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This guide is uncomplete. The editor requests that you do not edit this guide.

`Except Me :) --Puppyswan 22:33, 13 September 2009 (UTC)



Im a mage all together I used hate thieves starting out as a mage because when I was lvl 15 they would be able to ks me. Well Ive gone past that event and made my own thief. I was thinking about making a guide and here it is but before I posted I wanted to test it on my thief I have and if you are reading this then it was successfull:)!


     Can KS real easy after lvl 45 but dont do it (just nice to know)
     gains lots o money after lvl 30
     Gains haste so easeir to mob later on.
     long range like mages and archers

Cons: Hard/slow trainin from lvls 1-30.

     requires lots of money from lvls 1-30 (start making more at lvl 30 and on)
     Cannot mob easily till haste is half way maxed

AP build

For this particular AP build I did fuse some other ideas(from friends). What I did was make it so that you have to get 25 dex first, this will help you a bit on maple island because dex is connected to str (alittle bit only). Once you get tolvl 6 you should have 25 dex from there on out you have to pour all you got into luk until lvl 12. This is the particular point where you follow the rule 2 dex 3 luk. reason bieng that you need your dex to be twice your lvl for you 1-40 equips. From 40 onwards you put 1dex and 4 luk this should help:).

From level 1-level 6: 5 dex

From level 6-level 10: 5 luk

From level 10-level 12: 5 luk

From level 13-level 40: 2 dex & 3 luk

From level 40 onwards: 1 dex & 4 luk

Places to train

Now I don't know about you but for me thieves are really hard to train with.Since I am a mage man I love the long range...sadly when a monster gets to close you punch it as a thief. I try to get around this idea of punching the monsters. Since you "punch" the monsters its really hard for beginning thieves to mob. So I put certain training places where you can mob easily without being attacked such as: caution falling down

1-10 just do the quests f3...

10-12: Do The Stump Horror Story quest and do 2 dark lord quests

12-15: caution falling down train there and use most of your mp potion and lucky seven

15-18: Henesys PQ AND I Need Help On My Homework, The Reason Behind The Mushroom Studies and I'm Bored (give you pots to help you later on)

18-24: caution falling down again....

24-28: Nella’s quests, the first portal after Sleepywood(zombie mushes & Horny mush), DANGER! 2-H. Mushroom & zombie mush quest (pots) , maybe the mini dungeon and also KPQ (good time to use the pots from 15-18 here...don't you think?)

SP build

Basically here is my SP guide. This build is designed by me to help with your range and power while keeping your 3 required skills to max: Keen Eyes Lucky Seven and Nimble Body. The only diffrence I made to this build is that me bieng a magacian person I love range and thats my main concern. What I did was swap a few points around so that instead of having to wait till like lvl 25-30 to max keen eyes I put it in so that you max it at lvl22. Hope you like it:).

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Dark Sight.gif Dark Sight Allows you to hide in shadow for a short time. While Dark Sight is activated you cannot attack or be attacked, but you can use the Flash Jump skill. Press the skill key again to deactivate Dark Sight. Supportive 10 x -
Flashjump.gif Flash Jump Use while in the middle of a jump to jump even further. The jumping distance increases as the skill level increases. Active 5 x Explorer Rogue only
Haste.gif Haste Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump for all party members. Increases maximum Movement Speed permanently. Supportive 10 x Explorer Rogue only
Self Haste.PNG Self Haste Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump. Increases maximum Movement Speed permanently. Supportive 20 x Dual Blade Rogue only
Doublestab.gif Double Stab Quickly stabs an enemy twice. Active 20 x -
Nimble Body Skill.gif Nimble Body Permanently increases Accuracy and Avoidability. Passive 20 x -
NewL7.png Lucky Seven Throws 2 throwing stars based on LUK, regardless of Claw Mastery. Active 20 x -

Level 10: 1 in Lucky Seven (1)

Level 11: 3 in Lucky Seven (4)

Level 12: 3 in Lucky Seven (7)

Level 13: 3 in Lucky Seven (10)

Level 14: 3 in Lucky Seven (13)

Level 15: 3 in Lucky Seven (16)

Level 16: 3 in Lucky Seven (19)

Level 17: 1 in Lucky Seven (20, Maxed), 2 in Nimble Body (2)

Level 18: 3 in Nimble Body (5)

Level 19: 3 in Nimble Body (8)

Level 20: 3 in Keen Eyes (3)

Level 21: 3 in Keen Eyes (6)

Level 22: 2 in Keen Eyes (8) 1 in Nimble Body (9)

Level 23: 3 in Nimble Body (12)

Level 24: 3 in Nimble Body (15)

Level 25: 3 in Nimble Body (18)

Level 26: 2 in Nimble Body (20, Maxed), 1 in Disorder (1)

Level 27: 2 in Disorder (3), 1 in Dark Sight (1)

Level 28: 3 in Dark Sight (4)

Level 29: 3 in Dark Sight (7)

Level 30: 3 in Dark Sight (10)


Ok so me being an Assassin I love to save money(really I dont have much money...). So what I did was take out all the seemingly useless or money expensive items so that you can save money. 1-20 there is no point in getting new clothes because you will just lvl so quickly you wont be able let your money keep up. From lvl 20-30 the reason why you dont get your lvl 25 clothes is because there is not much of a gap between the weapon def.:)! Now for lvl 30 to 40 you should keep your lvl 30 clothes until lvl 40 because again there is not much of a gap for your weapon def. so why waste the money?

