 to 40: Your DEX should be twice your level. Everything else goes

into LUK.

  • Level 40 onwards: Add 1 DEX and 4 LUK every level.

2.2: 1st Job Skill Point distribution

Let's look at the Thief's skills before deciding what to add, shall we?

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
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Dark Sight Allows you to hide in shadow for a short time. While Dark Sight is activated you cannot attack or be attacked, but you can use the Flash Jump skill. Press the skill key again to deactivate Dark Sight. Supportive 10 x -
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Flash Jump Use while in the middle of a jump to jump even further. The jumping distance increases as the skill level increases. Active 5 x Explorer Rogue only
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Haste Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump for all party members. Increases maximum Movement Speed permanently. Supportive 10 x Explorer Rogue only
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Self Haste Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump. Increases maximum Movement Speed permanently. Supportive 20 x Dual Blade Rogue only
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Double Stab Quickly stabs an enemy twice. Active 20 x -
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Nimble Body Permanently increases Accuracy and Avoidability. Passive 20 x -
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Lucky Seven Throws 2 throwing stars based on LUK, regardless of Claw Mastery. Active 20 x -


  • Nimble Body: A definite must. Reduces usage of HP potions significantly.
  • Keen Eyes: Completely useless for Bandits.
  • Disorder: Not needed. Only put 3 points into this to unlock Dark Sight.
  • Dark Sight: Very useful. Can get you out of sticky situations very often.
  • Lucky Seven: This is an assassin's skill, not a Bandit's! Don't touch this at all.
  • Double Stab: This skill you will be using this skill as a Bandit until you get a your savage blow maxed.

The Skill Build!

  • Lvl 10: 1 Double Stab (1)
  • Lvl 11: 3 Double Stab (4)
  • Lvl 12: 3 Double Stab (7)
  • Lvl 13: 3 Double Stab (10)
  • Lvl 14: 3 Double Stab (13)
  • Lvl 15: 3 Double Stab (16)
  • Lvl 16: 3 Double Stab (19)
  • Lvl 17: 1 Double Stab (20 MAX), 2 Nimble Body (2)
  • Lvl 18: 3 Nimble Body (5)
  • Lvl 19: 3 Nimble Body (8)
  • Lvl 20: 3 Nimble Body (11)
  • Lvl 21: 3 Nimble Body (14)
  • Lvl 22: 3 Nimble Body (17)
  • Lvl 23: 3 Nimble Body (20 MAX)
  • Lvl 24: 3 Disorder (3)
  • Lvl 25: 3 Dark Sight (3)
  • Lvl 26: 3 Dark Sight (6)
  • Lvl 27: 3 Dark Sight (9)
  • Lvl 28: 3 Dark Sight (12)
  • Lvl 29: 3 Dark Sight (15)
  • Lvl 30: 3 Dark Sight (18)

2.3: 1st Job Equipments

Now you will learn what you should equip at certain levels.

  • Levels 1 to 10: Use the weapon and clothes you chose at the beginning. If

you are lucky enough to get weapon or armour drops that you can use on Maple Island, by all means use them. Do Bigg's quest and pray for a Fruit Knife. If you get a Razor that's fine too. Note: You MUST do Bigg's quest, as it will reward you with a dagger, a Bandit's weapon of choice.

  • Levels 10 to 15: Use the dagger you got from Bigg's quest till level 15. Stick with your beginner clothes till level 15. Note: If you can, buy yourself

a Pan Lid if you are funded. However if you cannot, get a Stolen Fence. It will do for now. If you are planning to get a Wristguard, don't buy any shield and save your cash.

  • Levels 15 to 20: If you found a Field Dagger from Shrooms, equip it now. Or

else, go buy one from the Kerning City Self-Defense Item Store. Alternatively, you can continue with your Fruit Knife/Razor for just 3 more levels, then reward yourself with a shiny new Triple-tipped Zamadar. Wear the level 15 Night set. They add a bit of LUK, which increases your damage. Note: If you are funded, get yourself a Wristguard ASAP, preferably a Seclusion one. Or else, you have no choice but to stick with your Pan Lid/Stolen Fence.

