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This is a guide on training your archer. For a guide on how to train your Hunter, see Hunter.
This is an article on training your archer. For a guide on how to train your Crossbowman, see Crossbowman.
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Basic Bowman's Guide

The Basics

Bowmen have the strongest ranged damage out of the four classes you can choose in MapleStory. But to better show comparison, we've included a nice Pros and Cons chart.


  • Bowmen have high ranged damage.
  • Bowmen have the highest knock back.
  • Can attack from far away.
  • At start, can do more damage than a starting magician.
  • Can attack quickly.
  • Equipment is relatively cheap in the higher levels
  • Bowmen can use swords in the beginning to help in the training.


  • Bowmen have horrible melee attack when level about Level 25+
  • Bowmen have unstable damage.
  • Bowmen consume arrows fairly quick at first.
  • Training is tedious in the beginning
  • Bowmen attack slowly drops when reaching Level 20+ (attack lower than all jobs)
  • Equipment is very expensive in lower levels.

You must know that Bowman, like all other jobs, will require many hours of training, leveling, and more in order to be number one. Many things will happen, but this guide will help make sure that you won't make a mistake!