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"The pollutants accumulated in the Metropolis were gathered together and brought to life by a hidden force of evil. Emo Slime has a depressed nature and it finds that music helps to cheer it up. It is not as good as its little tag-a-long in singing, so it steals Rebabs from the locals to play a tune. It gets aggressive if its stolen Rebab will be taken away from it."


Level: 47
HP: 2850
MP: 50
Exp: 135
Speed: -40
Knock-Back: 280


Weapon Attack: 150
Magic Attack: 140
Accuracy: ?


Weapon Defense: 140
Magic Defense: 180
Avoidability: 24

Common Location


MapleSEA Drops


Warrior Magician Thief Bowman Pirate All
Knuckle Mace
Umber Shouldermail Pants (M)
Orihalcon Hildon Boots
Emerald Dome
Crystal Wand None Black Marker Red Royal Misty
Red Barbay
Brown Lager Slippers
Brown Leather Clogs
Brown Barubi
Yellow Umbrella
White Napoleon
Pansy Earrings


Use Etc. Ores Mesos
Hot Dog Supreme
Blue Pill
All Cure Potion
60% Scroll for Overall Armor for Luck
60% Scroll for Bow for Attack
60% Scroll for Shoes for Jump
Split Bullet
Wand Production Manual
Glove Production Stimulator
Emo Slime Card
Steel Ore
Aquamarine Ore
Wisdom Crystal Ore
201 - 307