  • Levels 20 to 25: Grab a Stinger and wear the level 20 Pao suit.
  • Levels 25 to 30: Buy a Brown Bamboo Hat ASAP. It adds 3 LUK! Wear the level 25 Sneak set and buy a Forked Dagger at level 27.

2.4: 1st job Training areas

This will tell you where to train for fastest leveling pace.

  • Levels 1 to 10: Whack away at the abundance of green and blue snails at

Maple Island.

  • Levels 10 to 15: Go to Henesys Hunting Ground 1 and stay at the bottom

level, whacking more snails.

  • Levels 15 to 20: You can start killing Slimes now. Go to The Slime Tree in

Ellinia and beat on the awesome spawn of Slimes there. If you have a Triple-tipped Zamandar, you can go to Hidden Street: Mushroom Garden.

  • Levels 20 to 25: PQ if you can find a party who will take you in. Or else,

it's off to Pig Beach for you.

  • Levels 25 to 30: Always try for PQ, especially in the later levels. If you

still can't get into any party, you can train on Octopi and Orange Mushrooms in Kerning City, stay at Pig Beach or go to Green and Horned Mushrooms at Eliinia.

Note: If you do not wish to follow this guide exactly, I strongly suggest that you go train on monsters that drop potions, preferably mana potions. This will atthe very least save you some money.

Part 3

3.0: You're a Bandit!

Good job on getting this far. Now I'm sure you're itching to taste Savage Blow's destructive power, no? Well, not just yet. Try actually becoming a Bandit first. Read on to learn how to advance to a Bandit from a mere Rogue.

Go to Kerning City and talk to Dark Lord. He will give you a letter to bring to your job instructor. He is located 2 maps right of Kerning City. After you talk to him, he'll take you to a place with lots of Cold Eyes and Blue Mushrooms. Kill them to get Dark Marbles. You'll need 30. Once you have them, talk to your job instructor again and he'll transport you out and give the Proof of Hero. Take that to Dark Lord and wham, you're a Bandit!

3.1: 2nd job Skill Point distribution

Now that you're a Bandit, you want to learn about your new skills, right? So here goes...

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
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Dagger Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of daggers. Passive 10 x -
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Dagger Booster Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a dagger equipped. Supportive 10 x Level 5 Dagger Mastery
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Critical Growth For every interval or every attack, Critical Rate increases continuously. Passive 1 x -
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Steal Quickly attack multiple enemies, and get a chance to steal one of the items that the target drops and a potion that recovers HP or MP immediately. You can steal each item and potion only once from a single enemy. Can attempt repeatedly until you succeed. Potions stolen from bosses recover HP and MP fully and boost Weapon ATT for a short time. Active 10 x -
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Savage Blow Deals very quick consecutive attacks to a monster. Active 20 x -
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Shield Mastery Increases Weapon Defense, Magic Defense, Avoidability, and Weapon ATT when a shield is equipped. Passive 10 x -
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Channel Karma Maximizes Weapon Attack power. Supportive 20 x -
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Physical Training Permanently improves LUK and DEX through sheer physical training. Passive 5 x -
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Mesoguard Uses Mesos to absorb up to 50% of the damage taken. Amount of Mesos consumed is based on Skill Level and damage reduction rate. Supportive 10 x -


  • Dagger Mastery: This stabilizes your damage and makes you miss less. A definite MUST to max out.
  • Endure: This skill is rubbish for assassins because they have Drain. It's still

rubbish for Bandits in my opinion, but it can come in handy. Sometimes.

  • Dagger Booster: Important since it increases attack speed with a dagger and last longer when maxed out.
  • Haste: The skill everybody wants but doesn't have. Except you. At max level,

this skill gives you 140% speed and 120% jump! Sweetness in a skill.

