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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.


Hi. I'm Dails, a new editor for this wiki, but I have a high knowledge in Maple-related stuff. So, I'm making a guide for getting mesos! This includes killing monsters, doing quests and party quests. This guide will help you a lot with your meso problems. It is best to follow this guide when your un-funded (or mesoless).

Level 1-10

You just started your journey into the beautiful Maple World, so we'll do easy stuff. Just kill all the monsters you see on the way, collect the mesos and items they drop, and later sell the items in a NPC shop. Do the begginer quests and you should get to level 10 in no time.

Level 11-20

You did your first job advancement! It's recommended to train on monsters that suit your level, and trying to find mobs that give a good amount of mesos and drops. A good monster of these is a Blue Ribbon Pig, which is around the Nautilus area. Their ribbons are worth 10 mesos, which is an regular amount.

Level 21-30

Now, you're level 20, and you shall start training harder. Try doing the Kerning City Party Quest (A.K.A First Time Together), as it can give scrolls that you can sell for around 200k-3m (depending on the server you are). Also, kill the Ligator at Kerning City's subway. Then, you'll do your job advancement, and then the real money comes!

Level 31-40

You made your 2nd job advancement! A higly recommended monster for mesos is the Sakura Cellion. It drops about 250-360 mesos per kill. Also, the tails are worth 50 mesos, which is a good earning at your level. If you don't like killing mobs, just do the Ludibrium Party Quest. It gives you awesome rewards, including a Broken Glasses if you do the quest 35 times.

Level 41-50

You're kind of a high level, so you should be strong enough to fight Leprechaun 1s and Leprechaun 2s. They drop more that 1,500 mesos per kill, and you can trade 30 of their lucky leaves for 100,000 mesos at Lita Lawless by doing her quest. You can continue doing the LPQ, if you want. But it's not recommended. Only do this if you don't got the broken glasses. You should also do the quest "Subani's Legacy". It gives you a 60% Scroll for Gloves for Attack, which you can sell for around 2m-7m mesos.

Level 51-60

Now you're near to your third job advancement! If you're a cleric, try hunting in a party with Zakum while healing your party members and attacking the undead monsters he summons. If you do this, there's a chance you can get a Zakum Helmet, which you can keep one for yourself and sell the other one for millions of mesos. If you're somewhat else class, you should do Zakum like the clerics (if you have a high attack). All classes still need to train at the Leprechaun 1s and Leprechaun 2s, as they still give a lot of mesos for your level.

To be continued

Well, I will continue this guide when I get my Battle Mage to a higher level. Have fun, people! :D