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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.


Welcome to my Cleric Guide.I'm here to show you the way I brought up my Cleric to where it is now.


I think this guide is done. If you think it isn't then tell me and I'll add the things you want me to add. Please don't make any major changes to this guide. Please, also if your going to make a note, please put "Note from player:..." and write what you're going put. And please don't put this guide anywhere but on THIS wiki. Thank you.

Why be a Cleric?


  • Can Heal.
  • Everyone will love you because of Heal and Bless. (3rd job offers Holy Symbol, Dispel, and Mystic Door)
  • Very High MP.
  • Makes money easily (With Heal you will not need HP pots, especially at Undead monsters, MP Eater, when maxed, replaces a lot of MP pots)
  • Are the overall best party characters out there.
  • Very powerful at lower levels.
  • Second highest survivability when maxed magic guard is activated (Warriors survive even better).
  • At high level you will heal your HP max almost all the time if you max the skill Heal.
  • (Note from player Geeeum24):Holy Symbol gives more exp (at least 50% more, if maxed, of the monster exp u get from killing).
  • (Note from 1upking)Heal can be used as a really good mob attack with undeads like Jr. Wraiths and Chronos
  • (Note from Angel4Blade) Once you get bless maxed or almost maxed, you will be even more wanted for parties
  • (Note from HolyPurpsJL) When you heal party members you get small amounts of exp depending on how much you healed allowing for easy exp.


  • Leveling up is kind of slow from levels 50-70 (Don't worry, you'll level fast once you get to 3rd job).
  • Low HP (scroll your equipment with HP if this is a problem)
  • Wastes money on buying a lot of MP pots if you go Solo Cleric, unless MP Eater is at a decent level.
  • Although you have a variety of attacks (Heal, Bless, et cetera), your magic attacks (Holy Arrow) are much weaker than the Ice/Lightning and Fire/Poison wizards.(note from player: this doesnt matter as much because you'll always be in parties (why get your own exp when others can do it for you), unless your solo, and third job shing ray does more max damage then max Ice Strike)
  • (Note from player Onionkun) Though Ice/Lightning used to be the most common, now most people are pushing it aside to become a cleric, so now clerics are the most popular.

The Beginning

When you first enter MapleStory, you will have to sign in and then pick a server.
If your new to the game I recommend to choose Khaini, Bellocan, Windia or Mardia. since these servers aren't as full and will be easier to train at.

Your Character

When you make a new character please try to choose a unique name.
Here are some examples:

  • Names not to pick
    • Cleric9999888
    • Cl3r1c909090
  • Names to pick
    • ClericMaster
    • JrCleric

Basically anything random and unique!


NOTE: This guide contains a dice roll section for AP points. We would like to inform you that dice roll function is not used anymore in GMS and MapleSEA. If you are a beginner, there is no need as all points are assigned to STR. When you get your job advancement, click A and then click on auto-assign points. Please avoid that section and everytime you level up, press 'a' and press auto-assign. You may continue that system or if you are looking to use a special point build eg. dexless assassin, then you may do so.

When you're at the character creating screen you'll see stats on the side with a dice. Keep clicking the dice until you get the stats to something like the following.
X = any number

Combination 1
Str - 4
Dex - 4
Int - X
Luk - X

Ability Points

Your luck 3 point higher than your level so if you're level 50 your luck should be 53. And then put the rest in Int. So for example if you start with 4 Str, 5 Dex, 7 Int, 8 Luk it should be like this.

  • Level 1 - 7 Int, 8 Luk
  • Level 2 - 12 Int, 8 Luk
  • Level 3 - 17 Int, 8 Luk
  • Level 4 - 22 Int, 8 Luk
  • Level 5 - 27 Int, 8 Luk
  • Level 6 - 32 Int, 9 Luk
  • Level 7 - 35 Int, 10 Luk
  • Level 8 - 39 Int, 11 Luk
  • Level 9 - 43 Int, 12 Luk
  • Level 10 - 47 Int, 13 Luk
  • Level 11 - 51 Int, 14 Luk
  • Level 12 - 55 Int, 15 Luk
  • Level 13 - 59 Int, 16 Luk
  • Level 14 - 63 Int, 17 Luk
  • Level 15 - 67 Int, 18 Luk

I think you get the point of it now. This is the normal build but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE LUKLESS BUILD. I currently have a level 71 Perfect Lukless Priest and he is so good. Perfect Lukless means 4 STR, 4 DEX, and 4 LUK.

Note from icewizback: Though if u follow the above then you will not be able to use a number of weapons/armors so my suggestion is that you look at the weapon/armor and follow their luck level all the rest goes to INT.

Note from Player: If you don't want to follow Dominican's guide of all INT for 4 levels, then all LUK for the next, then the other option is to add 4 INT, 1 LUK every level.

Maple Island

I suggest you stay here until lvl 7 with 55%, then go to Victoria Island and do Olaf's quest, The Path of Magician. Level 8 :P If you don't have 55%, you're pretty much screwed. The exp you get from doing the Olaf's quest is a good starting boost. Now a days you can put all of your stats on Str on Maple Island because they reset when you get the job so getting to 8 is a joke. Just do all of Mai's quests and answer the questions like you want to be a magician and she will teleport you to Grendel and there you have it you are a magician.

  • Note from Foxyfox12: If you do the beginning class change after the level, it will reimburse you the points you would might have missed. I did the Magician beginner quest on an alt at level 10. Grendel gave the SP and AP for the difference in level. I suggest doing all the easy little quests you get on Maple Island and not worrying so much about it. After all, you should be using Three Snails for the first few levels anyway. (If you want your max MP, that is.)

Beginner Skills

The beginner skills are as follows:

File:Nimblefeet.gif Nimble Feet

Type: supportive

  • You can only use this skill every 15 minutes.
  • Level 1 MP -10; speed +10 for 4 sec.
  • Level 2 MP -15; speed +15 for 8 sec.
  • Level 3 MP -20; speed +20 for 12 sec.


  • I suggest you don't put skill points into this skill because at level 30 you'll have teleport.

Recovery.gif Recovery

Type: recovery

  • You can only use this skill every 10 minutes.
  • Level 1 MP -10; Recover 24 HP in 30 sec.
  • Level 2 MP -20; Recover 48 HP in 30 sec.
  • Level 3 MP -30; Recover 72 HP in 30 sec.