  • Steal: Enables the character to steal an item from an enemy with a certain success rate. Only one clean steal per monster, but multiple attempts can take place in the process.
    • The Steal bug has been fixed, so this skill is rather fun to play around with and is now actually worth putting points into. However, it is not worth the

mana it costs in my opinion, as it has a success rate.

  • Savage Blow: The skill every Bandit aspires towards. At max level, you do 80% of

your damage. Groovy. Nice graphics too.

Now you know your skills, it's time for the skill build:

The Skill Build!

Lvl 30: Dagger Mastery (1)
Lvl 31: 3 Dagger Mastery (4)
Lvl 32: 3 Dagger Mastery (7)
Lvl 34: 3 Dagger Mastery (10)
Lvl 35: 3 Dagger Mastery (13)
Lvl 36: 3 Dagger Mastery (16)
Lvl 37: 3 Dagger Mastery (19)
Lvl 38: 3 Savage Blow (3)
Lvl 39: 3 Savage Blow (6)
Lvl 40: 3 Savage Blow (9)
Lvl 41: 3 Savage Blow (12)
Lvl 42: 3 Savage Blow (15)
Lvl 43: 3 Savage Blow (18)
Lvl 44: 3 Savage Blow (21)
Lvl 45: 3 Savage Blow (24)
Lvl 46: 3 Savage Blow (27)
Lvl 47: 3 Savage Blow (30 MAX)
Lvl 48: 3 Haste (3)
Lvl 49: 3 Haste (6)
Lvl 50: 3 Haste (9)
Lvl 51: 3 Haste (12)
Lvl 52: 3 Haste (15)
Lvl 53: 3 Haste (18)
Lvl 54: 2 Haste (20)
Lvl 55: 3 Dagger Booster (3)
Lvl 56: 3 Dagger Booster (6)
Lvl 57: 3 Dagger Booster (6)
Lvl 58: 3 Dagger Booster (12)
Lvl 59: 3 Dagger Booster (15)
Lvl 60: 3 Dagger Booster (18)
Lvl 61: 2 Dagger Booster (20 MAX)
Lvl 62: 3 Endure (3) or 3 Steal (3)
Lvl 63: 3 Endure (6) or 3 Steal (6)
Lvl 64: 3 Endure (9) or 3 Steal (9)
Lvl 65: 3 Endure (12) or 3 Steal (12)
Lvl 66: 3 Endure (15) or 3 Steal (15)
Lvl 67: 3 Endure (18) or 3 Steal (18)
Lvl 68: 1 Endure (20 MAX), 2 Dark Sight or 3 Steal (21)
Lvl 69: 3 Steal (3) or 3 Steal (24)
Lvl 70: 3 Steal (6) or 3 Steal (27)

And thus concludes the path of the Bandit.

3.2: 2nd job Equipments

Same as before, this will tell you what you should be wearing when.

  • Levels 30 to 35: Hold on to your Forked Dagger for a while more. Keep your

Brown Bamboo Hat with you, but get yourself the Stealer set. If you've done the Jack Schwetty quest or are funded, get a Sauna Robe instead of the Stealer set. The Robe should preferably add DEX or LUK,however, if it doesn't that's fine too. Right about now, you should get a Pan Lid if you don't already have one or a Wristguard.

  • Levels 35 to 40: Stick with the

Bamboo Hat and Sauna Robe. But here, weapon choices get very diverse. Read the following bit very carefully.

You have 5 choices:

1) Get a Korean Fan. Scroll it with 100%s and use it till level 50. Then get yourself a Shinkita/Sai.
2) Get a Korean Fan. Scroll it with 100%s and use it till level 43. Then get a Maple Wagner(only choose this option if you already have a Wagner).
3) Get a Korean Fan. Scroll it with 60%s and use till level 60. Then get a Deadly Fin/Serpent's Coil.
4)Get a Gephart and stick to it till level 43. Then you use a Maple Wagner (same as option 2).
5) You do not have a Korean Fan or a Maple Wagner, therefore you get a Gephart and follow it up with Dragon's Toenail.

