Equip Enhancement Scroll

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Enhances an equipment item that has been upgraded. The higher number of successes, the better chance of applying advanced options. If the scroll fails, the item is destroyed at a 100% chance.

Its Uses

The scroll works like an always-positive Chaos Scroll, however your equipment must have all its scroll slots used (unhammered will work as well). Using it will give only positive upgrades to your equipment, even giving stats it doesn't regularly have (e.g A sword with LUK). A star on the top of the weapon window signifies the success of a scroll; be warned: Once you have used an Equip Enhancement scroll on your item of choice, it can no longer be placed within the Maple Trading System.


The scroll has a special probability method in which after you sucessfully use an Equip Enhancement scroll, the percentage actually goes down. An example is after you successfully use an 80% Enhancement scroll, the next time you use it it will have a 70% chance of working and so on.