Crimson Balrog

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The mobs which does damages off the charts. It is found on the trip to Orbis/Ellinia. Not recommended to train on...

One of the most feared and recognizable monsters in the game, newer players may underestimate it and be lured out by players with higher levels during one of their first rides to Orbis. Unlike the similar looking Jr. Balrog, Crimson Balrog has the ability to fly. They attack in Pairs.

Note: A good tactic for fighters/pages is to use Power Guard, although at level 80 the Balrog will still do around 1500 damage you'll get a free attack on the Balrog if Power Guard is maxed out, this will do an extra 500 or so damage if it hits you.

Note: It drops all 10% scrolls


  • Level: 100
  • HP  : 100,000
  • MP  : 500
  • Experience : 3,500
  • Knock Back: 5,000
  • Speed: 0


  • Weapon Attack:9000
  • Magic Attack: 720
  • Accuracy: 180


  • Weapon Defense: 800
  • Magic Defense: 800
  • Avoidability: 40


  • It's a Boss Monster
  • Sometimes(by sometimes, we mean a lot) shortened to just "Crimson Rog" or "crog" by players