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This is more specific than a general guide to making an Ice/Lightning Wizard. I'll be focusing on where you can train, since some people may have difficulties choosing where to level.

Levels 30-34

[When your Cold Beam is not very helpful, you'll still be relying on Magic Claw.]

Ant Tunnels I - III: Quick experience here with fast spawn. Though generally crowded, you can always find a spot somewhere in the first three maps. Horned Mushrooms are weak against magic in general, making them easy kills. Zombie Mushrooms are somewhat harder but they are good for experience as well. Drops are okay. Horned Mushrooms give 35 experience while Zombie Mushrooms give 42.

Transfer Area: This is where the Stirges are in Kerning City. The area is quite popular due to its tremendous spawn rate and easy kills. If you started with Lightning, you could go zapping these guys down. If not, Magic Claw is just as good. Drops reek, but the spawn is good and potions pop out easily. Stirges give 33 experience. I find this to be much better than the Ant Tunnel.

Orbis Tower Floor 20-18: Jr. Sentinels aren't weak against magic, but they are small, deal little damage, and are easy kills. You should be able to kill one in three hits. The drops here ensure that you will gain mesos, not lose them. Jr. Sentinels give 40 experience. (Slow, not recommended)

Land of the Wild Boar II: Slightly difficult and cramped, this place could be decent if you can three hit the monsters here. Drops are good for selling to NPCs. Wild Boars give 42 experience.

Tree Dungeons: Again, crowded, but the spawn here is fast. There are Green and Horned Mushrooms here. This place you should have left quite a while ago, but it is an option to be here too. Drops are somewhat lower than what you'd expect, asided from Pan Lids. Green Mushrooms give 26 experience while Horned Mushrooms give 35.

Levels 35-40

[Presuming that your Cold Beam is close to being mastered or is mastered]

Burnt Lands I-III: Not as crowded here, but Fire Boars make slightly tough enemies for mid thirties and lower. You may even have as much difficulty as three hitting them. The drops are actually fairly decent, as you may get a Kumbi or Arwen's Glass Shoe coupled with lots of mesos. Fire Boars give 60 experience.

Land of the Wild Boar II: This place should no longer be too much of a problem. In your late thirties you should be able to one or two hit them easily with Cold Beam. Drops are good for selling to NPCs. Wild Boars give 42 experience.

Transfer Area: This area is still good until you hit the forties. Then it starts to dull. (Unless you one hit them with lightning.) Simple one hits, and you'll get about 2 dozen Stirges per area. (There is an upper floor and a lower floor.) Again, the drops here reek, but the experience is quick, making it quite popular. (The only real problem is that if you spend too much time here you will see Stirges in your sleep.) Stirges give 33 experience.

Garden of Yellow/Red I: This place is for the early and later forties. You should not really be here just yet, but it's an option as the monsters here (Jr. Lioners and Jr. Cellions) are weak against Ice. They are slightly stronger than Fire Boars, but that's made up by the little bit of extra experience they give. They give fairly decent drops, though mostly NPC equipment. Jr. Lioners and Jr. Cellions both give 65 experience.

Levels 41-45

[This is the time when your Cold Beam is mastered and you are beginning to get your Thunderbolt]

Garden of Yellow/Red I: At these levels, you will be doing well against both Jr. Lioners and Jr. Cellions. Rather fast spawn rate. Asided from that, you will be two to one hitting these guys for fast experience. Decent drops and plenty of mesos, the monsters here are ideal. Jr. Lioners and Jr. Cellions both give 65 experience. If you chose lightning first, you should zap cats in Garden of Red/Green I.

Burnt Lands I-III: You've probably gotten sick of Fire Boars already. But it's always an option for your earlier forties. Fire Boars give 60 experience.

Cave of Evil Eyes I-V: Ugly map, ugly monsters, ugly music BUT- good spawn. You mostly likely won't be using your lightning here, but Cold Beam and Magic Claw is good too. Evil Eyes drop garbage, however. Evil Eyes give 50 experience. If you did get lightning first, you should 3 hit these things, and you CAN train on them till level 50. (Though there are much better places now.)