  • I suggest you max this skill only if your new to the game. Since potions cost a lot for new players.

File:Threesnails.gif Three Snails

Type: active

  • Level 1 Snail Shell -1, MP -10; Damage 10
  • Level 2 Blue Snail Shell -1, MP -15; Damage 25
  • Level 3 Red Snail Shell -1, MP -20; Damage 40


  • You should use this skill since you'll be hitting 1-5 damage on almost everything at level 1-7. However, if it's difficult for you to kill red snails, leave it at level 1 or 2.

Note from Shadowrunex: actually, max it. On the Henesys Hunting Ground bottom floor, you can pick up plenty of red shells.
Note from xCharleex: If your planning on doing the orange mushroom quests, and don't have high strength, I'd max it. It takes 2 red snail shells to kill one mushroom, and if you CC (change channels) a lot, you'll find at least a few people killing red snails ^^

Note from Player: The Snail skill really helps soon-to-be-Magicians to level up in the early stages on Maple Island, since you'll be dominated by the wannabe-Warriors (loads of STR) and Bowmen (more STR than you). It can also be a useful skill on Victoria Island, when you're a level 8-10, battling Stumps and Slimes and whatnot.

Note from Player, chinaboy3654: Its best if u max this skill if u want to be a mage, as it will let you kill monsters, rather than have 1 and 2 for damage. It would be easiest if you have another char (prob a warrior or a bowmen, thief if the lvl is high enough) you can speed training on along.

NOTE FROM PLAYER, ONIONKUN: DO NOT LEVEL THIS UP! If you do, that means sacrificing points that can be put on the other two skills. Now, Maple Island is different. You can now put points in strength and when you become a mage, all these points reset. So DO NOT put it in here unless you want to sacrifice a valuable skill. Since you can reset your points, stuff it all into Intelligence and Luck! Then you will do a huge amount of damage.

NOTE FROM PLAYER: Three Snails -it's really up to you whether you want to level this up because with all the changes Maplestory has gone through you can have heaps of STR on Maple Island and your points will reset to be like a magician's (4 DEX, 4 STR 20+ INT, x LUK)

Note from player:After patch 71 in global 3 snails is just mp no snails

NOTE FROM DETINY - the skills cost less mp now. maxed 3snails takes 7mp and no shell.

NOTE FROM PLAYER: MAX IT! because after level 8, you can use this instead of energy bolt to level fast and have the maximum amount of MP possible.

Magician Skills

Improving Max MP Increase Improving MP Recovery (Magician)

Type: passive

  • Level 1 Constant additional recovery of MP
  • Level 16 Constant additional recovery of MP


    • Very useful when you're at higher levels. You'll be gaining around 200MP every 10 seconds at level 70.

Note from hannahtan222:You should max this skill after maxing Improving Max MP Increase

Note from FireEragon:Hannahtan is ABSOLUTELY wrong, don't let his lead you astray. This skill is not as important as Max MP Increase.

Improving MP Recovery Improving Max MP Increase

Type: passive

  • Level 1 If MaxMP Level's up, 2, if AP is applied, add 1 more
  • Level 5 If MaxMP Level's up, 10, if AP is applied, add 5 more
  • Level 10 If MaxMP Level's up, 20, if AP is applied, add 10 more


    • This should be the first skill you max.

Magic Guard Magic Guard

Type: supportive

  • Level 1 MP -6; Replace 11% of HP damage as MP for 111 seconds.
  • Level 10 MP -8; Replace 42% of HP damage as MP for 330 seconds.
  • Level 20 MP -12; Replace 80% of HP damage as MP for 600 seconds.


    • This skill is very useful when your fighting monsters that do damage more than the amount of HP you have.

note from player: Tha0nlyMage-Kradia- it is a good skill but it wastes alot
of mp pots which causes a lot of mesos spent besides bless overtakes this
spell by a long shot. Therefore not using this skill saves alot of mesos and mp pots.

Note from Player: This skill should be definitely be used, after Magic Claw and the Improving MP Recovery skills. While it does use up a lot of MP pots, it's definitely worth it. The Improving MP Recovery and MP Eater skills should suffice for the loss of MP instead.

Note from Foxyfox12: I suggest only half-leveling this skill. Do not max it. As a Cleric, MP is much more valuable than HP. When you can heal your whole HP bar for a mere 24 MP. I only leveled this skill to 11; and, more times than not, I've found myself regretting leveling it that much -- especially in the Dojo where you can't use your own pots. Say you're a level 40-ish Cleric with about 600HP and 2kMP. If you need Magic Guard, you might be fighting something that hits for 900, say. Well, 1) if it's strong enough to 1-hit you, you're probably not going to be able to hit it much anyway. 2) Even if you leave Magic Guard at transferring 50% of the damage (maxed is 80%), that's 450MP per hit, +24 for the Heal you'll have to do after, so 474MP (5 Mana Potions or 2 Mana Elixers to get it all back per hit or 5 hits and your dead anyway). Now, if you have it maxed to 80%, that's 640 MP lost per hit (260HP), still healing every other hit so +12, 652MP lost. 4th hit and you're out. As for the value of MP regain to counter-act this: at this supposed level 40, you recover 67MP every 10 seconds, which doesn't help much seeing as the monster has already hit you at least twice by now. So, what happens: You run out of MP VERY quickly and end up scurrying around waiting for it to recover so you can at least heal yourself once every so often. Conclusion: The only reason to use this on a high level is when you're recklessly running through a high level area in a short amount of time. For using it in battle, keep it low and spam your heals. If you're training, you should be training somewhere that doesn't hit you that hard anyway.

Note from FireEragon: No, no, no. Foxyfox, as a level 100+ priest, by now I've learned how useful magic guard is. It is NOT possible to boss at level 100 on appropriate monsters, nor is it easy to train. Under level 30 this skill is useless, but later on, you NEED it.

Magic Armor Magic Armor

Type: supportive

  • Level 1 MP -8; Weapon Def. +2 for 54 seconds.
  • Level 10 MP -10; Weapon Def. +20 for 200 seconds.
  • Level 20 MP -16; Weapon Def. +40 for 400 seconds.


