Dark Fission

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Dark fission.png

"The pollutants accumulated in the Metropolis were gathered together and brought to life by a hidden force of evil. Dark Fission bears surface resemblance to the local monkeys, but its body is shaped like a cube and it has enviable fine golden hair styled like a famous star."


  • Level: 52
  • HP: 3700
  • MP: 150
  • Experience: 172
  • Speed: -10
  • Knock-Back: 550


  • Weapon Attack: 155
  • Magic Attack: 170
  • Accuracy: ?


  • Weapon Defense: 120
  • Magic Defense: 255
  • Avoidability: 20

Common Location


Warrioricon.gif Warrior Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Pirateicon.gif Pirate Allicon.gif Common
Wooden Legend Shield
The Rising
Mithril Nordic Helm
Umber Shouldermail (M)
Aqua Golden Circlet
Dark Calaf (F)
Brown Pilfer
Red Moon (F)
Brown China (M)
Brown China Pants (M)
Dark Slain
Green Lumati (F)
Gold Brace
Dark Willow
Silver Crow
Brown Cotton Ragger
Brown Dubelt Boots
Brown Royce
Aluminium Baseball Bat


Use Etc. Ores Mesos
Mana Elixir
10% Scroll for Helmet for HP
60% Scroll for Staff for Magic Attack
10% Scroll for Earring for INT
Yellow Wig
The Summoning Rock
Piece of Ice
Power Crystal Ore