Choose the most suitable weapon path for your experience and budget, and read on.

  • Levels 40 to 50: You can ditch your Brown Bamboo hat for a Dark Pilfer now.

Do the quest to get it. Or if you have another character, hunt for an above average Red Pilfer there. You can choose between your Sauna Robe and the Shadow set. Follow the weapon path of your choice as stated above. If you're using a Wagner, scroll it with 60%s and use it till level 60.

  • Levels 50 to 60: Continue to follow your chosen weapon path. Buy the China

set. If your Pilfer is above average, you can stay with it. If not, get the Sonata.

  • Levels 60 to 70: Scroll the Deadly Fin/Serpent's Coil with 60%s.

Alternatively, if you plan to scroll your Dragon Tail with 60%s, then scroll the Deadly Fin with 100%s. Get your Identity and Scorpio set.

3.3: 2nd job Training Places

  • Levels 30 to 35: Wild Boars and Ant Tunnel is the way to go. If you want to power level, head to Evil Eyes, buy 1000 mana pots from the 24-Hour shop and spam your Double Stab.
  • Levels 35 to 40: If you can find a party at Ludibrium PQ, go for it! Or else

go kill Evil Eyes at Ant Tunnel. If you have a godly Korean Fan, you can go power level on Jr. Cellions or Grupins, as these drop Red Pilfer and Cape for INT scrolls respectively.

  • Levels 40 to 45: Ludi PQ!!! You will have a better chance now compared to

last time, but those blasted Assassins are still ahead and much more in demand than you...for now. If you can't get in, train on Jr. Grupins for that godly 60% cape INT scroll drop. Alternatively, you can powerlevel using the above method at Lorang Lorang Lorang.

  • Levels 45 to 50: Savage Blow is maxed and you should be tearing through

monsters and leveling at a mad pace. If you're really focused, you can get through this stage in a matter of days. Try for Ludi PQ more often than before, as Savage Blow is now ownage, whether Assassins like it or not. If you STILL can't get into PQ, head for Tauromacis and Taurospears.

  • Levels 50-60: Lupins are still okay for leveling, but now you can experiment

at Cold Eyes or Zombie Lupins, both of which should be easy kills. To top things off, you can now play around with Haste.

  • Levels 60-70: Mushmom-ing or J-Rogging is fun with a party. Minor Zombies

should be a one-hit kill with a decent Deadly Fin. Hot Sands or Coolie Zombies are a good alternative if you get bored. To make things better, you now have Booster, making for faster leveling.

Part 4

4.0: 3rd job Chief Bandit!

Wow, level 70 now! That's a far cry from the poor noobish Rogue 60 levels back. Therefore, it is appropriate that you show off your glory as a Chief Bandit by Assaulting every monster in sight. But how to become one...? Read on!

Go to El Nath - Chief Residence and speak to Arec. After talking to Arec, head back to Victoria Island and talk to Dark Lord which is located in Kerning City.

Next, find the Door of Dimension located at Monkey Swamp II and it'll bring you to "The Path of the Glittering Crystal". Walk until the end of the path and enter the portal to defeat Dark Lord's dark side to obtain the Black Charm.

Return to Dark Lord and exchange the Black Charm for a Necklace of Strength. Return to El Nath after that and give the item to Arec. Head on to the Holy Ground at the Snowfield (Sharp Cliff II). 1 Dark Crystal is required to answer 5 questions to obtain the Necklace of Wisdom. Again, head back to Arec in El Nath and give him the Necklace of Wisdom. And kaboom, you're a Chief Bandit! Feel free to jump for joy, then come back and read on.