Levels 46-50

[At this point, both your Cold Beam and Thunderbolt are maxed out, or soon to be... and when Wizard Potions are still better than your Meditation. ]

Lorang Lorang Lorang: You can start hitting the crabs here when you've got Thunderbolt around level 24 and higher. Really fast spawn, really popular, and you should really have the map to yourself to maximize your experience here. They deal lots of damage and are fast, and you drain lots of MP, so stock up on those potions! The drops are also decent and frequent, buffered by the speed you are killing at. Lorangs give 80 experience.

Garden of Yellow/Red I: At this point, you probably won't have any trouble at all one hitting those Jr. Lioners and Jr. Cellions. Fast spawn rate, good drops, still a good place for the while. Jr. Lioners and Jr. Cellions both give 65 experience.

The Path of Time <2>/<3>: You will be about two hitting the Chronos with your Cold Beam. If your lightning is good, then you can use it as well, three or four hitting them. Drops recently changed, so unknown. Chronos give 82 experience.

Dangerous Valley I: It's an option to be here, but not recommended. Copper Drakes won't be good until you can two hit them, and Fire Boars are in rather insufficient spawns in this area. (I ,another player, find the big spawn of fire boars good for zapping with lightning.) Drops are quite good, however- perhaps you can find a Dark Marine or some Black Crystal Ores. Copper Drakes give 105 experience and Fire Boars give 60 experience.

Dangerous Valley II: Level 50 is the BARE MINIMUM level you should be hanging around here at. The reasons are: you WILL miss the Fire Drakes, you WILL lose mesos, and you probably will have no luck on rare drops killing only a few monsters here and there. Even worse, you will be KS-ed by the higher leveled characters that wonder what the heck you are doing there. But, the thought of Steelies is always nice, isn't it? Fire Drakes give 220 experience, Copper Drakes give 105 experience, and Fire Boars give 60 experience.

Levels 51-55

[When you have finally maxed out your Cold Beam and Thunderbolt]

Sand Castle Playground: The experience here in Aqua Road sucks, but that’s quickly made up by the spawn rate of Flower Fish and Bubble Fish. Bubble Fish are weak against lightning while Flower Fish are weak against ice.(Though magic claw should do just as well.) Taking that into advantage, you’ll be blasting your way through the map without a hint of trouble. The only real rare items sought after in this map are their scrolls. All of them are 60%, and you can net a bunch of cash through them. Flower Fish give 58 experience, while Bubble Fish gives 52.

Lorang Lorang Lorang: This place stops getting so good after level 55. But the superior spawn rate is always welcoming. Lorangs give 80 experience.

Garden of Yellow/Red II: Time to tackle the big bad cats. They aren't the best, however- they could even be considered slow. But without fretting, this place will be good when you can two-hit the monsters with ice. Both Lioners and Cellions give 160 experience.

Cloud Park IV: This place? THIS PLACE? Who would have guessed? What is an Ice/Lightning Wizard doing at Lunar and Star Pixies? Well, they are actually quick and easy kills for the mid fifties and into level sixty. (But right now you should just be bashing the crabs). You'll get plenty of NPC-able goodies, and a Scroll for Shoe for Jump 10% too. Lunar Pixies give 105 experience while Star Pixies give 72 experience.

The Path of Time <The Lost Time <1>: Platoon Chronos! This place isn't only for healers. Your lightning should be getting quite, quite decent now, and your Cold Beam can finish off any lone ones. And you'll even find a few Esther Shields or maybe a Glove Attack Scroll! So to speak, you spend a few levels here, and you'll be rich rich rich. Platoon Chronos give 99 experience.

