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This guide was created for those with low level characters stuck in the town of El Nath, located in the Ossyria continent. Here are some tips that you can follow if you were unfortunate to end up in this town, and cannot make it back up the Orbis Tower without being slaughtered:

  1. Keep on trying to loot money and items on channel 1 and sell those items.
  2. Get enough mesos to buy a tower scroll from a player (usually these cost around 10k).
  3. Find a nice guy (or girl) on channel 1 and get some pots, or buy it yourself if you have enough money.
  4. Ask him to help you get to the tower tele spot.
  5. Talk to the teleporting rock and click yes.
  6. You're free! (Well, almost)
  7. Beg for enough money to get out of Orbis and back to Ellinia.
  8. If you are a thief with Dark Sight and are really desperate, you can always turn on Dark Sight and climb up the tower. If you get to level 9 (level 7 on gMS), you can die and you will be taken back to Orbis. You will lose exp, so it is best to get an Orbis Tower Scroll.

Note: This may take up to several hours and I suggest doing over a term of a few days or else it will get boring. Also, this guide may seem like one that forces you to beg for things, but there pretty much aren't any other solutions that could be possible.

Another Note: Also, with any luck you can find a cleric in El Nath willing to party you and heal you over and over. That's how I got out of El Nath.

Make sure you thank the cleric that does so, and fame them if possible.

Also, any clerics out there: help the noobs out that get stuck there.

Warriors and thieves have it easy, due to their higher HP, and of course Dark Sight. Even so, stay on channel 1 when making a dash for it. It's likely somebody of a higher level will have killed monsters.

Side note: Those of you who are lucky enough to run across me (Windians only, though), I'll be glad to

  1. kill the monsters for you
  2. party you to pick up the drops for money to get back to Ellinia

- (more than 1) Punkgurrl54, Ultimate Super N00b, ShadowtheHedgehog0B, Se-Mi, Reza, Kimew, Mae 01:39, 10 December 2008 (UTC)