Conflict's Kerning Party Quest(KPQ) Guide

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Hi first off i want you to know that this guide has been made to help people Kerning Party Quest (KPQ).

Getting In

Most starters join a party, but some people lead them. If you like to lead, you want to move the chat box, where it says next when you talk to Lakelis move that over her and keep clicking in one place. Try not to use an AC(Auto Clicker) because it is a hack and if you get caught using one “you and the party will be banned.” It will be a 1 week - 1 month ban.

Stage 1

  • Once you are transported to a special map by Lakelis, you need to go to the other side of the map and talk to Cloto. She'll say some stuff first, then she will ask you a question, the answer to the question determines how many coupons you need. The answer to the questions is as following:
  • Job lvl Wizard - 8
  • Job lvl Warrior, Thief, or Bowman - 10
  • Minium DEX for Thief - 25
  • Minium INT for Wizard - 20
  • Minium DEX for Bowman - 25
  • Minium STR for Warrior - 35
  • EXP from lvl 1 to 2 - 15
  • To get the coupons, you must fight the ligators everywhere in the map. You may have to have a party member to help you out if you are between lvl 21-23). After you are done, you must talk to Cloto again and if you have the correct amount of coupons, Cloto will give you a pass. Give the pass to your leader. Wait until your leader receives all the passes needed then a big “Clear” will show and the portal will open. Go through the portal.

Stage 2

  • In Stage 2, 3 members of the party need to get on the 4 ropes without going on top of a platform. Make sure no one shares a rope. If you see a big “WRONG,” you have the wrong combination and need to do another one until a big “CLEAR” appears on the screen. The best way to do this is is to move clockwise so that you don't skip any combinations. After the, “CLEAR” appears, the portal will open. Go through the portal.

Stage 3

  • In stage 3, you and your party will have to get on the platforms with the barrels of cats. The number of cats at a platform tells what number that platform is. For example, if there are 2 cats in a barrel, that platform is 2. You must find the correct combination of numbers. These are the possibilities.
  • 1,2,3
  • 1,2,4
  • 1,2,5
  • 1,3,4
  • 1,3,5
  • 1,4,5
  • 2,3,4
  • 2,3,5
  • 2,4,5
  • 3,4,5
  • When your party gets on the wrong combination, a big “WRONG” will appear. Likewise, if your party get on the right combination, a big “CLEAR” will appear. If the clear appears, the portal will open. Go through the portal.

Stage 4

  • This stage is similar to stage 3, but only has more barrels. The platforms are numbered from 1~6. Here are the barrel combinations you should get on.
  • 1,2,3
  • 1,2,4
  • 1,2,5
  • 1,2,6
  • 1,3,4
  • 1,3,5
  • 1,3,6
  • 1,4,5
  • 1,4,6
  • 1,5,6
  • 2,3,4
  • 2,3,5
  • 2,3,6
  • 2,4,5
  • 2,4,6
  • 3,4,5
  • 3,4,6
  • 3,5,6
  • 4,5,6
  • When correct, a big “CLEAR” will appear. The portal will be opened. Go through the portal.

Last Stage

  • In the last stage, you will need to kill all the monsters. They will drop passes, and the party leader must pick them up. There are Evil Eyes and Jr. Neckis with decreased avoidability, and there is the boss, the King Slime. It has 8000 HP and has an earthquake move where the King Slime will jump. Most classes will get about 230 damage from this monster.
  • When all passes are collected, the leader will take them all and when you get enough passes the party leader will click on Cloto and a big “CLEAR” will appear. Click on Cloto and you will be transported to the Bonus Stage.


  • When you arrive in the bonus stage, you will be given a prize from the following list.

In the bonus stage, there are Green Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms. They are regular monsters. Here you may choose to rush or to train. If you choose to train, there will be angry calls from the others outside. It is recommended that you do not train here, since by the time you are participating in KPQ, you will be training on stronger monsters.


To rush, the leader leaves through Nella and rushes to Lakelis. The other 3 members will eventually exit but will be a little late due to lag. This gives the leader enough time to run to Lakelis while having someone inside the KPQ.


  • If you have any questions contact me:

World: Broa
IGN: Conflict911

  • E-mail is