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Category for files that are being requested for deletion based upon the following criteria:

  • Article images (images that appear in important articles relating directly to the game, including but not limited to NPCs, monsters, items, and other files that attempt to accurately portray the game) must be in .png format. The reason is to cooperate with infoboxes as only one file extension can be detected by the infoboxes. The .png extension was the most common and was unoffically selected to be the format for article images.

"Article images" does not include User/User talk pages, categories, guides, or other personal-use files.

  • Article images, as defined above, must be named exactly like their article name. Additional characters, misspellings, additional forms of typing, and numbering offs are not fit file names due to compatibility with the infoboxes
  • Article images, as defined above, must be of good quality to allow the reader to accurately recognize the subject matter. Distorted, unclear, or unrecognizable images are not fit as article images.
  • Copied or duplicate files, regardless of use or purpose should be deleted and the higher quality image used instead. Any unused files, regardless of purpose should also be deleted, unless proven valuable information.

Files that do not meet all four criteria will end up in this category.

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