    • Magic Armor isn't worth your Skill Points. Invincible (a 2nd job skill for Clerics) is much more effective.
  • I agree with this. Magic armor is a waste of skill points.

Energy Bolt Energy Bolt

Type: active

  • Level 1 MP -6; Basic attack 20, mastery 15%
  • Level 10 MP -9; Basic attack 35, mastery 35%
  • Level 20 MP -14; Basic attack 55, mastery 60%


    • After job advancement, use your 1 Skill Point on this skill.
      • ABSOLUTELY NEVER PUT MORE THAN 1 IN THIS SKILL. It may do more damage when maxed and use less mp but, if your a party cleric, this skill will be crap next to magic claw.

Note from player: Yes, "absolutely never." Unless, of course, you want to be able to knock back enemies when you hit them. And, if you're a party Cleric, you likely aren't fighting anyway. In fact, if you put no points into Magic Claw, you end up having one more skill point than others, have decent knock back, have more MP saved for healing. Really, it doesn't matter.

Magic Claw Magic Claw

Type: active

  • Level 1 MP -10; Basic attack 11 x 2 Hit, mastery 15%
  • Level 10 MP -13; Basic attack 23 x 2 Hit, mastery 35%
  • Level 20 MP -20; Basic attack 40 x 2 Hit, mastery 60%


    • You should max this skill since as a Cleric you're gonna be using it A LOT.

Magician Build

8 - 1 Energy Bolt
9 - 3 Improving MP Recovery
10 - 2 Improving MP Recovery 1 Improving Max MP Increase
11 - 3 Improving Max MP Increase
12 - 3 Improving Max MP Increase
13 - 3 Improving Max MP Increase (MAXED)
14 - 3 Improving MP Recovery
15 - 3 Improving MP Recovery
16 - 3 Improving MP Recovery
17 - 2 Improving MP Recovery (MAXED) 1 Magic Claw
18 - 3 Magic Claw
19 - 3 Magic Claw
20 - 3 Magic Claw
21 - 3 Magic Claw
22 - 3 Magic Claw
23 - 3 Magic Claw
24 - 1 Magic Claw (MAXED) 2 Magic Guard
25 - 3 Magic Guard
26 - 3 Magic Guard
27 - 3 Magic Guard
28 - 3 Magic Guard
29 - 3 Magic Guard
30 - 3 Magic Guard (MAXED!)


10 Improving Max MP increase (Maxed)

16 Improving MP Recovery (Maxed)

20 Magic Claw (Maxed)

20 Magic Guard (Maxed)

1 Energy Bolt

0 Magic Armor

Note from MiniMeese : If you want a perfect magician, instead of adding your first point into Energy bolt, put it in Improving MP Recovery so you can max Improving Max MP Increase faster.

Note from Healxixer: Yes if you look at my person currently 5/4/08 Im not a cleric yet but another idea is after you max Max MP increased, then you can put +1 on Magic claw and +2 on constant mp increase. THATS WAT I DID AND I LVED LIKE SOOOOOOOO FAST XD

Cleric Skills

MP Eater.gif MP Eater

Type: passive

  • Level 1 For every attack, 11% success rate, absorb 21% of the enemy's MaxMP
  • Level 10 For every attack, 20% success rate, absorb 30% of the enemy's MaxMP
  • Level 20 For every attack, 30% success rate, absorb 40% of the enemy's MaxMP


    • This is a very important skill. If you max this skill, you'll save 'A LOT of mesos.

Note from RepentAllSin: mp eater is worth maxing and in my opinion, SHOULD be maxed. when you're solo training on undeads like a cleric should with your heal skill, you'll attack upto 5 targets while healing yourself. this means that when mp eater is maxed, (30% success) 30x5=150% success so you'll gain back more magic then you'll ever be able to spend. when you become a priest much later in the game, you'll be able to use shining ray in the same fashion, but this time it'll work on normal monsters and not just undeads. Note from MoonlightNL (EMS): the chance to get some mp back isn't 150% when hitting 5 targets, but 47%. Has something to do with maths :S

I think both wrong... %100 - [(%70)*(%70)*(%70)*(%70)*(%70)] ≈ %83 Success rate on 5 monsters - ThoAppelsin 23:27, 13 August 2008 (UTC)

Note from npiterman: Person above is definitely wrong... if you put one point into it you have an 11% success rate 100- [(11%)*(11%)*(11%)*(11%)*(11%)] = 99% success rate on 5 monsters... impossible that the more you max it the lower the possibility of hitting them

Note from Jaewonnie: I'd recommend not maxing MP eater but just put 1 SP into it. I'd rather master Holy Arrow because later on when your almost a priest it becomes useful and is better than Magic Claw. And the advantage in Holy Arrow over Shining Ray is that it has more range, horizontal-wise.

Note from Archdragon: HOWEVER, Holy Arrow does have some cons. It has minimal attack, even when maxed, and the maxed damage for Shining Ray is much higher than max holy arrow (plus it mobs!) The horizontal range problem isn't a big deal in the long run, due to teleport. In a sense, Holy Arrow's effectiveness can be short term, whereas MP eater is useful all the way to level 200. Of course, having no main offensive attack in the 2nd job for 40 whole levels can get a little boring, and holy arrow's *1.5 holy damage bonus on undead/devil helps the damage a lot (holy arrow with bonus is the same as max fire arrow on a non ice monster, as opposed to about the same damage as magic claw), and a smart player will USE any advantage they can get, so i can see where Jae's coming from. In the end, it is your choice to choose between MP eater's cons (above) and holy arrow's cons.

Note from Novahritan: Well, now there's cpq and monsters only drop pots, so you don't really need to max mp eater until after lvl 50

Note from Wei: If you do the math, it's 100-((7/10)^5* 10)or 100 - 16.8070, and this is maxed. MP eater is a must max.

Teleport.gif Teleport

Type: supportive

  • Level 1 MP -60; Teleport, with 130 in distance
  • Level 10 MP -33; Teleport, with 130 in distance
  • Level 20 MP -13; Teleport, with 150 in distance


    • This a very useful skill. It's faster than a hermit with maxed flash jump. (Even at level 1 teleport) A must-max unless you want to spend insane amounts of money (60 MP for just one teleport?) Another tip from another user: Some people train solo and they just don't use teleport alot so I suggest if you don't use teleport often, just put it on 1. Another tip from user: This is regarding the tip about putting teleport only at 1. Don't do this, because if you solo your going to have to use it more than if you party.
    • Some Party/Guild quests require a minimum level for this to complete the quests. For example the GUILD quest requires this to be MAXED.
    • "It's faster than a hermit with maxed flash jump" LOL no.

