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Clerics are excellent party members, with a variety of buffs and other supportive skills. They are essential when fighting bosses and other powerful monsters, and are even more useful once they become a Priest. Clerics are known for their abbility to heal themselves as well as other party members. They lack offensive powers but they save a lot of money, and they are very welcomed in parties.

Cleric Skills

IconName and DescriptionMax LevelRequirements
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MP Eater: Absorbs the enemy's MP when attacking with Magic skills, until it reaches 0.
  • Level 1: For every attack; 11% success rate, absorb 21% of the enemy's max MP.
  • Level 10: For every attack; 20% success rate, absorb 30% of the enemy's max MP.
  • Level 20: For every attack; 30% success rate, absorb 40% of the enemy's max MP.
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Heal: Recovers the HP of all party members around the area. The amount of healing depends on the number of people being healed, and the undead monster in the vicinity of this will receive damage.
  • Level 1: MP -12; recovery rate 10%
  • Level 15: MP -12; recovery rate 150%.
  • Level 30: MP -24; recovery rate 300%.
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Teleport: Use the arrow keys to teleport to other places in the same map on a set distance.
  • Level 1: MP -60; with 130 in distance.
  • Level 10: MP -33; with 130 in distance.
  • Level 20: MP -13; with 150 in distance.
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Invincible: Temporarily reduce the weapon damage received. It has no effect, however, on the magic attack.
  • Level 1: MP -15; weapon damage -11% for 15 seconds.
  • Level 10: MP -15; weapon damage -20% for 150 seconds.
  • Level 20: MP -30; weapon damage -30% for 300 seconds.
205 in Heal
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Bless: Temporarily increases the weapon defense, magic defense, accuracy, and avoidability of all party members around the area. This cannot be combined with a skill or a potion.
  • Level 1: MP -12; +1 on accuracy, avoidability, weapon and magic defense for 10 seconds.
  • Level 10: MP -12; +10 on accuracy, avoidability, weapon and magic defense for 100 seconds.
  • Level 20: MP -24; +20 on accuracy, avoidability, weapon and magic defense for 200 seconds.
205 in Invincible
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Holy Arrow: Attacks a single monster by firing holy arrows. Very effective against undead or devil-based monsters.
  • Level 1: MP -12; basic attack 22, mastery 15%.
  • Level 15: MP -12; basic attack 50, mastery 35%.
  • Level 30: MP -24; basic attack 80, mastery 60%.

Skill Builds

Main article: Category:Magician Skill Guides

This is what you were looking for, right? The skill builds! These can teach you how to properly spend your skill points.

Solo Cleric

A solo Cleric is a Cleric who does not usually get involved in parties as other Clerics tend to do. This is for people who prefer to hunt alone.

Party Cleric

The Cleric who enjoys the company of other people, and likes to share experience with them. Party clerics Do not max holy arrow, but it does not matter, being as they gain bless, and shining ray at 3rd job outclasses holy arrow by quite a bit. Thieves with Haste and Spearmen with Hyper Body often look out for Clerics with Bless, especially those warriors with low dex builds who will need you to hit monsters. For you, it would be very, helpful in-game.

Diverse Cleric

This is a Cleric build, not following specific paths of soloing, parties, or making money. A diverse cleric does not max mp eater, which seriously hurts your income, however a diverse cleric maxes both holy arrow and bless. party clerics are best maxing heal then bless, diverse holy arrow and bless, and individual holy arrow and invincible  ::

Cleric Training Guide

This is how to train most efficiently as a Cleric. We all want to level, and following this training route is a very fast and easy way to gain experience. Some monsters may have been excluded from this guide.

Levels 30 to 70 are covered. *Monsters with an asterisk after their name should only be fought if you have decided to max Holy Arrow early on. Zombies may seem long, but when you're a Priest, you're going to have incredible new energy. Don't give up!

