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  • A short description of botting


Botting is usually associated with hacking; so as the player can hack whilst away from the computer, etc. (commonly known as 'AFK' - away from keyboard). Botting, like hacking, is also a violation of the NEXON terms of service (and such), thus, will also get players banned.


Please try to avoid getting involved in any rule-breaking activities, such as botting, and make sure to immediately report anyone you are sure is botting (or hacking). If that does not work, try using the Email of Enquiry option, or something similar.

How to know if someone's botting

First, see if they're just attacking non-stop. If you try to talk to them and you get no reply, they MIGHT be botting. Then, observe them for a few minutes. If the player is attacking non-stop, and monster are suspiciously spawning almost immediately when (s)he finishes killing them. If you see monster getting dragged to the location (s)he is hitting, then (s)he is almost surely BOTTING.