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A Citizen is the Beginner job for the Resistance classes. Like the beginners, you start off as level 1 and reach to level 10 to advance into a Battle Mage, Wild Hunter or a Mechanic.


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Crystal Throw.png Crystal Throw Throws a piece of Rue at an enemy. Active 3 -
Infiltrate.png Sneak Allows you to hide and move quickly for a short time. Active 3 -
Alchemist.gif Potion Mastery Because of supply shortage issues, you've learned to use potions more effectively. Passive 3 -
Capture.png Capture Allows you to capture a monster after its HP falls below 50%. Monsters captured in the Jaguar habitat can be used as mounts. Active 1 Wild Hunters Exclusive
Hunter's Call.png Hunter's Call Allows you to randomly summon one of the monsters you've captured to help you. (Does not include Jaguar.) Active 1 Wild Hunters Exclusive
Hidden Peace Transforms the color of your mech. Colors are randomly selected. Active 1 Mechanic Exclusive
Mechanic Dash.png Mechanic Dash Press left/right twice to travel a short distance at a high speed. Active 1 Mechanic Exclusive