Clerics are also the most wanted characters in LPQ. If you're a level 35-50 cleric, that's the main place to train. Unfortunately, it's hard to get in if you're under level 40 (take my advice), but it's not impossible. Keep trying, and good luck.

Levels 30-40

Monster Carnival, Horned Mushroom, Zombie Mushroom, Ludi Pq35+

Note From Player: Sakura Cellions and are also a good source of exp. They also have good drops. Fire Boars aren't bad either. Horned Mushrooms are the best when level 30-33 because its a one hit, rather than a 2-hit for boars. You would save more exp. Also Stirges give 33 exp which is 2 less than mushrooms but has a much faster spawn rate even when training on Horned Mushrooms in the Ant Tunnel. With almost nobody at channel 1 and even faster spawn rate.

Or you can do the fun technique, kill mobs of Chronoses with Heal. They should take no more than 2 hits if you max heal.

Now with Monster Carnival Party Quest, it is recommended by many to pq all the way to 50 with it because it uses no pots.

Levels 40-49

Monster Carnival, Jr. Wraith, Zombie Lupin for 45+, Platoon Chronos,for 45+.

If you have the patience to wait for PQ, then go ahead and LPQ(most people now cpq so lpq is no longer as crowded as it used to be) all the way through. It takes a long time, but if you have a great party leader who gets you in and a good party that co-operates, then leveling is easy. However, many fights do start while LPQing, try and avoid all the unecessary arguements amongst your party. Kill Platoon Chronos with heal. you get tons of exp.

Monster Carnival is still great exp for up to 50. It also allows an easy way to get a spiegelmann necklace.

Levels 49-52

Party Quest (Ludibrium Maze), Wraith, Platoon Chronos, Master Chronos, Zombie Lupin, Dark Leatty*

It may be better to train in those levels on Platoon Chronos, in the hope you find some Esther Shields.

You can also stay at ghost lanterns in "A Night In The Forest." They have a GREAT spawn rate

It is also recommended to kill Master Chronos with Heal if you get bored with Platoons. They drop tobi throwing stars, which you can sell for a lot. They give lots of experience.

LMPQ(51-70,before it CPQ is great still) is great experience if you can get into a great party that does 1 minute pqs. It also supplies a lot of mesos-pots are main rewards and you can sell most of the HP pots since you are a cleric. It is easy to make a few million in a level or two. I would suggest trying to get a friend/guildmate to teach you if you don't know your way through the maze.

Levels 52-56

Wraith, Dark Stone Gollem*, Malady*

Levels 56-70

Party Quest (Ludibrium Maze), Davy John's Pirate Party Quest, Wraith, Coolie Zombie, Minor Zombie, Dark Yeti*, Dark Pepe*, Dark Jr. Yeti*, Voodoo, Hoodoo Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy,

I prefer Coolie Zombie because the spawn at Minor Zombie is really, really bad. So just try to get a Z4-map (Forest of Dead Trees IV). You can also try the Z1-map (Forest of Dead Trees I), Z2-map (Forest of Dead Trees II), Z3-map (Forest of Dead Trees III) but the spawn at the Z4-map is the best. Because of this, finding a Z4 may be a bit difficult since many classes train here.

LMPQ is great exp for these levels.

You can also try Pirate Party Quest to get a decent level of pirate hat, 350 pqs will get a hat that is +5 all stats.

Third Job Advancement

Once you have reached level 70, you may take the test to advance to the 3rd Job, the Priest. As a Priest, you receive many beneficial party and attacking skills, making yourself a must-have for all parties.


Below are a few videos that may inspire you to follow the path of a Cleric, as well as showcasing some of the abilities of the Cleric being put to use.

Lvl 113 Priest

MapleTip's very own EcksDee in JMS

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Author's Note

It took forever to write this by HAND, and I'd praise you if you even look at this guide. I hope that you've found what you were looking for. Please, if you have any questions, contact me in-game. My IGN is Sunmage.

Happy Mapling!!!

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