Teleport is a useful skill, and should be maxed after the necessary attack skills and Heal/Bless. It's useful for telecasting or getting away from close-range and (to an extent) long-range attacks from those nasty monsters. Although it's not necessary, if you leave it at 0, when you're level 90+ and you see these Mages and Hermits KSing you, you'll be wishing to have it too.

Heal.gif Heal

Type: active/recovery

  • Level 1 MP -12; Recovery rate 10%
  • Level 16 MP -24; Recovery rate 160%
  • Level 30 MP -24; Recovery rate 300%


    • This skill is always maxed no matter what. Theres not point in becoming a cleric without having this skill. The name says it all.

Note from medibolt: this skill is also very useful when fighting undead or unholy monsters. When used near any of those monsters, it will deal lots of damage to them depending on the skill level of this skill.

This skill is probably why people go for being a Cleric (no, duh). So you waste MP healing yourself, and with MP Eater and your fast MP recovery, you've just as well completely recovered yourself. At higher levels, a maxed Heal can have your HP bar constantly full, so that's a load of mesos saved.

Bless.gif Bless

Type: supportive

  • Level 1 MP -12; +1 on accuracy, avoidability, weapon and magic def. for 10 seconds
  • Level 10 MP -12; +10 on accuracy, avoidability, weapon and magic def. for 100 seconds
  • Level 20 MP -24; +20 on accuracy, avoidability, weapon and magic def. for 200 seconds


    • This is what all the warriors want. They don't want the weapon and magic defense. What they want is the accuracy, which is really important to warriors since their damage is really unstable.

You max this, you'll be getting billions of PQ invitations and tons of EXP from them alone. It's also effective for training sub-accounts/mules/n00bs (and you get kicks out of it when they F6 and go, "Whoa, I'm a supern00b!")

Invincible.gif Invincible

Type: supportive

  • Level 1 MP -15; Weapon damage -11% for 15 seconds
  • Level 10 MP -15; Weapon damage -20% for 150 seconds
  • Level 20 MP -30; Weapon damage -30% for 300 seconds


    • Really important skills -30% Weapon Damage is a lot. It will help when you survive weapon damage from higher leveled monsters without (or with) Magic Guard.

Holy Arrow.gif Holy Arrow

Type: active

  • Level 1 MP -12; Basic attack 22, mastery 15%
  • Level 16 MP -24; Basic attack 52, mastery 40%
  • Level 30 MP -24; Basic attack 80, mastery 60%


    • Tempting, but it's useless once you reach 3rd job. Most experienced Maplers recommend that it NOT be maxed, and that if you really want to max it, leave out MP eater. Your magic claw does equal (if not more) damage except on evil/undead monsters (given that your SP builds are proper)

Note from Jaewonnie: You should max Holy Arrow because when you face monsters/bosses with a high magic defense, Magic Claw will cut its attack from both of the 40 basic attack while Holy Arrow's 80 basic attack will be cut. If you want a example, try Magic Clawing a Iron Hog and then Holy Arrow it. You will see a difference in damage. Holy Arrow is a lot stronger compared to Magic Claw on these types of monsters/bosses.

OK thats totally right ... But if you want to eat more MP, Magic Claw would be better choice for you; as it hits twice.
Single-Hit: %30 chance to eat MP
Double-Hit: %51 chance to eat MP
ThoAppelsin 16:06, 15 August 2008 (UTC)


Wei's note: If you want KB, then this is a max. You can't really kb a monster with magic Claw.

Cleric Builds

My Build

This is the build that I used, and it saved me a lot of mesos. But note that level 1 Teleport will cost you 60 MP which can really hurt you on the long run. So choose another guide if you do want to max it. I DO NOT recommned it as much anymore.

30 - 1 Teleport
31 - 3 Heal
32 - 3 Heal
33 - 3 Heal
34 - 3 Heal
35 - 3 Heal
36 - 3 Heal
37 - 3 Heal
38 - 3 Heal
39 - 3 Heal
40 - 3 Heal(MAXED!)
41 - 3 MP Eater
42 - 3 MP Eater
43 - 3 MP Eater
44 - 3 MP Eater
45 - 3 MP Eater
46 - 3 MP Eater
47 - 1 MP Eater (MAXED!) 2 Invincible
48 - 3 Invincible
49 - 3 Holy Arrow
50 - 3 Holy Arrow
51 - 3 Holy Arrow
52 - 3 Holy Arrow
53 - 3 Holy Arrow
54 - 3 Holy Arrow
55 - 3 Holy Arrow
56 - 3 Holy Arrow
57 - 3 Holy Arrow
58 - 3 Holy Arrow(MAXED!)
59 - 3 Bless
60 - 3 Bless
61 - 3 Bless
62 - 3 Bless
63 - 3 Bless
64 - 3 Bless
65 - 1 Bless(MAXED!)
66 - 3 Invincible
67 - 3 Invincible
68 - 3 Invincible
69 - 3 Invincible
70 - 3 Invincible(MAXED!)


  • 30 Heal (Maxed)
  • 20 Invincible (Maxed)
  • 20 Bless (Maxed)
  • 20 MP Eater (Maxed)
  • 30 Holy Arrow (Maxed)
  • 1 Teleport

And so you're done. This Cleric build saved me so much money because I mastered MP eater early in the game.

Note from ranierules: This build sucks. And, as a bishop, I know that A)1 Teleport is a HUGE mistake, and B)You should max Bless much sooner. Icewizback's guide is much better, but you can always switch and max teleport first.

Note from icewizback: here is the build i think would be more helpful.