4.1: 3rd job Skill Point Distribution

Aren't you all hyped up about your new skills? You should be, they own. Here they are:
Shield Mastery-- Mastery level: 20
Increases the def. of the equipped shield. Only works when the shield is equipped.

Notes: Okay okay, I'm sorry, this skill sucks ass.

Chakra-- Mastery level: 30
Uses MP to recover HP. Only works when the HP is less than 50%, and it'll stop if either attacked or moved.

Notes: It's alright. Just alright.

Assaulter-- Mastery level: 30
Attacks one enemy with incredible power and speed. Enemy can even be stunned on a low success rate.

Notes: An incredible skill. Awesome damage with a stun to boot. And there's a neat little oversight which Wizet made when making this skill, I'll share it with you in the skill build.

Pickpocket-- Mastery level: 20
Makes the enemy drop mesos for a certain period of time. The amount of mesos dropped depends on the damage and the skill level.

Notes: Yes, the skill description is crap. I believe what this skill means is: When you activate this skill, each of your attacks has a success rate to make the monster drop mesos coins upon damage for a certain period of time. The amount of mesos dropped depends on the damage you do. If I am wrong, PLEASE INFORM ME at the email address provided below. You will given credits. I personally haven't put any points into this skill.

Band of Thieves-- Mastery level: 30
Summons fellow bandits to attack a few monsters around the area. Can attack up to 6.

Notes: Needs to maxed out ASAP. Your only mob control skill. For this skill to be used successfully, you have to be relatively close to a monster.

Meso Guard-- Mastery level: 20
Uses mesos to guard 50% of the damage received. Once the skill is used, it saves up a certain amount of mesos, and once damaged from then on out, the mesos will be used based on the damage received. The skill will be turned off when the saved mesos are used up.

Notes: Basically uses mesos to replace physical damage taken. The higher the level of this skill, the lower the percentage of physical damage replaced by mesos. It will also last a longer period of time. Very meso-intensive.

Meso Explosion-- Mastery level: 30
Explodes the mesos dropped on the ground around you to attack monsters. The mesos from the monsters killed by someone else will not be able to be used for this.

Notes: Godlike damage at the later levels of the skill. Early on, it's just meh. Be sure to maxed this skill out because this is your another mob control skill along with Band Of Thieves. And now, what you've been waiting for...

The Skill Build!

Lvl 70: Assaulter (1)
Lvl 71: 3 Assaulter (4)
Lvl 72: 3 Assaulter (7)
Lvl 73: 3 Assaulter (10)
Lvl 74: 3 Band of Thieves (3)
Lvl 75: 3 Band of Thieves (6)
Lvl 76: 3 Band of Thieves (9)
Lvl 77: 3 Band of Thieves (12)
Lvl 78: 3 Band of Thieves (15)
Lvl 79: 3 Band of Thieves (18)
Lvl 80: 3 Assaulter (13)
Lvl 81: 3 Assaulter (16)
Lvl 82: 3 Assaulter (19)
Lvl 83: 3 Assaulter (22)
Lvl 84: 3 Assaulter (25)
Lvl 85: 3 Assaulter (28)
Lvl 86: 2 Assaulter (30 MAX), 1 Meso Explosion (1)
Lvl 87: 2 Meso Explosion (3), 1 Pickpocket (1)
Lvl 88: 3 Pickpocket (4)
Lvl 89: 3 Pickpocket (7)
Lvl 90: 3 Pickpocket (10)
Lvl 91: 3 Pickpocket (13)
Lvl 92: 3 Meso Explosion (3)
Lvl 93: 3 Meso Explosion (6)
Lvl 94: 3 Meso Explosion (9)
Lvl 95: 3 Meso Explosion (12)
Lvl 96: 3 Meso Explosion (15)
Lvl 97: 3 Meso Explosion (18)
Lvl 98: 3 Meso Explosion (21)
Lvl 99: 3 Meso Explosion (24)
Lvl 100: 3 Meso Explosion (27)
Lvl 101: 3 Meso Explosion (30 MAX)
Lvl 102: 3 Chakra (3)
Lvl 103: 3 Chakra (6)
Lvl 104: 3 Chakra (9)
Lvl 105: 3 Chakra (12)
Lvl 106: 3 Chakra (15)
Lvl 107: 3 Chakra (18)
Lvl 108: 3 Chakra (21)
Lvl 109: 3 Chakra (24)
Lvl 110: 3 Chakra (27)
Lvl 111: 3 Chakra (30 MAX)
Lvl 112: 3 Meso Guard (3)
Lvl 113: 3 Meso Guard (6)
Lvl 114: 3 Meso Guard (9)
Lvl 115: 3 Meso Guard (12)
Lvl 116: 3 Meso Guard (15)
Lvl 117: 3 Meso Guard (18)
Lvl 118: 2 Meso Guard (20 MAX), 1 Pickpocket (14)
Lvl 119: 3 Pickpocket (17)
Lvl 120: 3 Pickpocket (20)