1-20: keep your level 1 clothes then get your 20 clothes

20-35: keep your lvl 20 clothes and get lvl 30 clothes

30-40: get your lvl 40 clothes


Now for the weapons here is what i did and it saved me tons of money, also its not much of a diffrence for attack(for me that is).

10-20: Keep the lowsy garnier.

20-40: Keep get the Bronze igor and then upgrade to the adamantuim igor-or-you can use this till lvls 20-30 and get the gaurds then the averice.

40-60 Get the lvl 40 averice and scroll it with +attack 5-7 times AFTER you upgrade it to dark averice-or-just do the cpq until you have enough maple coins for dark averice and then scroll it. the reason i tell you to scroll it is because im not wasting mony on a dark slain when i could sell this scrolled averice at lvl 60 for lots o money.

60- you choose when ethier gain a dark gigantic or just wait till lvl 64 and get maple skanda. Also make sure to scroll this 5-7 times also because you will be keeping it for awhile(and you again when your done with it y[ou could sell it for LOTS of money).

(opt) 70-80 gain a black hole at lvl 70 but i suggest not because you already scrolled your skanda or dark gigantic.

(recommended) 80-120 use a kumamagna and scroll its ALOT this is lots of money to sell and to buy so make to have that money or you could get a black mamba and just scroll it.

Will fix later --Puppyswan 00:29, 13 September 2009 (UTC)



Bought from kerning weapon stores. (There are other weapons available in nlc ludi &orbis).


The reason why this is a diffrent topic is because I feel that stars are important to thieves seeing how they use the stars to attaak. I recommend getting icies from lvl 20-30 for 50-60k SolidTheKat(me) sells them alot because I fight cold eyes all day long(broa) or if you just dont like me then buy some from the free market:)(jus sayin i have a ALOT). At lvl 40 buy 2 or 3 sets of tobis for 1.2m each.

If you ever need money for stars go and do lita lawless's quest over and over and over again. You should kill those leprichauns for there clovers they drop 1-1.5k each kill. This will get you 1m real quick.

Throwing Stars - Balanced Fury - Crystal Ilbi - Flame - Hwabi - Icicles - Ilbi - Infinite - Kumbi - Maple - Mokbi - Paper Plane - Snowball - Steely - Subi - Tobi - Wolbi - Wooden Top
Arrows (Bow) - Arrow for Bow - Bronze Arrow for Bow - Diamond Arrow for Bow - Red Arrow for Bow - Steel Arrow for Bow - Quality Arrow for Bow - Sharp Arrow for Bow - Strong Arrow for Bow - Titanium Arrow for Bow
Arrows (Crossbow) - Arrow for Crossbow - Blue Arrow for Crossbow - Bronze Arrow for Crossbow - Diamond Arrow for Crossbow - Steel Arrow for Crossbow - Quality Arrow for Crossbow - Sharp Arrow for Crossbow - Strong Arrow for Crossbow - Titanium Arrow for Crossbow
Bullets - Bullet - Eternal Bullet - Giant Bullet - Mighty Bullet - Novice Bullet - Shiny Bullet - Split Bullet - Vital Bullet
Capsules - Blaze Capsules - Glace Capsules

What monster drops what?

Tobi: Chronos, Master Chronos, Dark Cloud Fox, Ultra Gray, Grupin, White Fang, Hogul, Pac Pinky, Dark Stone Golem, Mixed Golem, Wild Cargo, Slimy, Leader A, Tae Roon, Extra D, Dark Yeti & Pepe, Bain, Blue Mushmom.

Steely: Leprechaun, Nightghost, Red Drake, Panda, Selkie Jr., Tauromacis, Mr. Anchor, Haf, Yeti & Pepe, Dark Klock, Dark Rash, Dual Beetle, Homunscullo, Blood Haf, Dual Ghost Pirate, Male Boss.

Ilbi: Mushmom, Zombie Mushmom, Lycanthrope, Wolf Spider, Dual Birk, Spirit Viking.

Demon shrunken: Ilúvatar, Dunas, Master Unknown Magic Beast

Hwabi: Zombie Mushmom, Jr. Balrog, Blue Mushmom, Kimera.

Balanced fury: You have to forge it in phantom forest.


subi: 500 meso.....

wolbi: I bought mine for 15k

mokbis: 10k-40k I think.......

icys: 45-60k

tobis: 900k-1.5m

steelies: I think not sure vic correct me if im wrong 3.5m -5.5m

ilbis: I think 11m

Crystal ilbi: around like 55m-65m<<<<<<<not recomended


Thieves are always better then what you expect at lvls 40 and on so dont quit your thief to easily give it some time. Also thanx for reading this guide and refering to it for AP and SP build also maybe the stars. Many people have helped me with this guide such as my bro(raggedocelot) vic2435(Punnyswan) and Volcomdude7(who helped with the AP build). Also to remember that the equips you find in one store can be less in another store.

This is my full guide and I might edit this in the future so that it includes lvl 41-60 (if i get that far). I thank Vic2435, my bro and Volcomdude7.