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Welcome to my comprehensive guide for the Dark Knight. This guide has everything a Dark Knight needs to know varying from skill builds to AP distribution to training spots to equipment to medals! We have everything you need to know! Hyper Skills are included! This guide is being constructed for RED

MapleStory ExplorerAdventurer Warrior.png
Old MapleStory Warrior


Warriors are tough melee attackers. They deliver attacks with brutal efficiency and raw strength. Warriors have the highest base HP and the lowest base MP of any class. They belong at the front of a party so they can bring their powerful weapons into battle. A Warrior can wield the widest variety of weapons in the game, from swords and axes to spears and blunt weapons. The Warrior class branches off into three directions depending on what weapon they choose to specialize in. Fighters are most proficient with swords or axes, Pages use mainly swords or blunt weapons (like maces), and Spearmen are most comfortable with spears or polearms.

Becoming a warrior

Requirement: Level 10
Go to the Shrine of Warriors in Perion. Talk to "Dances with Balrog" and he'll advance you to the job of Warrior, as well as give you a basic warrior weapon and armour.

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
White Knight
Dark Knight


Pros & Cons

There are many pros and cons of being a Dark Knight.


--Has both Melee and Range skills.
--Little need for HP pots
--Skills that preserve HP
--Hyper Body Skill is extremely useful
--Magic Crash helps against bossing
--Lots of critical damage


-Cool down on skills
-No Shield
-No Skill to protect from magical attacks

AP Distribution

Dark Knight's main stat is STR. With the arrival of the Tempest Update, the stat system was overhauled to remove secondary stats. Just pump 'em points into STR

First Job Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
War Leap1.pngWar Leap2.pngWar Leap3.png War Leap Use while in the middle of a jump to jump even further. The jumping distance increases as the skill level increases. Supportive 10 -
Iron Body.gif Iron Body Temporarily boosts Weapon Defense. Permanently increases Max HP by a percentage. Decreases damage taken when hit by enemies within range. Supportive 20 -
Warrior Mastery.png Warrior Mastery Trains up your warrior basics to increase Movement Speed, Jump, Max HP, and Max Movement Speed. Also grants a chance to resist knockback. Passive 15 -
NewSlashBlast.png Slash Blast Consumes MP to attack nearby enemies all at once. Active 20 -

First Job Skill Build

10: +4 Warleap (4), +1 Slash Blast (1)

11: +3 Warleap (7)

12: +3 Warleap (Max)

13: +3 Slash Blast (4)

14: +3 Slash Blast (7)

15: +3 Slash Blast (10)

16: +3 Slash Blast (13)

17: +3 Slash Blast (16)

18: +3 Slash Blast (19)

19: +1 Slash Blast (Max), +2 Warrior Mastery (2)

20: +3 Warrior Mastery (5)

21: +3 Warrior Mastery (8)

22: +3 Warrior Mastery (11)

23: +3 Warrior Mastery (14)

24: +1 Warrior mastery (Max), +2 Iron Body (2)

25: +3 Iron Body (5)

26: +3 Iron Body (8)

27: +3 Iron Body (11)

28: +3 Iron Body (14)

29: +3 Iron Body (17)

30: +3 Iron Body (Max)


Max War Leap first to increase mobility. After this is maxed, max Slash Blast for a useful attacking skill. This is followed by Warrior mastery for stance rate and speed increase. Iron Body is maxed last as it is not very necessary.

Second Job Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Spear Mastery Icon.gif Weapon Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of spears and polearms. Passive 10 x -
Final Attack.gif Final Attack Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack. Must have a Spear or Polearm equipped. Passive 20 x Level 3 Weapon Mastery
Spear Booster Icon.gif Weapon Booster Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a spear or a polearm equipped. Active 10 x Level 5 Weapon Mastery
Iron Will New.png Iron Will Increases the Weapon Defense and Magic Defense of party members for a fixed period of time. Supportive 20 x -
Hyper Body2.png Hyper Body Increases the Max HP and Max MP of party members for a short time. Supportive 20 x Iron Will Lv. 3
Piercing Drive.png Piercing Drive Deals a powerful strike to enemies. If the enemies are close, also increases your Critical Rate#. If they're far away, also increases your total damage. Active 20 x -
Evil Eye Skill.png Evil Eye Summons an Evil Eye that heals you regularly when it is near. Active 1 x -
Physical Training.png Physical Training Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training. Passive 5 x -
Spear Sweep.png Spear Sweep Swings your weapon far to pull in enemies and stun them for a moment. Active 10 x -

Second Job Skill Build

































Third Job Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Evil Eye Shock.png Evil Eye Shock Makes your Evil Eye scream, stunning and damaging nearby enemies. Casts automatically when first encountering enemies. Active 20 x -
Cross Surge.png Cross Surge Increases total damage proportional to current HP for a short time. Also reduces damage taken proportional to reduced HP. Supportive 20 x -
Endure.png Endure Enhances Abnormal Status Resistance and all Elemental Resistances. Passive 20 x -
Evil Eye of Domination.png Evil Eye of Domination Lets you command your Evil Eye to attack. If you press again when the Evil Eye is in Free Attack mode, it return to you. When in Free Attack mode, Hex of the Evil Eye and healing skills will not be cast. Supportive 10 x -
Rush3.png Rush Dash forward and push back multiple monsters. Active 10 x
Lord of Darkness.png Lord of Darkness Increases Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Has a chance to convert a portion of damage to HP, up to half of Max HP. Passive 10 x -
La Mancha Spear.png La Mancha Spear Wields your spear like a windmill to deal damage and pierce nearby enemies. Active 20 x -
Hex of the Evil Eye.png Hex of the Evil Eye Evil Eye uses a buff regularly when not in Free Attack mode. Supportive 20 x -

