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Ereb/Erev is both an island, as well as the town of this island.

Bluedot.gif - Temple of the Knight
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This town is the home to the Cygnus Knights. It is accesible via a ship in Ellinia and Orbis. This is a island off the coast of Victoria Island.

Ereve is the latest island to appear in the Maple World. It is the home of the Empress of the Maple World, Cygnus, along with her defenders, the Knights of Cygnus. The Cygnus Knights work actively to stop the forces of the Black Magician (In MapleGlobal he is the Black Mage), the recurring villain who is referenced in Magatia, Ellin Forest (Altair Camp), and Nautilus Harbor. With the Black Magician's sudden increase in power, however, the existing Knights are no longer sufficient, and thus they have opened the land of Ereve to visitors who wish to join their ranks.

Any character over the level of 20 can sign up to join the Knights, wherein a special Cygnus Character will be created with the character name specified. This Cygnus character, instead of being the ordinary beginner, will hold the title of the Cygnus equivalent, Noblesse. Upon reaching level 10, the Noblesse can then speak to Mihal to become a Dawn Warrior, Oz to become a Flame Magician, Irina to become a Wind Breaker (Archer), Ickhart to become a Nightwalker (Thief), or Hawkeye to become a Striker (Pirate). The main difference between a Cygnus character and their ordinary counterparts is that Cygnus characters are bonded to a unique summon "sprites" from their first job onward. This Sprite imbues the Cygnus character with the bonuses of its elemental affinity, granting the Knight new skills and greater powers.

The monsters of Ereb seem to be light and birdlike. The area itself also possesses these qualities, as does the legendary Holy Beast, Shinsoo. Shinsoo seems to be a wise creature, and not a monster. The island levitates high in the sky using the power of the Sprites, near Maple Island. It can apparently be reached from Port Road, by taking a ship, similar to the ride to Orbis.

Ereve is avalible in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, SEA, Global, Europe and Hong Kong. It is known as Ereb in Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is known as Erev in SEA, Europe and Thailand. It is known as Ereve in Global and Japan.

NPCs of Ereve

Monsters of Ereve island


  • Ereb is known as Erev in MapleSEA, because of the language. They do not have a b. Erev is translated to Ereb in English, because we have a b. Both spellings are technically correct. However, EuropeMS and GlobalMS apparently adapted to Erev, adding an E to the end in GlobalMS, making Ereve.

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