Dangerous Valleys I-II: Again, you should stay away from these areas in your lower fifties. They're not as good as they sound. But of course it's possible to level here with the Copper Drakes, so, if you're really bored, give it a shot. When you're in Dangerous Valley II, you'll be all "STEELYS!!"... I guess I don't need to explain. xD Remember to cast Magic Guard! Fire Boars give 60 experience, Copper Drakes give 105 experience, and Fire Drakes give 220 experience.

Suburban Area 2: Truckers are a great option. They have a great spawn, have only 3000 hp, and are weak to lightning. They hit fairly hard though, over 200, so magic guard is recommended. Their etc drops are good for NPCs, and so are the equips. You should be 3-4 hitting them with lightning. The only bad thing about this place is that truckers are too big for you to teleport past.If you maxed lightning first, you could come here as early as level 43. Tuckers give 160 exp.

Note from another I/L player, if that's okay: Places like Eos Tower and Helios Tower where you can just sit above a good spot and use Thunderbolt on fast-spawning mobs can sometimes be good exp. At levels where your lightning is at least level 25, zapping mobs of Ratz in Eos Tower (60 exp x 6 monsters = 360 exp) or Retz in Helios Tower (78 exp x 6 = 468!) is pretty good.

My opinion on another place, if it's ok with you :D : Mysterious Path 3 is GODLY! O_O Trust me, if yurr lightning is good enough, then get here fast because it gets really crowded. Personally, I trained here with my ice mage from lvl 50 and i got to 70 in a matter or weeks (of course on 2x xD) 200 and 250 exp fer each kill? Can it get any better? Of course it's better when you have a friend share the map at the top because the spawn will slow down if it's just you by yurrself. My suggestion if you wanna level fast and get to 3rd job, buy the 2x coupon and GRIND THE CRAP OUT OF MP3. Trust me, it's worth it. It's better if you go here at Mysterious Path 3 when yurr level 50 because yurr exp will go up fast. You might miss a couple times, but hey, everyone misses once in awhile. By 55, you should be able to hit them completely without any miss.

Levels 56-60

[This is when you are really starting to deal some nice damage with both Thunderbolt and Cold Beam.]

Sand Castle Playground: You can stay in this map even to your mid sixties. You’ll be one-hitting Flower Fish with lightning fairly often, so it’s easy to simply float around and zap a bit to net yourself a bunch of kills. Again, the experience sucks, but the spawn rate is amazing. You will be looking for the scrolls of these monsters, as most, if not all of their equipment drops are NPC fodder. Flower Fish gives 58 experience while Bubble Fish gives 52.

Cloud Park IV: This place gets real good with your Lightning and Ice buffered by Meditation. The only thing you have to watch out for is Lunar Pixies casting a magic defense spell. But by then you'll be doing such good damage that the dumb spell won't affect you that much. The map's huge and the terrain is friendly to Thunder Storm, so give it a shot. It's more preferable if you aren't sharing the map, however. While you're here, you'll get lots of goodies and many drops you can trade in the trading quest. Lunar Pixies give 105 experience and Star Pixies give 72.

The Path of Time <The Lost Time <1>: In your mid fifties, Platoon Chronos will still be alright for you. Using a mix between Lightning and Ice, you'll do even better than most Clerics training there. You can find a few Esther Shields, a Glove Attack Scroll 60%, and plenty of other goodies available there. Platoon Chronos give 99 experience.

Garden of Yellow/Red II: You can easily two and three hit these guys (Lioners and Cellions). They're easy kills, but Lunars and Star Pixies are still recommended around these levels. Also, Lioners are lightning resistant so you wouldn't be using Thunder Storm like you would on Pixies... At any rate, they still drop some neat stuff for you, although after the drop changes it's not so great anymore. Both Cellions and Lioners give 160 experience.

Dangerous Valley II: In your late fifties and higher, you'll really kick butt here. The only threats are really high leveled Ice Mages and Assassins (perhaps Hermits). Not only will you be actually able to DO SOMETHING with Thunderbolt, you won't miss either. Steelies can be a real goal now with your real damage and your real ownage. Fire Boars give 60 experience, Copper Drakes give 105 experience, and Fire Drakes give 220 experience.

