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Elluel is the home of the elves. Mercedes awakes from her several-hundred-year slumber caused by the Black Mage's curse here.


Elluel is located in the same forest as Ellinia, the town of magicians and fairies. To reach it from the Six Path Crossway, you must first pass through Ellinia, and then continue on until you reach Close to the Sky. The entrance to the town can be reached by jumping down from the lowest level.

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Note that all of these characters are frozen in ice until the player makes their first real job advancement at level 30. There is also a music player in Elluel, which changes the background music for everyone who is in the town when a player decides to change it. The following songs are available:

  • Rising Star
  • Moonlight Shadow
  • When the Morning Comes
  • Flying In A Blue Dream
  • Fantasia
  • Fair Talediffvers
  • Minar's Dream
  • Ellin Forest
  • Time Temple
  • Queen's Garden