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You will need to travel to Orbis to receive this quest. It is only available by talking to [[Staff Sergeant Charlie]] in [[Orbis]]. You will gain 500 experience points for every 100 of the same item you exchanged, and you can complete this quest as many times as you like. The reward for each set of item given may be different each time you complete this quest.
For 100 [[Solid Horn]]s you could get :
*20 [[Orange Potion]]s
*10 [[Lemon]]s
*15 [[Blue Potion]]s
*15 [[Processed Wood]]s
*15 [[Fried Chicken]]s
*15 [[Return Scrolls to the nearest town]]
For 100 [[Star Pixie's Piece of Star]]s you could get :
*30 [[Orange Potion]]s
*20 [[Blue Potion]]s
*20 [[Processed Wood]]s
*40 [[Meat]]s
*1 [[Scroll for Helmet Def. (10%)]]

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