Dangerous Valley I: This place will start getting better, but it's not an area you would actually really touch. There's a mix of Fire Boars and Copper Drakes here, and you can easily use your lightning. Soon your Thunderbolt shall be even more worth using on Fire Boars than your Cold Beam. A bunch of NPCable and vendor-able goods are found here. Fire Boars give 60 experience while Copper Drakes give 105 experience.

Subway Line 1 - Area 4: A very good alternative would be Wraiths. They give 120 experience and their spawn is scary as it is fast. Their drops are quite good. Just zap them with your lightning although it uses A LOT of potions. So, maxed MP Eater is very useful. Their drops are quite nice. Though this is not the best spot, you can find some dark crystal ores here, which may help you in your 3rd job advancement.

Suburban Area 2: This place is still very good. You will kill the trucks in 3 hits quite often or always now (depending on level), so luring may be more difficult.

Practice Field:Beginner: The map is very lightning friendly, as it is flat. There is good spawn, which may be good enough for 3 players. Straw Target Dummies have 3000 hp and give 135 exp. Truckers are definitely better exp though. You can train on these as long as you'd train on wraiths.

Levels 61-65

[Now you have maxed Meditation. You're owning bigger and badder monsters by the moment.]

Sand Castle Playground: Still good experience here- you could have stayed in this area for a whooping 10 levels. With extremely easy one-hitting using lightning, you will be as good as Ramboing the map. You are taking one-hit mob control into advantage, after all, so it is hard for somebody to kick you out of the map. The monsters here give all decent to good scrolls. (60% Crossbow and Overall DEX for Flower Fish, 60% Shoe DEX and Shoe Speed for Bubble Fish.) Flower Fish gives 58 experience while Bubble Fish gives 52.

Cold Field I: Hectors. That is all for your mid sixties and slightly higher. Their drops aren’t too bad, but they’re mostly NPC fodder. You will be mainly using lightning in this map, and beating down lone ones with ice. You will not be taking advantage of your element just yet, because although Cellions are weak against Cold Beam, their spawn rate is not as potent as Hectors. Hectors give 170 experience.

Cloud Park IV: This place is really starting to slow, but it's enough to get you to level 60 and higher in good time. Lunar and Star Pixies weren't bad at all. Lots of drops, lots of spawns. Lunar Pixies give 105 experience while Star Pixies give 72.

Dangerous Valley II: You can full time this place now. You won't miss guaranteed, and your Thunderbolt and Cold Beam will shoo people off the map unless they're rudely persistent. Fire Drakes will magically die in three hits, Coppers in two. Fire Boars are now that extra thing that you can zap to death with lightning in one hit sometimes. And then you'll finally get Steelys... Fire Boars give 60 experience, Copper Drakes 105, and Fire Drakes 220.

Hot Sand: The ending map in Florina Beach. You'll do alright in that place even in your early sixties, but it's slightly difficult to find a spot. Don't grow over-attached to it or you won't want to come back when you hit the level where you have to full time that place (around level 65 and higher.) The Torties and Clangs here unfortunately don't like dropping the right color of any armor they harbor. >:[ Torties give 110 experience while Clangs give 128.

Wolf Territories I-II: Of course, if you want to, you can come here. In these maps you'll find Hectors, White Pangs, and Werewolves. There'll be the occasional Hector or Pang blocking your Cold Beam from hitting the Werewolf, but with Magic Guard you'll live through its slash attack (about 1K damage). You can freeze those sucker Werewolves with ease now, only occasionally missing. Hectors give 170 experience, White Pangs give 220 experience, and Werewolves give 350 experience.

Subway Line 1 - Area 4: If you want, you could train on this map till level 70. I suggest you leave at level 65 though.

Mountain Cliffs: If you play maple global, gryphons are also a good choice. They have great spawn, giving 220 exp a piece, with only 3300 hp. The maps also have portals that let you go around the map, making mobbing easy.