Firstly - 1 into teleport Secondly - Heal maxed Thirdly - Bless maxed Fourthly - MP eater maxed Fifthly - Teleport maxed Sixthly - All the left-over points to holy arrow

Note from Jaewonnie: This is my build, MP Eater is 1 so I don't know if I'll recommend it. It's pretty good though...It's for those Clerics who like to Party and Solo both (A.K.A. Partolo cleric =P)
Lv. 30-34: All SP on Heal
Lv. 35  : 2 SP on Heal + 1 SP on Teleport
Lv. 36-40: All SP on Heal (Heal will be maxed at Level 40)
Lv. 41-50: All SP on Holy Arrow (Some people might think this is a VERY BAD idea)
Lv. 51  : 1 SP on MP Eater + 2 SP on Invincible
Lv. 52  : 3 SP on Invincible
Lv. 53-58: All SP on Bless
Lv. 59  : 2 SP on Bless (Maxed) + 1 on Invincible
Lv. 60-63: All SP on Invincible
Lv. 64  : 2 SP on Invincible (Maxed) + 1 SP on Teleport
Lv. 65-70: All on Teleport (Maxed)

Results: 30 Heal, 30 Holy Arrow, 20 Teleport, 20 Bless, 20 Invincible, and 1 MP Eater

Solo Cleric Build

This is the Solo Cleric build.
Note from RepentAllSin: I do not recommend this build, see my variation below this one.
Note from Jaewonnie: This note is for "RepentAllSin": Uhh.. your guide at the bottom of this is a Party Cleric's skill build. Solo Clerics, do not follow "RepentAllSin"'s "Solo Cleric" Guide.

30 - 1 Teleport
31 - 3 Heal
32 - 3 Heal
33 - 3 Heal
34 - 3 Heal
35 - 3 Heal
36 - 3 Heal
37 - 3 Heal
38 - 3 Heal
39 - 3 Heal
40 - 3 Heal (Maxed!)
41 - 3 MP Eater
42 - 3 MP Eater
43 - 3 MP Eater
44 - 3 MP Eater
45 - 3 MP Eater
46 - 3 MP Eater
47 - 2 MP Eater (Maxed!), 1 in Holy Arrow
48 - 3 Holy Arrow
49 - 3 Holy Arrow
50 - 3 Holy Arrow
51 - 3 Holy Arrow
52 - 3 Holy Arrow
53 - 3 Holy Arrow
54 - 3 Holy Arrow
55 - 3 Holy Arrow
56 - 3 Holy Arrow
57 - 2 Holy Arrow (Maxed!), 1 in Invincible
58 - 3 Invincible
59 - 3 Invincible
60 - 3 Invincible
61 - 3 Invincible
62 - 3 Invincible
63 - 3 Invincible
64 - 1 Invincible (Maxed!), 2 in Teleport
65 - 3 Teleport
66 - 3 Teleport
67 - 3 Teleport
68 - 3 Teleport
69 - 3 Teleport
70 - 2 Teleport (Maxed!), 1 in Bless


  • 30 Heal Maxed
  • 30 Holy Arrow Maxed
  • 20 Invincible Maxed
  • 20 MP Eater Maxed
  • 20 Teleport Maxed
  • 1 Bless

Solo Cleric to Party Priest Build

Note from RepentAllSin: I recommend using this build instead of the one above,
because the one above sacrifices skills in bless (A useful skill) for Holy Arrow (Not very useful at all)
Reason being, that solo clerics and party priests level quickly, you'll want to have bless maxed for when you become a party priest.
Magic Claw will do equal if not more damage then Holy Arrow but Magic Claw attacks TWICE, giving MP Eater an extra chance to work.
This build will save you ALOT of mesos since it maxes MP Eater early, so you won't have to keep buying magic potions very often.

30 - 1 Teleport
31 - 3 Heal
32 - 3 Heal
33 - 3 Heal
34 - 3 Heal
35 - 3 Heal
36 - 3 Heal
37 - 3 Heal
38 - 3 Heal
39 - 3 Heal
40 - 3 Heal (MAXED)
41 - 3 MP Eater
42 - 3 MP Eater
43 - 3 MP Eater
44 - 3 MP Eater
45 - 3 MP Eater
46 - 3 MP Eater
47 - 2 MP Eater (MAXED) & 1 Invincible
48 - 3 Invincible
49 - 3 Invincible
50 - 3 Invincible
51 - 3 Invincible
52 - 3 Invincible
53 - 3 Invincible
54 - 1 Invincible (MAXED) & 2 Teleport
55 - 3 Teleport
56 - 3 Teleport
57 - 3 Teleport
58 - 3 Teleport
59 - 3 Teleport
60 - 2 Teleport (MAXED) & 1 Bless
61 - 3 Bless
62 - 3 Bless
63 - 3 Bless
64 - 3 Bless
65 - 3 Bless
66 - 3 Bless
67 - 1 Bless (MAXED) & 2 Holy Arrow
68 - 3 Holy Arrow
69 - 3 Holy Arrow
70 - 3 Holy Arrow


  • 30 Heal (Maxed)
  • 20 MP Eater (Maxed)
  • 20 Invincible (Maxed)
  • 20 Teleport(Maxed)
  • 20 Bless (Maxed)
  • 11 Holy Arrow

Party Cleric Build

This is the Party Cleric Build. This build focuses on the party skills like Heal and Bless which will be very helpful later on when your in a party.

30 - 1 in Heal
31 - 3 in Heal
32 - 3 in Heal
33 - 3 in Heal
34 - 3 in Heal
35 - 3 in Heal
36 - 3 in Heal
37 - 3 in Heal
38 - 3 in Heal
39 - 3 in Heal
40 - 2 in Heal(Maxed!), 1 in Invincible
41 - 3 in Invincible
42 - 1 in Invincible , 2 in Bless
43 - 3 in Bless
44 - 3 in Bless
45 - 3 in Bless
46 - 3 in Bless
47 - 3 in Bless
48 - 3 in Bless (Maxed!)
49 - 3 in Teleport
50 - 3 in Teleport
51 - 3 in Teleport
52 - 3 in Teleport
53 - 3 in Teleport
54 - 3 in Teleport
55 - 2 in Teleport (Maxed!), 1 in MP Eater
56 - 3 in MP Eater
57 - 3 in MP Eater
58 - 3 in MP Eater
59 - 3 in MP Eater
60 - 3 in MP Eater
61 - 3 in MP Eater
62 - 1 in MP Eater (Maxed!), 2 in Invincible
63 - 3 in Invincible
64 - 3 in Invincible
65 - 3 in Invincible
66 - 3 in Invincible
67 - 1 in Invincible(Maxed!), 2 in Holy Arrow
68 - 3 in Holy Arrow
69 - 3 in Holy Arrow
70 - 3 in Holy Arrow



  • 30 Heal Maxed
  • 20 Invincible Maxed
  • 20 Bless Maxed
  • 20 MP Eater Maxed
  • 20 Teleport Maxed
  • 11 Holy Arrow

Note from another player: This guide is perfect except it is a good idea to have 1 on teleport by lvl 35 so you will be invited into Lpq often and having 1-3 on mp eater by about lvl 33 bucuase you will be Cpqing until lvl 50 and party members do expect you to kill (if you dont kill they will call you a scammer/leecher and defame :| ) LPQ was very dormant for a while due to the release of the CPQ but because the LPQ gives you Broken Glasses now it is often packed again. If you want to be an LPQ Cleric then one on tele is a good idea and the rest on Heal. If you are a CPQ Cleric just do whatever you want it does not really matter. Max heal first though.

