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One day and my guide has already been plagarised this is just sad. I see that you are interested the amazingly powerful Path of the Battle Mage? Wise Choice.
Luckily because of The Big Bang's exp curve this path will not be too diffucult (I think... =S)
Battle mage.png


Welcome to my guide on The Battle Mage This guide will be very complete including Skill Builds, AP Distribution, Training Locations for all levels, guides to the job advancements, Pros & Cons and more.

This extremely Awesome Battle Mage guide was of course created by the Handsome DarkPathSage. Be aware that I have not played as a Battle Mage before in KMS and this guide is based completely on the close study of the skills and other guide/webpages. The skill build is only a recommended skill build and you are not oblidged to follow it. Right now some parts are still left blank but will be added as I play the game. Also if you happen to play in Zenith be sure to meet up with my Battle Mage after Dec 20, name will be DarkPathSage (reserved it)

An Introduction To Battle Mages

The Battle Mage (referred to as BM's)is a new class to be released soon with the Second Big Bang Patch on Dec 20. Battle Mages are slightly different then the Magicians/Blaze Wizards/Evans your used to.

Some of the differences listed here: High Hp (almost Warrior-Like) No Magic Guard (because of High HP) Staffs only (That means no wands!) Close Range (Thats the reason for High HP) Auras (More on those later) Party-Orientated because of amazing buffs.

Why Choose to be a Battle Mage?


  • Very high amount of both HP and MP
  • Very Powerful attacks.
  • Good Accuracy.
  • Adv Teleport (attacks monster when you teleport past them)
  • Staff Mastery + Staff Booster + Battle Mastery (Damage 30%)
  • Dark Genesis - Stronger than Normal Genesis
  • Tornado - Invincible Mode for 20 sec max doin 1000% damage
  • Auras
  • Less pots needed because of high HP and MP
  • Useful in parties (lots of friends)
  • Good Mobbing
  • Unlikely to get KSed
  • Highly wanted in parties due to auras


  • No Magic Guard
  • Not Long Range
  • Staffs only
  • Difficult to use
  • Not so powerful soloists


Auras are a Battle Mage's main buff skills. They affect the whole party and stay there until you log off, cancel it or replace it with a different aura.
You can only have one aura cast at a time unless there are 2 Battle Mages in your party and you both cast different auras. 2 Battle Mages can not summon the same aura.

Character Creation

Press "Create New" and choose Resistance. Name it (Don't give it some noob name with "xxX"s and numbers, try to find something original. Don't think Gandalf has been taken.) Choose appearance and GO! Don't worry there is no more Dice Roll. Resistance creation korean.png


(Note: A Citizen is a resistance Beginner)

Being a Citizen

Will be updated after release
Starts off with you playing hide and seek. Find all the 5 kids and you get to level 3.
You enter a mine and find some Human Android Tests, break one open and a girl comes out warning you that the black wings are coming.
She runs off with all the other kids while you hide from them. They find you but then you rescued by a member of The Resistance (Hurray!) You are now a Citizen. Do quests from some old guy (name unknown) to get to lv 10 quickly.

The Citizen Skill Book

(Note: Removed some Wild Hunter Only Citizen Skills. Check Citizen for all skills.)

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Crystal Throw.png Crystal Throw Throws a crystal with power to inflict damage. Active 3 -
Infiltrate.png Sneak For a short period of time move fast while hiding yourself. Active 3 -
Alchemist.gif Efficiency Increased effect on potions. Passive 3 -
Critical Shot.gif Critical Increased chance of critical hit.(Available after becoming Resistance) Passive 1 -


Will be updated after release

  • Crystal Throw. The same damage as snail throw.
 Max Level: 3 MP -7, Damage 40 

  • Sneak, Infiltrate or Hide. Name is not yet confirmed. Similar to Nimble Feet but each level has 5 less speed than the Nimble Feet equivelent but adds a Dark Sight effect to it.
 Max Level: 3 MP -15, 30 seconds in dark sight with +15 speed

  • Efficiency. I though this was an awesome replacement for recovery. Improves the efficiency of HP/MP pots. Example: Blue Potion with level 3 Efficiency would heal 130 MP instead of 100 MP. Not sure how this would work with potions that work with a percentage of your health or if it works on food, pills.
 Max Level: 3 Potion Effect: 130% 

  • Critical. This is truly an amazing skill, 50% Crit Rate, but I think you get it in a quest after you become a resistance.
 Max Level: 1 50% success rate, 200% attack.  

