Ellinia Weapon Store

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Flora the Fairy.png

Ellinia Weapon Store is a place to buy weapons and armor for the first job magicians (level 8-30). Any higher level weapons will be in other islands or from monster drops. The store is located at the upper right side of Ellinia, below Ellinia Sixtopia Station. Ellinia Weapon Store is managed by Flora the Fairy.

Selling List

Image Name Cost
Wooden Wand.gif Wooden Wand 2000 mesos
Hardwood Wand.gif Hardwood Wand 5000 mesos
Metal Wand.gif Metal Wand 9000 mesos
Ice.gif Ice Wand 18000 mesos
Mithril.gif Mithril Wand 38000 mesos
Wooden Staff.png Wooden Staff 3000 mesos
Sapphire Staff.png Sapphire Staff 6000 mesos
Emerald Staff.png Emerald Staff 6000 mesos
Old Wooden Staff.png Old Wooden Staff 10000 mesos
Wizard Staff.png Wizard Staff 20000 mesos
Onehandbl004.gif Iron Mace 10000 mesos


Image Name Cost
Brown Apprentice Hat.GIF Brown Apprentice Hat 1200 mesos
Blue Moon Conehead.GIF Blue Moon Conehat/Conehead 3800 mesos
Pink Moon Conehat.GIF Pink Moon Conehat/Conehead 3800 mesos
Green Moon Conehead.GIF Green Moon Conehat/Conehead 3800 mesos
Dark Moon Conehat.GIF Dark Moon Conehat/Conehead 3800 mesos
Brown Moon Conehat.GIF Brown Moon Conehat/Conehead 3800 meso
Green Wizardry Hat.GIF Green Wizardry Hat 8000 mesos
Bluetraining.gif Blue Training Shirt (M) 2000 mesos
Gbtraining.gif Grey-Brown Training Shirt (M) 2000 mesos
Blackpiece.gif Black Split Piece (M) 8500 mesos
Orange Split Piece.png Orange Split Piece (M) 8500 mesos
Bluesplitpiece.gif Blue Split Piece (M) 8500 mesos
Blackarmine.gif Black Armine (F) 2000 mesos
Greenarmine.gif Green Armine (F) 2000 mesos
Purple Arianne.png Purple Arianne (F) 4000 mesos
Green Arianne.gif Green Arianne (F) 4000 mesos
Pinkarianne.gif Pink Arianne (F) 4000 mesos
Yellowarianne.gif Yellow Arianne (F) 4000 mesos
Blacksplit.gif Black Split (F) 8500 mesos
Redsplit.gif Red Split (F) 8500 mesos
Purplesplit.gif Purple Split (F) 8500 mesos
Purplefairy.gif Purple Fairy Top (F) 42000 meso
Greenfairy.gif Green Fairy Top (F) 42000 mesos
Bluefairy.gif Blue Fairy Top (F) 42000 mesos
Beige Plain Robe (M).gif Beige Plain Robe (M) 7000 mesos
Blue Plain Robe (M).gif Blue Plain Robe (M) 7000 mesos
Green Plain Robe (M).gif Green Plain Robe (M) 7000 mesos
Brown Doros Robe (M).gif Brown Doros Robe (M) 16000 mesos
Blue Doros Robe (M).gif Blue Doros Robe (M) 16000 mesos
Yellow Doros Robe (M).gif Yellow Doros Robe (M) 16000 mesos
White Doros Robe (M).gif White Doros Robe (M) 16000 mesos
Bluemagicianrobe.png Blue Wizard Robe (M) 40000 mesos
Whitewizardrobe.png White Wizard Robe (M) 40000 mesos
Blackwizardrobe.gif Black Wizard Robe (M) 40000 mesos
Green Wizard Robe.png Green Wizard Robe (M) 40000 mesos
Purpledoronessrobe.gif Purple Doroness Robe (F) 16000 mesos
Red Doroness Robe (F).gif Red Doroness Robe (F) 16000 mesos
Brown Doroness Robe.png Brown Doroness Robe (F) 16000 mesos
BlueTrainingM.gif Blue Training Pants (M) 2000 mesos
GBTrainingM.gif Grey-Brown Training Pants (M) 2000 mesos
BSplitPM.gif Black Split Pants (M) 8000 mesos
White Split Pants.png White Split Pants (M) 8000 mesos
BlackArmineF.gif Black Armine Skirt (F) 2000 mesos
GreenArmineF.gif Green Armine Skirt (F) 2000 mesos
PArrianeSF.gif Purple Arianne Skirt (F) 4000 mesos
GArrianeSF.gif Green Arianne Skirt (F) 4000 mesos
PiArrianeSF.gif Pink Arianne Skirt (F) 4000 mesos
YArrianeSF.gif Yellow Arianne Skirt (F) 4000 mesos
BSplitSkF.gif Black Split Skirt (F) 8000 mesos
White Split Skirt.png White Split Skirt (F) 8000 mesos
PFairySk.gif Purple Fairy Skirt (F) 40000 mesos
GFairySk.gif Green Fairy Skirt (F) 40000 mesos
BFairySk.gif Blue Fairy Skirt (F) 40000 mesos
Brown Basic Boots.png Brown Basic Boots 1500 mesos
Yellow Basic Boots.png Yellow Basic Boots 1500 mesos
Blue Basic Boots.png Blue Basic Boots 1500 mesos
Beige Nitty.gif Beige Nitty 4000 mesos
01072024.png Black Nitty 4000 mesos