Note from ranierules: Actually, you will probably want 1 tele at level 30, not even 35 as he^^^^^^^^^^ says. 1 heal is pretty stupid anyway.

Priest Skills

Elemental Resistance.gif Elemental Resistance

Type: passive

  • Level 1 12% increase in tolerance against element-based spell attacks.
  • Level 10 30% increase in tolerance against element-based spell attacks.
  • Level 20 50% increase in tolerance against element-based spell attacks.

Comment: This is an excellent skill, must-max. It's a brother skill to Invincible, but it's a passive skill, which probably means one less second for you to re-cast all your supportive skills (or buffs) after being dispelled. This skill halves all element-based magic damage. For example Zakum hits you for 2,000 damage with fire. With this skill maxed, you recieve only 1000 damage.

Dispel.gif Dispel

Type: supportive

  • Level 1 MP -15; Spell range 110%, success rate 34%
  • Level 10 MP -15; Spell range 200%, success rate 70%
  • Level 20 MP -20; Spell range 300%, success rate 100%

Comment: This should be maxed if your planning to be a party Priest. It is versatile as it can dispel powerups of enemies and yet dispel status curses on party members.

Mystic Door.gif Mystic Door

Type: active

  • Level 1 MP -80; Portal lasts 30 seconds
  • Level 10 MP -53; Portal lasts 120 seconds
  • Level 20 MP -33; Portal lasts 180 seconds

Comment: This skill is like a two-way "Return to Nearest Town Scroll," with four variations. First, like I said, you can go BACK through the same door to the original spot if you're quick enough. Second, you can use this skill next to anywhere, including places like Eos Tower and Orbis Tower. Third, it consumes a magic rock, which costs about ten times a NT scroll, and last but not least, all your party members can go through it, not just you. A skill to max for party priests, but for solo priests, you may wish to put some points into doom instead.
Another person: Where can i find a magic rock?
Answering person: Ligators which can be found in Swamp of Despair 1 have a pretty common drop of magic rocks.
Another person: You can make them from a NPC in Sleepywood.
Yet another one: You can buy them for 5k each from Alcaster in El Nath after finishing one quest.

  • Note from Jaewonnie: If you are bored, you can always party noobs and tell them you will train them and go off to tauros while a friend can accompany the noobs until the door is ready for some noob killing =]. Lol, for those noobs reading this message, don't go in those mystic doors.

Holy Symbol.gif Holy Symbol

Type: supportive

  • Level 1 MP -51; For 32 seconds, all members of the party gain 102% EXP
  • Level 16 MP -66; For 77 seconds, all members of the party gain 132% EXP
  • Level 30 MP -80; For 120 seconds, all members of the party gain 150% EXP

Comment: Another absolute must-max skill. It's also stackable with EXP cards (for those versions of the game that have them), which means you can get up to 300% the EXP one normally would. Unfortunately, it takes a party of 3 or more people to get this skill to work fully (a one-man band doesn't get a full 150% EXP). Soloing gives 1/4 of the skill %. 2-man party gives 1/2 and 3+ party gives full %.

Shining Ray.gif Shining Ray

Type: active

  • Level 1 MP -21; Basic attack 60, mastery 15%
  • Level 16 MP -36; Basic attack 90, mastery 40%
  • Level 30 MP -50; Basic attack 105, mastery 60%

Comment: This is the skill that should be maxed instead of Holy Arrow. Level 1 Shining Ray is better than a max holy arrow. Why? It's a mob attack, which means it can hit up to six targets.

Note drom player. This skill should be maxed cause when it's maxed it can hit to up like 15 monsters.

Note from FireEragon, the above is BS. When maxed it can hit up to 6 monsters, not 15.

Doom.gif Doom

Type: active

  • Level 1 MP -88; Foe morphs for 5 seconds, with 52% success rate
  • Level 16 MP -58; Foe morphs for 13 seconds, with 76% success rate
  • Level 30 MP -30; Foe morphs for 20 seconds, with 90% success rate

Comment: Should not be maxed; 20 seconds is too long. Not practical for actual training because it uses a magic rock for every cast and it monopolizes SP that would be worth more in other skills. As for bosses, it doesn't work, which means that this isn't a very good skill. Points are better off in mystic door, as this skill always has a success rate less than 100%, but mystic door never "fails." Also this skill is recommended to be used in places like Pianus or Papulatus to make the monsters they spawn into snails.

Summon Dragon.gif Summon Dragon

Type: supportive

  • Level 1 MP -32; Summon a dragon with basic attack 64 for 10 seconds
  • Level 16 MP -62; Summon a dragon with basic attack 122 for 84 seconds
  • Level 30 MP -80; Summon a dragon with basic attack 150 for 140 seconds

Comment: This is very useful when your in a party, healing all the time yet you are still able to attack... well your dragon is. This skill must be maxed if you wish to use the 4th job dragon. It also does considerable damage with the 150 base attack, which makes it useful for killing bosses. Note From Player: Summon Dragon should be maxed sooner or later for party clerics, as it is invaluable in boss fights.