Citizen AP

Maplestory automatically does your beginner AP until you're Lv 11 or you job advance and then it resets it to default.

Citizen SP Build

Luckily the Citizen can max ALL of their skills because they get SP till Lv 10. Here I chose crystal throw because it makes it easier at the lower levels and your normal attack will be stronger at around lv 6-7 thus rendering it useless if you get at those levels. I then put Efficiency second because monsters may start doing a bit more damage and you may have to use potions and you would make better use of them with Efficiency.

Awesome Build:

  • Level 2: +1 Crystal Throw [1]
  • Level 3: +1 Crystal Throw [2]
  • Level 4: +1 Crystal Throw [MAX]
  • Level 5: +1 Efficiency [1]
  • Level 6: +1 Efficiency [2]
  • Level 7: +1 Efficiency [MAX]
  • Level 8: +1 Sneak [1]
  • Level 9: +1 Sneak [2]
  • Level 10: +1 Sneak [MAX]


  • Crystal Throw [MAX]
  • Efficiency [MAX]
  • Sneak [MAX]

Becoming A Battle Mage

Will be updated after release
When your level 10 you have to talk to the school's headmaster. He'll tell you to enter the resistance headquarters by giving you an invitation on your use tab. Talk to the Battle Mage instructor and your done., you'll get 5 SP when you advance.
Congratulations you are now a Battle Mage. W00T!

The First Job

Battle Mage AP Build

Quite simple really LUK should always be 3 more than your level, and the rest should go to INT Auto Assign does it properly so you don't have to worry about it. But remember is you have lets say a Hat that gives +1 LUK auto assign will take that into account so if you want to change to the next hat but it doesn't have a LUK bonus you won't be able to because when you take of your current hat you would have one less LUK and not enough to wear the next hat.

Level: 10
LUK: 13
INT: Everything Else

Battle Mage's First Skill Book

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Triple Blow.png Triple Blow Quickly attacks multiple enemies 3 times in a row. Active 20 x -
Staff Artist.png Staff Artist Years of study with a Staff have made you an exceedingly dangerous opponent. Passive 20 x -
Teleport.gif Teleport Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys. Active 5 x -
Dark Aura.png Dark Aura Produces a mysterious aura that increases the damage done by your party members. Cancel the aura by pressing the skill key again. Can be used simultaneously with other auras. Active 20 x -


Will be updated after release

  • Triple Blow. This attack is different from the usual Magic Claw and definitely more powerful and can attack up to 6 enemies 3 times. As you job advance Triple Blow will advance to Quad Blow then Quintuple Blow and then Finishing Blow
 Max Level: 20 MP -20; Base Damage 105%. 

  • Finishing Attack or The Finisher. Name is not yet confirmed. A very powerful attack for first job, attacks up to 6 enemies with a "saw-toothed blade of light" makes me think of a magical chainsaw. Some sources state it can only be used straight after one of the blow attacks and the stronger the blow attack the stronger The Finisher is.
 Max Level: 10 MP Cost: 30, Damage: 340%, Max Mobs Hit: 6, Enemy Defense Ignored: 20%

  • Teleport. Not as good as a magicians Teleport at max level but with Teleport Mastery at 3rd Job it will be much better.
 Max Level: 15 MP -22; teleport, with 145 in distance. 

  • Dark Aura. The first Aura you get, increases your damage by 11% so it's very useful.
 Max Level: 20 MP -30; damage increased by 11% 

First Job SP Build

You get enough SP to max all of your skills so it doesn't really matter what path you take but this is the one I have created for the fastest leveling experience. At level 10 you get 5 SP so you put one on Teleport so you have mobility thus making it easier to complete quests and level faster, one in The Finisher because it is your secondary attack, and three in triple blow because it's your main attack. I didn't put anything in Dark Aura because it's really not necessary until around lv 20 where you would start doing KPQ and thus making it a great contribution for your party. The reason I mixed Dark Aura and Teleport is because when Dark Aura is at an even number level it's the same as the level before it but uses more MP so I made the build so that Dark Aura is always at it's maximum potential while not wasting your MP and you get a better Teleport meanwhile.

