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The Chaos Update was introduced to Korean Maplestory in the autumn of 2010 and in June 29 of 2011, Global Maplestory receives the update. Chaos focuses on the two legends, Aran and Evan along with the Dual Blader class. These three classes will be improved, gaining new skills and abilities. Just like the Big Bang, it works in 3 separate patches.

In JMS this patch was called Renaissance.

This patch is the second major update of MapleStory, the first being Big Bang, third being Jump, fourth being Legend and the last one being Justice.

First Patch: The Age of Heroes / Return of the Hero

The Possessed Empress: Dark Cygnus.
This is the patch responsible for the Hero revamping, also like the Big Bang dumps tons of new changes to Maplestory. The Legend and Dual Blade classes shall be transformed, ready to take on new roles. New skills and improvements are introduced to these the three classes. Along with there improvements , nothing is better to test on than the new content built for level 160+ players. In the Temple of Time the Gate of Future has been opened, reveling future Henesys and Ereb with basic monsters transformed and mutated into dark and stronger versins by the Black Magician. In the future, Cygnus, Shinsoo and her fellow Knights has fallen victim to the Black Magician's spells while searching for the Tree of Life, therefore, the floating island of Ereb has lost its power and fallen down to Victoria Island, enabling Cygnus and her Knights to destroy Henesys. Maplers here shall take on the Cygnus Knights, who were captured and controlled by the Black Mage in the future along with their Empress Cygnus and Shinsoo.


  • The Rebirth of Dual Blades, Arans and Evans.
  • New Gate of Future Map
  • Cygnus Boss Expedition
  • Appearing of Strange Stones and Pants all over the Maple World

New Skills Introduced

Icon Skill Name Description Job
Combo Recharge.png Combo Recharge Consumes HP and MP to instantly boost Combo Count. Cannot be used when HP is below 50%. Aran
Cleaving Blows.png Cleaving Blows Ignores a portion of the enemy's Defense and decreases the amount of damage that is dispersed when attacking multiple enemies. Aran
Combo Judgment.png Combo Judgement Drops a giant axe of judgment on the enemies. Has a chance to freeze, and frozen enemies will receive damage over time. Aran
Sudden Strike.png Sudden Strike Allows the use of Final Charge and Final Toss without a preceding combo, and increases damage. Aran
Dragon Blink.png Dragon Blink Teleport to a random location of the map. The MP cost and cooldown time decreases as Skill Level increases. Evan
Dragon Spark.png Dragon Spark A fierce dragon deals damage to enemies while knocking them back. Evan
Onyx Shroud.png Onyx Shroud Temporarily increases Avoidability rate for party members. Evan
Onyx Will.png Onyx Will Resist knock-back effects when struck. Also temporarily enables Body Attacks on enemies. Evan
Life Drain.png Life Drain Chance to recover HP when attacking. You cannot recover more than 15% of your Max HP. Dual Blade
Blade Fury.png Blade Fury Spin furiously to damage nearby enemies. Dual Blade
Phantom Blow.png Phantom Blow Deals a flurry of piercing attacks against one enemy. A portion of an enemy's defense will be ignored. Dual Blade
Sharpness.png Sharpness Increases your Critical Hit Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Dual Blade

Skill Changes

Please Note: These are the changes of skill stats at their max level after the update.

Dual Blade
First Job
Double Swing
  • Monsters hit decreased from 12 to 8.
  • Damage increased from 150% to 220%
Combo Ability
  • Now adds 2 movement speed per 10 combo
Combat Step
  • Master Level lowered from 15 to 5.
  • Mp usage increased from 5 to 10</li.>
Polearm Booster
  • Attack Speed increase increased from 2 to 3.
  • Mp required lowered from 11 to 10.</li.>
Combo Smash
  • Moved from 2nd to 1st job.
  • Max level decreased from 20 to 10.</li.>
  • Combos required lowered from 30 to 15.
  • Monsters hit decreased from 10 to 6.
  • Damage decreased from 600% (GMS 700%) to 450%
Second Job
Triple Swing
  • Monsters hit decreased from 12 to 8.
  • Damage increased from 265% to 370%</li.>
Polearm Mastery
  • Accuracy given at max level increased from 60 to 120.
Final Charge max level decreased from 30 to 20.
Combo Fenrir
  • Moved from 3rd to 2nd job.
  • Max level decreased from 30 to 20.</li.>
  • Combos required lowered from 100 to 50.</li.>
  • Damage decreased from 650% to 560%.</li.>
Body Pressure
  • Max level decreased from 20 to10.</li.>
  • Duration increased from 120 sec. to 180 sec.</li.>
  • Body attack damage in creased from 100% to 300%</li.>
Snow Charge
  • Moved from 3rd to 2nd job.</li.>
  • Now permanently adds 35% damage</li.>
Third Job

Second Patch: The Age of Artisans / Technological Age

A few of your Profession instructors.

Once you enter the maps, you will notice some significant changes. There are strange plants and gems all over the area. Replacing the Maker Skill is the new Profession system, where you can make items of fantastic quality. You'll also be able to create equipment you could never make before. This patch introduces a whole new variety of equipment and potions, players now are able to make their own accessories (which could not be made with the Maker Skill) an potions. However players are limited to two of the five Professions, which make up a set. This patch also removes Monster Crystals and Stimulators, replacing them with new Item Crystals.

There are three sets of profession (You can only pick one):

  • Herbalism + Alchemy
  • Mining + Smithing
  • Mining + Jewalry Crafting
  • (JMS replaced Mining + Jewalry Crafting with Hunting + Animal Tamer)

Third Patch: The Age of Battle / Super Fight

A chance to battle friends and enemies.
It has been asked for a long time, and it's here: Player vs Player action with Battle Square. In every town, you will meet with a NPC, Maximus, who will take you to Battle Square to face your fellow Maplers. A good source of EXP during and at the end of your fight, along with earning special Battle Points that can earn you Gallant Emblems, tools in making special level 130 equipment, Shoulderpads and exchanging for Battle Square items.

Two Battle Modes

  • Free for all
  • Team Match

Fourth Patch: The Ice Knight

The Ice Knight.
This is an installation of the third battle mode for Battle Square. You play as the Ice Knight, an Ice powered being who wishes to reclaim his kingdom. In Battle Square, you or other fighters will transform into the Ice Knight. If you transform, you must defend yourself against other players. If you did not transform, you and the other player are automatically a party and must defeat the Ice Knight within 7 minutes.

New Battle Mode: Capture the Flag!

Capture the Flag

Capture the other team's flag by killing the person holding the flag. The team members must try to protect their flag and capture the other team's flag at he same time. Capturing the other team's flag gains the team one point, at the end the team with the most points win! This Battle Mode is shared by GMS and MSEA.

Global Exclusive Event: Age of Triumph


In August, Global Maplestory announces an exclusive event at the end of the updates. The patch is released August 10th, 2011. This includes the return of the Monster Book, now called the Crusader Codex. The books now adds stats to AP points and levels up according to the number of cards and sets obtained. The card sets also adds additional stats to the Crusader Codex. There is also a chain quest exclusively for the book called the Silent Crusade.
Also the release of Mount Distributor (Mount Gachapon) and the Flying Mount Skill.

Flying Mount only works for some mounts, here's some:

  • Red Draco
  • Mir (Evan's dragon)(Only the Level 120 variation)
  • Shinsoo
  • Some Mount Distributor (Mount Gachapon) mounts.

Other Changes

Besides the major updates, some noticable changes are as followed:

Old Paper.gif
Evil paper.gif
Availability of Chaos Update
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