Priest Build

70 - 1 Shining Ray
71 - 3 Holy Symbol
72 - 3 Holy Symbol
73 - 3 Holy Symbol
74 - 3 Holy Symbol
75 - 3 Holy Symbol
76 - 3 Holy Symbol
77 - 3 Holy Symbol
78 - 3 Holy Symbol
79 - 3 Holy Symbol
80 - 3 Holy Symbol
81 - 82 - 3 Shining Ray
83 - 3 Shining Ray
84 - 3 Shining Ray
85 - 3 Shining Ray
86 - 3 Shining Ray
87 - 3 Shining Ray
88 - 3 Shining Ray
89 - 3 Shining Ray
90 - 3 Shining Ray
91 - 3 Shining Ray
92 - 1 Shining Ray (Maxed!) 2 Elemental Resistance
93 - 3 Elemental Resistance
94 - 3 Elemental Resistance
95 - 3 Elemental Resistance
96 - 3 Elemental Resistance
97 - 3 Elemental Resistance
98 - 2 Elemental Resistance (Maxed!), 1 Dispel
99 - 3 Dispel
100 - 3 Dispel
101 - 3 Dispel
102 - 3 Dispel
103 - 3 Dispel
104 - 1 Dispel (Maxed!), 2 Summon Dragon
105 - 3 Summon Dragon
106 - 3 Summon Dragon
107 - 3 Summon Dragon
108 - 3 Summon Dragon
109 - 3 Summon Dragon
110 - 3 Summon Dragon
111 - 3 Summon Dragon
112 - 3 Summon Dragon
113 - 3 Summon Dragon
114 - 1 Summon Dragon (maxed), 2 Mystic door
115 - 3 Mystic Door
116 - 3 Mystic Door
117 - 3 Mystic Door
118 - 3 Mystic Door
119 - 3 Mystic Door
120 - 2 Mystic Door (Maxed!), 1 Doom


  • Lvl 30 Shining Ray (Maxed)
  • Lvl 30 Holy Symbol (Maxed)
  • Lvl 20 Elemental Resistance (Maxed)
  • Lvl 30 Summon Dragon (Maxed)
  • Lvl 1 Doom
  • Lvl 20 Mystic Door (Maxed)
  • Lvl 20 Dispel (Maxed)

Note From player: Lvl 1 Shining ray isn't very strong. in most builds, Holy Arrow is stronger than a Lvl 1 SR. Therefore, If you want, u can put ur 1st point on Elemental Resistance instead. Also, Lvl 1 Mystic Door only lasts for 20 seconds. that's not always long enough, and it might disappear before you're done. If you want, in the beggining, you can put ur 1st point in Elemental Resistance, then 3 on Dispel, and max out HS.

Where to train

Level 1 - 8
Stay in Maple Island since there is nowhere good to train in Victoria Island. Try to stay away from Red Snails and Orange Mushrooms because they'll take to long to kill which will lead to slow leveling.

Level 8 - 10
Go to Henesys and go 1 map to the left. The map is called Henesys Hunting Ground I. Here stay at the bottom, where there are Snails and Shrooms are plenty to kill.

Level 10 - 18
Go to Ellinia. There are two places where I suggest you train. The first place is go to the top left corner of Ellinia, go through the portal. Then go to the portral which is at the left[north of Ellinia]. Train here on Slimes. The second place is a little complicated to explain. Go to the bottom of Ellinia, then go three maps to the left from here, go all the way down to the bottom portal, now go a little to the right above you, you should see a hole on the tree go in there and the Slimes are every where here.

Level 18 - 25
Go to Pig Beach and try to avoid Iron Hogs since you might die. Most people just go to Kerning Party Quest right at level 21. Note From Player: Magicians are usually useful in Kerning Party Quests even at lower levels, but get killed easily at King Slime as one hit deals around 250-300 damage. If you're going to level up solely on Kerning PQs, it's recommended that you buy plenty of orange and blue pots, and you have at least some skill in Magic Guard. Trust me, it helps alot.

Level 20 - 25
Note From Player : "FlmHazeShana"

I found that training at Shanghai with the Ducks and Chickens (more apologies Global people) there gave a really good amount of EXP, at only 1 or 2 hit-KOs on these levels.(Depends on how you built your mage,mine took 2 hit-KOs.)Another alternative is that you fight Horned Mushrooms in Ant Tunnel. They also give a decent amount of EXP, and they're quite weak to attacks during this level. But take caution, if your defense is too low, you'll receive more amount of damage from Horned mushrooms rather than Chickens and Ducks.
Note from MoonlightNL (EMS): Jr. Sentinels can be killed in 2~3 hits around that lvl, give 40 exp and a great amount of money. I suggest training there when you're low on money.

For those in MapleGlobal, Green and Horned Mushrooms are both options. While Horned Mushrooms have less Magic DEF, they have more HP and tend to dwell near those nasty Undeads. Green Mushrooms tend to hang out with the Stumps, and while they have lower HP, their Magic DEF proves a difficulty for Magicians. Jr. Sentinels are also good, if you want to take the time and travel to Orbis.

note from player: "NejiFan830" of Broa

The Ariant colluseum challenge is really good exp, especially if you find someone to trade wins with.

Level 25 - 30
Kerning City Party Quest
Note From Player : "Linrez"

I found that the Kerning PQ took to long to get into and the experience for that amount of time was to little, so I trained from level 25-40 in Ant Tunnel 1 (leveled up once a day).

level 25-30 Note from player: "seacookie" world of Bera

At level 25 with maxed magic claw go to the GPQ (guild party quest) place kill the wood and rocky masks they give good experience and the quests from winstion give very good experience or Sleepywood with horned and/or undead mushies give good experience also but I recommend the masks.

note from player: "NejiFan830" of Broa

The Ariant colluseum challenge is still pretty decent exp, if you find someone who knows what they're doing to trade wins with you then you'll be second job before you know it.

Level 30 - 35
Go to Sleepywood and go one map to the right. Horned Mushrooms should be 1-hit KOs, and Zombie Mushrooms receive damage from Heal, though your heal damage would not be effective. [(Note from a player): if you need potions, you can do quests like DANGER <2-H MUSHROOM> and DANGER <3-Z MUSHROOM>. You should earn a decent amount of potions and EXP from the quests.] MapleSEA players: crows are amazing training if you can 1-hit them. The feathers can be traded in for some nice items, but not dream items.

Note from player: Starting around level 33 you can go to cave of evil eye 1. you should be able to 2 shot them and they give 50 exp per kill.

Note from another player: you would be better off in swamp of despair 1, 2, or 3, where you should be able to 2-hit ligators. They give 60 exp rather than 50 so you;ll level 20% faster.