Awesome Build:

  • Level 10: +3 Triple Blow [3], +1 Teleport [1], +1 The Finisher [1]
  • Level 11: +2 Triple Blow [5], +1 The Finisher [2]
  • Level 12: +2 Triple Blow [7], +1 The Finisher [3]
  • Level 13: +2 Triple Blow [9], +1 The Finisher [4]
  • Level 14: +2 Triple Blow [11], +1 The Finisher [5]
  • Level 15: +2 Triple Blow [13], +1 The Finisher [6]
  • Level 16: +2 Triple Blow [15], +1 The Finisher [7]
  • Level 17: +2 Triple Blow [17], +1 The Finisher [8]
  • Level 18: +2 Triple Blow [19], +1 The Finisher [9]
  • Level 19: +1 Triple Blow [MAX], +1 The Finisher [MAX], +1 Dark Aura [1]
  • Level 20: +2 Dark Aura [3], +1 Teleport [2]
  • Level 21: +2 Dark Aura [5], +1 Teleport [3]
  • Level 22: +2 Dark Aura [7], +1 Teleport [4]
  • Level 23: +2 Dark Aura [9], +1 Teleport [5]
  • Level 24: +2 Dark Aura [11], +1 Teleport [6]
  • Level 25: +2 Dark Aura [13], +1 Teleport [7]
  • Level 26: +2 Dark Aura [15], +1 Teleport [8]
  • Level 27: +2 Dark Aura [17], +1 Teleport [9]
  • Level 28: +2 Dark Aura [19], +1 Teleport [10]
  • Level 29: +1 Dark Aura [MAX], +2 Teleport [12]
  • Level 30: +3 Teleport [MAX]


  • Triple Blow [MAX 20]
  • The Finisher [MAX 10]
  • Dark Aura [MAX 20]
  • Teleport [MAX 15]

First Job Training Locations

  • Lv 10-20 Resistance Quests/Training Dude
  • Lv 20-26 Kerning PQ (Access through Dimensional Mirror)
  • Lv 26-30 Subway PQ (Solo gets more exp and again acess through the mirror)

Advancing to Second Job

Talk tot the Battle Mage instructor and hell tell you to go to the airport. When you get there you will have to kill that lab assistant from the intro.

The Second Job

Battle Mage's Second Skill Book

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Staff Mastery.png Staff Mastery Increases Staff Mastery, Magic Attack, and Critical Hit Rate. Passive 10 x -
Quad Blow.png Quad Blow Quickly deals 4 attacks on multiple enemies. Active 20 x Triple Blow Level 20
Hyper Dark Chain.png Hyper Dark Chain A dark chain emerges from a pentacle to pull multiple enemies toward you. Pulled enemies take damage and have a chance to be Knocked Down. Active 20 x -
High Wisdom.png High Wisdom Permanently increase INT through mental discipline. Passive 5 x -
Yellow Aura.png Yellow Aura Creates a bright yellow aura that increases the Movement Speed and Attack Speed of your party members. Cancel the aura by pressing the skill key again. Can be used simultaneously with other auras. Supportive 20 x -
Blood Drain.png Blood Drain Casts a buff that allows you to recover HP equivalent to a portion of the damage you inflict on enemies. Only up to 10% of your Max HP can be recovered with each attack. Supportive 15 x -
Staff Boost.png Staff Boost Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a staff equipped. Supportive 10 x Level 10 Staff Mastery


Will be updated after release

  • Staff Mastery. This skill is definitely necessary, with 50% Mastery, 10 MATK and 40% Critical that's really powerful and highly reccomended.
 Max Level: 20 Staff Mastery: +50%, Magic ATT: +10, Critical Hit Rate: +40%

  • Quad Blow. Like Triple Blow but hits them four times. Again it's your main attack so it's important that you max it.
 Max Level: 20 MP Cost: 30, Damage: 110%, Max Attacks: 4, Max Monsters Hit: 6

  • Dark Chain. A powerful attack which brings the enemies towards kind of like the opposite of Power Knock-Back. Although apparently it's kind of slow
 Max Level: 20 MP Cost: 30, Damage: 310%, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Knock Down Duration: 4 sec

  • Blue Aura. Blue Aura is a very useful skill which equals out some of the damage taken between the party and also absorbs some of it.
 Max Level: 20 30% of the damage received by a party member is distributed, with 20% of that absorbed

  • Yellow Aura. Similar to Haste but less speed and no jump. The benefits to Yellow Aura is increased attack speed and like all other Auras does not run out until you cancel it. This + Teleport = EPIC SPEED!
 Max Level: 20 MP Cost: 18, Movement Speed: +20, Attack Speed: +1 step

