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This page contains everything about Cloud Park, in other words, any map found within the portal above the one leading to Orbis Tower. If you believe there is a need to split this page up, please post why in the talk page.

Cloud Park is a map in Orbis where the monsters of the clouds reside. The portal is to the bottom right of Orbis main town, it's in the portal above the Orbis Tower portal. This map is only recommended for training for level 40 and over. Cloud Park I leads to The Road to the Garden of Three Colors, an awesome training area for those as low as level 30. Also you can use the monster drops for the Exchange Quest.

Maps within Cloud Park

Cloud Park I

Cloud Park II

  • Monsters
  • Comments on this map:
    • This may be a better map to train on Star Pixies because there is less climbing needed, but is filled with the occassional Nependeath and Fierry.
    • This applies to all maps with Fierries: The fierry spawn is rare. There are only about 2-5 Fierries in each map, so if you are thinking of training on them, this is not the right place to be at.
  • Leads to:

Strolling Path

Cloud Park III

Disposed Flower Garden