Cygnus (Boss)

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Cygnus (Boss)
Species Unknown (boss)
Level 190
XP gained 204,000,000
HP 2,100,000,000
MP 90,000
Attack Stats
W. Attack
M. Attack
Defense Stats
W. Defense
M. Defense
Physical Damage Reduction (PDR)
Magic Damage Reduction (MDR)
Other stats
Knockback                999,999
Speed                -60
Jump                ?
Continent Gate to the Future
Area ?


Corrupted by the Black Mage and her lust for greater power for her knights, Empress Cygnus was transformed into an evil force so powerful that not even Pink Bean can match her. Even Maple World's strongest warriors will find it difficult to defeat her.

The quest to stop her is open to players level 170 and above. It is also worth noting that Cygnus and her 5 Chief Knights were among the first bosses to receive voiceovers.

Drop Table (GMS)


Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
Lionheart Cutlass.png Lionheart Cutlass Falcon Wing Bow.png Falcon Wing Composite Bow Dragon Tail Wand.png Dragon Tail Arc Wand Raven Horn Claw.png Raven Horn Baselard Shark Tooth Gun.png Shark Tooth Sharpshooter
Lionheart Battle Schimitar.png Lionheart Battle Scimitar Falcon Wing Crossbow.png Falcon Wing Heavy Crossbow Dragon Tail Staff.png Dragon Tail War Staff 140Dag.gif Raven Horn Metal Fist Shark Tooth Wild Talon.png Shark Tooth Wild Talon
Lionheart Fuscina.png Lionheart Fuscina Falcon Wing Dual Bowguns.png Falcon Wing Dual Bowguns Raven Horn Shadow Katara.png Raven Horn Shadow Katara Shark Tooth Supernova.png Shark Tooth Supernova
Lionheart Partisan.png Lionheart Partisan Raven Horn Crimson Cane.png Raven Horn Crimson Cane
Lionheart Champion Axe.png Lionheart Champion Axe
Lionheart Battle Hammer.png Lionheart Battle Hammer
Lionheart Battle Axe.png Lionheart Battle Axe
Lionheart Blast Maul.png Lionheart Blast Maul


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
UP5.gif Mana Elixir Cygnus Circlet.png Cygnus Circlet Dream Stone.png Dream Stone Recipe3.gif Cygnus Kohinoor Recipe 10000+ mesos
Power Elixir.gif Power Elixir Recipe1.gif Advanced Health Pill Recipe
Elixir.gif Elixir Recipe1.gif Advanced Health Potion Recipe
Sunset Dew.gif Sunset Dew Recipe1.gif Advanced Mana Boost Potion Recipe
Reindeer Milk.gif Reindeer Milk Recipe1.gif Advanced Mana Pill Recipe
Secret Mastery Book.gif Mystery Mastery Book Recipe1.gif Advanced Mana Potion Recipe
Gemstone Imp.png Gemstone Imp Recipe2.gif Blood Blossom Katara Recipe
Orange Imp.png Orange Imp Recipe2.gif Deimos Darkness Shield Recipe
Lucky Day Scroll.png Lucky Day Scroll Recipe2.gif Deimos Sage Shield Recipe
Protection Scroll.png Protection Scroll Recipe2.gif Deimos Warrior Shield Recipe
EE Scroll.gif Equip Enhancement Scroll Recipe2.gif Falcon Wing Sentinel Cape Recipe
EE Scroll.gif Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll Recipe2.gif Dragon Tail Mage Cape Recipe
Potential Scroll.gif Potential Scroll Recipe2.gif Lionheart Battle Cape Recipe
Potential Scroll.gif Advanced Potential Scroll Recipe2.gif Raven Horn Chaser Cape Recipe
EE Scroll.gif 3 Star Enhancement Scroll Recipe2.gif Shark Tooth Skipper Cape Recipe
EE Scroll.gif 4 Star Enhancement Scroll Recipe2.gif Timeless Aeas Hand Recipe
Clean slate.gif Clean Slate Scroll 3% Recipe2.gif Timeless Alchupiz Recipe
Clean slate.gif Clean Slate Scroll 5% Recipe2.gif Timeless Allargando Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Bardiche Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Bellocce Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Bergamot Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Black Beauty Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Blindness Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Burgunt Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Cabatina Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Charlston Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Chive Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Conrad Henkel Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Coral Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Diesra Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Earrings Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Engaw Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Enreal Tear Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Equinox Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Evernew Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Executioners Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Faraon Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Fennel Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Grabbe Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Hermosa Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Katara Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Killic Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Kite Shield Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Lampion Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless List Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Lubav Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Moonsteed Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Myst Blue Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Nibleheim Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Pescas Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Prelude Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Presto Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Prinsid Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Rapido Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Rontano Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Tabarzin Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Taragon Recipe

Cygnus Attacks

Tornado: She sweeps you off you're feet by creating a tornado right over you. Once you are in the tornado 1000 damage will be done to you every second. She releases you after 10-15 seconds. If possible have the bishop stand close by to heal you. You can use potions inside the tornado.

Banishment: She sends you to a different room with small summons, they have minimal HP, no potion lock inside this room! If you are sent to this room, make good use of it and use your potions or whatever else you need to! (This is my favorite skill she has)

Summons: These include Shinshoo, Oz, Hawkeye, Mikhile, Irena, Eckhart, Advanced knight A-E

You must kill the summons in order to attack Empress.

Zombify: for 10 seconds with 100% probability at 800% range. If the party bishop uses heal in this mode the entire party dies (due to holy attribute). Potions used in this phase will only heal you half the effect.

Damage Reflect: physical and magic damage reflection for 15 seconds with 500-50,000 damage. Anyone in your party that attacks Empress will die. The attack reflects off Empress and hits your own party. Sure death, don't touch her when she has a purple shield over her head! Blue shield+wheel animation = physical DR, Red shield+wheel animation = magic DR. Both result in a purple silver shield over her head.

Recover HP: When her health suffers significant damage she will heal her HP 30%

Potential lock: with 100% probability blocks hidden potential for 60 seconds at 800% range. All %stat will be nullified, in otherwords for that whole minute you will be super weaksauce. If you are depending on %stat for secondary class stat to equip your weapon, your weapon will be disabled. If you require your %stat potential to equip gear that gives set bonus, the set bonus will be disabled if you are not equipping the item due to the nullified potential.

Transformation/Doom: the Empress equivalent of a bishop's Doom skill, she can transform you into a pig. In pig form you cannot attack or teleport, you can only walk (run away!) or jump away from her to prevent receiving damage. (Contributed by Moonlitbow)

Dark Genesis: Dark purple and white pillars come out from above and below Her casting time and skill animation time is much shorter than a Battle Mage's Dark Genesis.

Reverses controls: A green skull appears above the player for 12 seconds. Affected members will have reversed controls (walking left = walking right) Range: 800%.

Prequest Guide

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