Note from yet another player (1): jr. sentinels are good for mesos and given their low damage u can just heal and do not need to use magic guard think about it losing around 20mp everytime u get hit(jr sentinels hit around 25-28 dmg with lvl 30 mage equip)or to lose 12 mp(heal)everytime u lose 100+hp(lvl 2 or more heal)this way you can save a lot of mesos that are needed to sustain magic guard in the long run

Note from yet another player (2): Jr. Wraiths would be great also, their not only great for level 35+. These give out great EXP and drops. I recommend level 34 with at-least a level 5+ heal so you can strike and heal yourself. With maxed Magic Claw you should be able to take 3-4 hits depending on how you filled it. Stock-up on Mana Potions tho.

(ibtvo) - I've been training on Teddies in the Ludi Clock Tower, They drop a lot of mesos & 60XP and i can 2-hit them. Well, 3HK at lvl 30, 2HK every time at lvl 33.

Note from yet another player (3) STIRGE in the kerning city subway. Feathers are common drops and they're worth 1-2k ea. Also stirge drops blue and orange mesos commonly. The spawn is great and at channel one it is almost deserted. 1 HIT KO with 33 exp with a spawn greater then horny mushrooms at ant tunnel. Better then ligators and teddies and the spawn is better then the horny mushrooms at the tunnel.

Level 35 - 38
Go train on Jr. Wraiths with heal in the Kerning City Subway. Heal should be doing decent damage at this point. Note from a player: Jr. Wraiths may prove to be a little tough at these levels, I still recommend preying on Zombie Mush in the Dungeon and alternating between the two locations. MapleSEA players: Crows are still good.

Note from a player: "HolyPurpsJL" of Bellocan

From lvl 35 to about 60 you can train on Nightmares in the haunted mansion. They have 2000 mp so even if u have a lvl 1 Mp Eater u still get 400 mp per use. You also get 120 exp off of them and they can drop esther shields. Nightmares are a great way to save money cause if you have Heal at a decent lvl and at least 1 point in Mp Eater, you'll never need pots, so you only make money.

Level 38 - 50
Ludi PQ can take a while to get in and Chronos and Platoons aren't really that good for training (unless your hunting for your Mystic (Chronos) or Esther (Platoon) Shields) a good alternative for the early 40s is Zombie Lupins you'll level fast plus get the Dolls for Rowen.

Note from LKM :for level 56+ in Ludi PQ i found the rate is kind of slow so i train in Wraith and for some reason i am training at coolie zombie + i can kill it easy at level 50 don't say me crazy but i add my luck till it is high enould to kill coolie then i add my int as heal have a balance damage and don say me crazy again

Note: For lvl 30+ If you want money, you can go to purple plains 1 located in Amoria. It is quite simple to find. The cellions at the top give great exp and give you money Approx 400 mesos each). Beware though, have mp pots and magic guard at the ready. They prevent almost all the damage and will wipe your mp out very quickly but with mp pots, i find that hunting there proves effective. You simply need a few mp pots or a chair to keep yourself ok. In addition, mp recover kicks in to help. However, I do not advise you do this unless you are funded and have mp pots.

Ludibrium Party Quest Just stay here for all those levels. If you ever get bored you can always go back to Jr. Wraiths until level 40. At level 40 you should have maxed Heal or almost maxed Heal. Train on Chronos. Remember you're a cleric! People want you in there parties. Note from a player: PQ's are sometimes tough to get into and can be ugly, if you know you can't get into one or find an unoccupied Chronos spot, stay in Victoria and train there.

Note from player: "buddyboyjes" world of Bera

Note: Carnival party quest is great exp to level easy to get into parties in lower 40s and up (43-50). Try to get coins to buy future weapons though because there isnt much profit besides what u buy with coins at CPQ!

Level 50 - 55
Do the LMPQ if you are poor and need mesos. If you want to level fast the CPQ2 is the way to go. All the way to 71 do it. With the bonus EXP event going on it is ridiculously fast if you do 2 minutes rushes.

Level 55 - 70

CONTINUE WITH CPQ2 for fast level up or do LMPQ if you need mesos.

Level 70 - 80
Stay at Coolie Zombies since it's really good experience at those levels and fast experience too.
Or you can find a Dragon Knight and train at Master Death Teddy/Death Teddy/Grims (Level 1 Elemental Resistance required)

Note from player: If you are a solo priest, you could train at the Master Soul Teddy alone

Note from the same player as above:(SOLO PRIEST) i felt that you could try out the blins in Korean Folk Town the give off 330exp the exp is quite fast and good spawn

Voodoos and Hoodoos are a decent place to train

Note from player: I have a 71 Priest, and i went from 70 to 71 by going to HIMES. Himes are really good EXP, but you have to have a 85+ DK (for HB), and lots of pots (I used 500 mana bulls from NLC!). Otherwise, it's a great place to hang out. Beware of mobs when you are laggy. Trust me, you'll die. I just happened to have some saftey charms from the CS though xD.

Level 80 and beyond
Train at Grims with a Dragon Knight or solo Grims or Master Death Teddies. If you're a party priest and at least level 84+ , gobys are very good exp at Aqua Road. At Level 90+ you can get a Squid party in the Aqua Road dungeon.

Also try going to parking lot as this map will always be looking for a max hs priest!

Note from player: If you're a party priest with maxed HS (hopefully it is) at level 84, gobys are very good exp down at the deep sea gorge II in Aqua Road.

Note from icewizback: once u get to level 100+ you can try killing bosses like crimson balrog and pianus but not papulatus or any stronger you can try the gpq but make sure you are like 115 for a higher guarentee and make srue your guild is about the same level as you are and make sure your teleport is maxed than that once you get to level 130+ go for zakum and papulatus


I think this guide is done. If you think it isn't then tell me and I'll add the things you want me to add. Please don't make any major changes to this guide, although you are allowed to change spelling and grammar, because my spelling and grammar is really bad. Please also if you're gonna make a note, please put: "Note from player:..." and write what you're gonna put.

I'd also like to thank.

Mowanwan- For telling me I need a AP guide.
DDarkDemon - For telling where level 70's and 80's should train.

Thank you.--iSupplyHS 12:10, 11 October 2009 (EST)