DANGER! 3-Z. Mushroom

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  • Level 22 and above


  1. There is a Wanted : Zombie Mushroom Signboard in the Ant Tunnel indicating dangerous monsters. It can be spotted if you make your way from Sleepywood through the Ant Tunnel. The map is called Ant Tunnel IV. Double click on it.
  2. Hunt 99 Zombie Mushrooms.
  3. Go to The Rememberer to collect your prize.
  4. Head back to Dungeon: Ant Tunnel IV and activate the quest again from the Wanted : Zombie Mushroom Signboard.
  5. Kill 999 Zombie Mushrooms.
  6. Go back to Sleepywood and talk to The Rememberer to recieve your reward.


1st time:

2nd time onwards:


Repeatable Quest