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Chaos Horntail is a stronger variation of the original Horntail introduced to Maplestory along with the Chaos Zakum, Potential system and the Dual Blade class. Currently, it is one of the strongest monsters in Maplestory, competing with Pink Bean and Cygnus.


The process of fighting Chaos Horntail remains the same as fighting regular Horntail, but there are many things that splits Chaos Horntail from the original:

  • Can cast different abilities than normal Horntail.
  • It can be fought in channel 1.
  • The required level to fight Chaos Horntail is 110.

After you defeat Chaos Horntail, two robed figures will appear for a short time revealing this message:

"Oh… Descendants of heroes, you make me really pleased.. However, you cannot beat us with power like this… Moreover it is impossible to resist against him…

Now it’s time. Soon there will be darkness among the world. And, with the revival of a great person… You people will lose under the power of darkness. Hahahaha!"

The Full Body


Here is the list of the total drops Chaos Horntail brings.

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