And here ends the path of the Chief Bandit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now for some answers to the questions that must be racing through your head:
Q: Why Assaulter to level 10 first?
A: Lol, this will crack you up. Level 10 Assaulter costs 12 MP and does 300% damage, with a 40% chance to stun to boot. Double Stab costs 14 MP and does 130% damage. See the difference between MP cost/damage ratio? And Assaulter can hit from a distance. At level 73, you effectively abandon Double Stab and leave it to rot, lol.

Q: Why Band of Thieves maxed first?
A: It's your only damn anti-mob skill! Faster leveling, decent damage, mob control. But it is not the only mob skill. and a skill that's better than Shadow Partner(which is incidentally VERY overrated) all in one skill. Sign me up.

Q: Why Pickpocket before Meso Explosion?
A: This is my personal opinion and preference. I'd rather get lots of mesos with Pickpocket, then burn those mesos with ME, rather than burn the mesos with ME then earn them back with Pickpocket. Know what I mean? Note that ME only truly shines when killing bosses, eg. Zombie Mushmom, J-Rog, C-Rog, Papalutus, Zakum (the big boss himself) and so on.

Q: Why maxed out Meso Explosion?
A: It's your another mob control skill besides Band of Thieves but money consuming.

4.2: 3rd job Equipments

I can't believe I made a section for this. Just stick to what you're wearing at level 60 or 70 'cause they look good. Of course, if you have to luck to find your higher level gear through monster drops, by all means wear them. If you scrolled your Deadly Fin/Serpent's Coil well, you won't need a Kandine/Golden River. Your final weapon should be a Dragon Tail/Angelic Betrayal scrolled with 60%s.

4.3: 3rd job Training areas

  • Levels 70 to 120: Master Chronos, Coolie Zombies, Minor Zombies, Dark Stone

Golems, Soul Teddy, Lucida, Werewolf and Death Teddy in order of difficulty.

5.0: Conclusion and Credits

I hope all my effort has produced some result and has helped you in one way or another. If you want to flame me, praise me, curse me, worship me, you can reach me at

I play in MapleSEA, Aquila. My 9x Chief Bandit is inactive for reasons I would not like to disclose (fine fine, it was fucking hacked), so now, I am active on s0u1m4g3, a 5x Ice/Lightning Mage and s0u1stealer, a nooby Bandit that I am using to test builds.

And as a final parting shot, BANDITS > SINS!

So there.

Legal stuffs

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission from ME. Use of this guide on any other web site besides, or or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you try to rip this off as your work, you will have the law to deal with.

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(im sorry but i(whole diff person) edited out the star(or squares) so it wasnt so hard to scroll and get to spots)

(freakonut, you forgot to explain double stab and dagger booster and training places of lvl 45-50?