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Species Devil (boss)
Level 180
XP gained 10,166,835
HP 620,000,000
MP 120,000
Attack Stats
W. Attack
M. Attack
Defense Stats

W. Defense
M. Defense
Other stats
Knockback                250
Continent Ninja Castle
Area Zipangu: Tower Room


  • Emperor (殿様, Tonosama?) - this is the first form, and when defeated it transforms into the toad. He has two attacks, a Physical based ranged attack where a Ninja pops in front of the Feudal Lord with a plate of Candy which he then throws at you for 13k-14k damage and a Magic Based range attack where he summons Ninja Archers which execute a full screen Arrow rain skill that also does the same amount but less for people with Element Resistance. Located in Zipangu's Ninja Castle area.