  • Blood Drain. The solo alternative to Blue Aura, not reccomended because as I said earlier BM's are party orientated and are not very powerful soloists
 Max Level: 20 30% of the damage received by a party member is distributed, with 20% of that absorbed

  • Staff Boost. Very useful because as most of you know staves have a very slow attacking speed and since Battle Mages aren't able to use wands this skill makes up for it.
 Max Level: 20 30% of the damage received by a party member is distributed, with 20% of that absorbed

Second Job SP Build

Standard Build Highly Recommended
Please disregard the build that was here earlier, after careful consideration I have changed the build to an Ideal experience. There is 1 point on Quad Blow at Lv 30 because that's really all that's necessary. The other thing I did is take away 10 Staff Booster points and put it in Blood Drain, don't worry all it did to staff booster is decrease the duration but it increased Blood Drain so that it's at 4%.

  • Level 30: +1 Quad Blow [1], +1 Staff Mastery[1], +1 Dark Chain [1]
  • Level 31: +3 Staff Mastery [4]
  • Level 32: +3 Staff Mastery [7]
  • Level 33: +3 Staff Mastery [10]
  • Level 34: +3 Staff Mastery [13]
  • Level 35: +3 Staff Mastery [16]
  • Level 36: +3 Staff Mastery [19]
  • Level 37: +1 Staff Mastery [MAX], +2 Quad Blow [3]
  • Level 38: +3 Quad Blow [6]
  • Level 39: +3 Quad Blow [9]
  • Level 40: +3 Quad Blow [12]
  • Level 41: +3 Quad Blow [15]
  • Level 42: +3 Quad Blow [18]
  • Level 43: +1 Quad Blow [MAX], +1 Staff Booster [1]
  • Level 44: +3 Staff Booster [4]
  • Level 45: +3 Staff Booster [7]
  • Level 46: +3 Staff Booster [10]
  • Level 47: +3 Blood Drain [3]
  • Level 48: +3 Blood Drain [6]
  • Level 49: +3 Blood Drain [9]
  • Level 50: +1 Blood Drain [10], +2 Blue Aura [2]
  • Level 51: +3 Blue Aura [5]
  • Level 52: +3 Blue Aura [8]
  • Level 53: +3 Blue Aura [11]
  • Level 54: +3 Blue Aura [14]
  • Level 55: +3 Blue Aura [17]
  • Level 56: +3 Blue Aura [MAX]
  • Level 57: +2 Dark Chain [3], +1 Yellow Aura [1]
  • Level 58: +2 Dark Chain [5], +1 Yellow Aura [2]
  • Level 59: +2 Dark Chain [7], +1 Yellow Aura [3]
  • Level 60: +2 Dark Chain [9], +1 Yellow Aura [4]
  • Level 61: +2 Dark Chain [11], +1 Yellow Aura [5]
  • Level 62: +2 Dark Chain [13], +1 Yellow Aura [6]
  • Level 63: +2 Dark Chain [15], +1 Yellow Aura [7]
  • Level 64: +2 Dark Chain [17], +1 Yellow Aura [8]
  • Level 65: +2 Dark Chain [19], +1 Yellow Aura [9]
  • Level 66: +1 Dark Chain [MAX], +2 Yellow Aura [11]
  • Level 67: +3 Yellow Aura [14]
  • Level 68: +3 Yellow Aura [17]
  • Level 69: +3 Yellow Aura [MAX]
  • Level 70: +3 Blood Drain [13]


  • Staff Mastery [MAX 20]
  • Quad Blow [MAX 20]
  • Dark Chain [MAX 20]
  • Blue Aura [MAX 20]
  • Yellow Aura [MAX 20]
  • Blood Drain [13]
  • Staff Booster [10]

Second Job Training Locations

  • Lv 30-40 Mushkingdom Quest Line
  • Lv 40-50 Monster Carnival (Rombot Grind works wonders)
  • Lv 50-70 Scarecrows (Found in the haunted mansion)

Advancing to Third Job

Talk to your Battle Mage Instructor and he'll tell you to go into the Black Wing's Mine and destroy a power-generator thingy. Surprisingly its just a mob. Very Easy. But to enter the mines you have to get a Black Wings hat which can be acquired from the guy in the map before the mine entrance for 100k.