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Note: Korean MapleStory also has a world named Broa. This article is for the MapleGlobal Broa, and should not be confused with the Korean world.

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Broa is the third world to have been implemented to MapleStory Global. Most people never have problems getting on this world, even during peak times, except for perhaps channel 1.

Economy in Broa is very stable, and most items sell for an average, if not cheaper price than other servers. It suffers no major problems aside from the run in of being Kill Stolen by a foreigner who doesn't understand English. Besides LoOpEdd and Korwyn, Broa isn't a very high ranked server in terms of player levels (Scania being the best). But most Broans aren't really bothered by this fact and consider it good enough that they've been able to play for several years without server congestion.


Since the release of Broa in 2005, it has generally been seen as an alternative to Scania and Bera, the first two servers. Most found the new server to be attractive, because it allowed escape from the constant problems of Scania, and the (then) beginning problems of Bera. Throughout late 2005, the server's population rapidly exploded, and by 2006, it had begun to tie Bera. The late 2005 release of Windia was believed to have prevented this, but it didn't work originally as planned. However, Windia was at one point tied with Broa as the third most active server, and sometimes even eclipsed the server in peak activity (in 2008/2009). As of 2010, Broa is the fourth most popular server, behind Windia, Bera, and Scania. Players in Broa are usually friendly, which is caused by the stable economy and stable server.

Top 5 Players in Broa

Each world has a top five ranking. The top five players for Broa are:

Rank Name Class Level EXP
1 ZeroByDivide Luminous 242 0
2 Kisekki Xenon 232 0
3 Myrcea Angelic Buster 223 0
4 f2bi2n Aran 222 0
5 AdventTJ Pirate 222 0

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