Mysterious Path 3: In this map, there is great spawn (with one monster weak to lightning) and a big sniping spot. The bottom platform is best. It would help if you shared the map with someone to take the top two platforms to keep the spawn up, maximizing the experience. It is quite crowded here though, so if you can't find a free channel, any map in the ghost ship is good. (Except ghost ship 6. You should only go there from your mid sixties as you won't hit them all the time yet, and the exp to hp ratio is quite low compared to the other monsters.)

Suburban Area 2: You can train here to third job. You should be 2 hitting the trucks very often, so luring won't be as easy, nor is luring such a good idea.

The Forest of Golem: This map has a very fast spawn rate, with a mix of mixed and dark golems. Lightning is very useful here. Remember to use magic guard. Dark Golems give 200 exp, while Mixed Golems give 210 exp.

Levels 66-69

[You are close to getting your third job. These levels are slow as you will no longer be having a much difference in damage since Cold Beam, Thunderbolt and Meditation will be mastered.]

Garden of Red II: With extremely easy two-hits, your ice will dominate all Cellions in this map. Thus the experience will be better. You won’t really be using lightning all too much here. Currently drops for Cellions are unknown. Cellions give 160 experience.

Note from Player Lightning is actually quite useful on this map. You can kill mobs of Cellions with lightning. It is suggested you use lightning when there are 3 or more cats.

Hot Sand: This place will be extremely vulnerable to your lightning. You should be roughly 2-4 hitting everything (including Torties) in this map with Thunder Storm. There are also portals (little shady palm trees) on each platform, including the ground that takes you up one platform higher. This saves you the time trying to climb the ropes. But the monsters in this map, how ever, tend to like to drop the wrong color of everything. Clangs give 128 experience while Torties give 110.

Cold Field I: Hectors will be quite easy five-hit kills with lightning and three-hits with ice. (This only lasts up to mid-sixties, though.) But that’s the least of your concerns as the mob rate is great compared to Cellions. You might get a few looks from people, but this place was meant to be fast too. You should also use Magic Guard. The drops in this map are mostly NPCables, how ever. Hectors give 170 experience.

Forgotten Path of Time <3>: Is this what you think it is? Yes it is- Death Teddies, the ripped teddy bear with a big ghost on its back. Dealing 1.1K touches and 1.3K damage (but avoidable) spells, this place is massacre. But only if you are alone. In this place, you could get a friend that is perhaps level 80 and is a mono-monster soloist to help you. You do NOT want a non-freeze mob controller to come with you as that is useless. This is because instead of leveling well you will be slaughtered by the massive amounts of charms shot at you and your partner. Oh, and do watch out for a Phoenix Wand. They drop those, but otherwise, most Death Teddy drops are useless. Death Teddies give 1300 experience, but when partied, you should only be getting 5xx experience. Your only task is freezing, and one hit on the monster will not grant you that amount. You WILL miss alot of times, how ever. SO, it is really not recommended.

Forest of Golem: This place is good till level 75. Remember to stock up on pots. The monsters are 5 to 6 hits with lightning. Just do whatever you did here eariler.

Mountain Cliffs: Gryphons shall die in 3 to 4 hits with lightning. This place is also good to level 75. Just make sure you don't fall into the pit close to the beginning, and you should do fine.

Mysterious Path 3: You shall kill the monsters in this map in 4 to 6 hits, using lightning. Selkie Jr. give 220 exp, while slimy give 250 exp. If you have trouble finding yourself a map, just go into the ghost ship. All those maps are also recommended, except perhaps ghost ship 6. Because you cannot hit 2 platforms with lightning, and they have such high hp, it is only good if you have ice strike.

Suburban Area 2: Truckers shall now always die in 2 hits, so I don't suggest luring them. You should just kill them on the spot.


A question that people sometimes ask:

"Do I ever go to Zombies?"

The answer is no. You do not have to go to Zombies ever. The only time you might want to is when you have a Cleric with you, or you are sharing the map.

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