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The Chief Bandit is the third job advancement for the Bandit. The Chief Bandit takes everything the Bandit has and makes him or her faster and deadlier. Their skills revolve around power, speed, and mesos, which can now gain double effect with the use of Shadow Partner. A Chief Bandit can attack with Assaulter, a powerful stunning dash that can be applied in a variety of situations. They can explode mesos on the ground with Meso Explosion, causing damage to surrounding monsters, and Meso Guard converts some damage to mesos. They can summon a Band of Thieves to attack the immediate area as a mob attack. Thanks to the Big Bang, Chief Bandits are now just as mobile as their Hermit counterparts due to the availability of Flash Jump.

Becoming a Chief Bandit

Once level 60, Speak to Arec in El Nath - Chief Residence. After speaking with him, he'll send you to go back to Kerning City and speak with The Dark Lord. The Dark Lord will send you on a quest to defeat his dark side. Locate the Door of Dimension found in Monkey Swamp II and enter the Path of the Glittering Crystal. At the end you'll be confronted by The Dark Lord's dark side. Defeat him and return to The Dark Lord with the Black Charm. He will give you the Necklace of Strength to show to Arec. Present it to Arec. Arec will tell you to go to the Holy Ground at the Snowfield from the door in Sharp Cliff II. Once there, sacrifice one Dark Crystal to answer five questions. Answer them all correctly and you'll be given the Necklace of Wisdom to return to Arec. Speak to Arec once more to complete your journey as an Bandit and advance to Chief Bandit!

Thief Job Tree

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Chief Bandit
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Chief Bandit Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Shadow Resistance.png Enveloping Darkness Cover yourself with darkness, increasing Max HP, Abnormal Status Resistance, and Elemental Resistance are permanently. Passive 10 x -
Meso Mastery.png Meso Mastery Increase the amount of mesos that drop. Skills that use mesos become more efficient. Passive 5 x -
Venomous Stab.png Venom Your dagger is permanently coated with venom, giving all your attacks the chance to Poison enemies. Poison is not stackable, and it cannot cause enemies' HP to drop below 1. Passive 10 x -
Dark Flare.png Dark Flare Temporarily summons the Dark Lord's throwing star. Party members nearby will reflect enemy damage. Cannot reflect more than half of the enemy's Max HP. Active 20 x -
Pickpocket.gif Pickpocket Temporarily increases the Mesos dropped by monsters. Meso drops increase in proportion to skill level. This skill can be toggled on and off with the skill key. Supportive 5 x -
ShadowPartner.gif Shadow Partner A shadow partner that mimics the summoner appears. It does not have its own HP and disappears after a fixed period of time. Supportive 20 x 1 Summoning Rock
Phase Dash.png Phase Dash Dashes at the enemy with blinding speed, damaging and knocking them back. Also pushes Mesos on the ground in the direction of the attack. Active 20 x -
Midnight Carnival.png Midnight Carnival Overwhelms enemies with supersonic slashes. Active 20 x -
Meso Explosion.png Meso Explosion Sends nearby Mesos flying to damage enemies. Mesos that belong to others cannot be moved. Active 20 x Level 1 Pickpocket