Fourth Job Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior Increases all players' stats within a team by a certain percentage. Supportive 30 x -
Power Stance.png Power Stance Concentrates to hold your ground when struck, resisting knock-back effects permanently. Passive 30 x -
Dark Impale.png Dark Impale Quickly attacks multiple enemies 5 times in a row with a chance to instant KO the targets. Active 30 x -
Final Pact.png Final Pact When HP reaches 0, your dark contract keeps you alive for a short time and allows you to use Gungnir's Descent without any cooldown while invincible. However, you must eliminate the required number of monsters before time runs out, or you will be dragged into the Shadow Abyss. The hourglass will be displayed during the reactivation cooldown.
[Passive Effect: When HP is higher than the limit, Damage, Movement Speed, Critical Rate, and minimum Critical Damage will be increased]
Passive 30 x -
Barricade Mastery Drk.png Barricade Mastery Improves Spear and Polearm proficiencies to human limits. Increases minimum Critical Damage and Weapon Attack Power. Passive 30 x Level 10 Weapon Mastery
Gungnir's Descent.png Gungnir's Descent Drops an enormous, mythical spear from the heavens to deal damage. You can deal higher damage with greater Max HP. Active 30 x -
Revenge of the Evil Eye.png Revenge of the Evil Eye When hit, the Evil Eye has a chance to launch a counterattack toward the attacker. The attack has a chance to be an instant KO, and returns some of the damage to the Dark Knight as HP. However, it does not return more than 5% of Max HP at once. Does not return HP on instant KOs. Does not activate during Free Attack mode. Passive 30 x -
Magic Crash.png Magic Crash Has a chance to cancel all buffs on nearby enemies and restrict them from acquiring new buffs for a short time. Supportive 10 x -
Sacrifice.png Sacrifice Absorbs your Evil Eye to restore HP. Allows you to ignore enemy defense and increases boss attack damage. Gungnir's Descent cooldown will not be applied. Additionally, increases Ignore Defense Effect permanently. Supportive 30 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Supportive 5 x -

Training Locations

This part is meant to help you level up with ease!

Level 1-10

Maple Island - Highly Recommended

Level 10-20

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Blue Ribbon Pigs - Highly Recommended

Level 18 Andras Hat Quest - Highly Recommended

Level 20-30

Mixed Golems/Flaming Mixed Golems -Recommeneded

Rotting Skeletons -Recommeneded

Baby Boulder Munchers and Big Boulder Munchers -Recommended

Job Quests -Highly Recommended

Level 30-40

Ellinel Fairy Academy Theme Dungeon -Highly Recommended

Scarecrows -Highly Recommended

Mushroom Kingdom -Recommended

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies -Recommended

Level 40-50

Gold Beach Resort Theme Dungeon -Highly Recommended

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies -Highly Recommended

Scarecrows -Recommended

Azwan PQ - Not Recommended

Orbis Quests -Recommended

Sleepywood Quests -Recommended

Level 50-60

Riena Strait Theme Dungeon -Highly Recommended

Scarecrows -Recommeneded

Sand Rats and Scorpions -Recommeneded

Azwan PQ -Not Recommeneded

Ludi PQ - Highly Recommeneded

Ludibrium Quests - Mildly Recommended

Korean Folk Town Quests - Mildly Recommended

Level 60-70

Iron Mutaes -Recommeneded

Selkies and Slimies -Recommended

Tippo Red and Tippo Blue -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Not Recommended

Ludi PQ - Highly Recommended

Twisted Jesters -Highly Recommended

Omega Sector Quests - Recommended

Level 70-80

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Silent Crusade Questline -Mildly Recommended

Azwan PQ -Mildly Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Selkies and Slimies -Highly Recommended

Twisted Jesters -Recommended

Roids and Neo Huroids -Recommended

Mu Lung: Practice Field: Advanced Level - Recommended

Sakura Castle Quests - Recommended

Level 80-90

Selkies and Slimies -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Mildly Recommended

Romeo and Juliet PQ Grind -Highly Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Captains and Krus -Recommended

Mr. Anchor - Recommended

Magatia Quests & Ariant Quests- Recommended

Level 90-100

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Highly Recommended

Azwan PQ - Mildly Recommended

Romeo and Juliet PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Captains and Krus -Mildly Recommended

Mr Anchor - Mildly Recommended

Angelic Buster Job Quests - Mildly Recommended

Level 100-110

Evolving World -Highly Recommended

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Highly Recommended

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Master Death Teddies -Recommended

Level 110-120

Evolving World -Highly Recommended

Azwan PQ -Not Recommended

Crockies -Highly Recommended

Gigantic Spirit Vikings -Recommended

Dual Ghost Pirates - Recommended

Death Teddys - Mildly Recommended

Level 120-165

125+: Neo City- Good quests for a good medal and a free mastery book -Recommended

LHC (Bearwolves preferably) -Not Recommended

Temple of Time 120+ Not the best, but an alternative to other crowded training spots -Not Recommended

Azwan 135+ -Not Recommended

Papulatus for free potions. Requires prequests-Recommended

Level 165-200

2nd Drill Hall 165-180/200 Good exp for high levels (Small Map) -Highly Recommended

Hall Of Honor 179-200 come here once you are 179 to get full exp. -Highly Recommended

Evolving World 120+ - Highly Recommended

Temple of Time Not the best, but an alternative to crowded spots -Not Recommended

Azwan 135+ -Not Recommended

Papulatus for free potions. Requires prequests-Mildly Recommended

Update Log

16/12/2013: Added Basic Info & Skill Info

18/12/2013: First Skill Build finalized


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