Blue Oriental Fury Coat (M)

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Blue Oriental Fury Coat (M)
Type Overalls
No. of Slots 10
Class Magician
Level 88
INT 265
LUK 90
Weapon Defense +76
Magic Defense +38
INT +3
LUK +6
Max MP +40


The male version of the Blue Oriental Fury Coat. Not to be confused with the female version.

NPC Value

  • 200,000 mesos


Oriental Fury Coats
Male coats
RedFuryM.gif   Red (M)
GreenFuryM.gif   Green (M)
BlueFuryM.gif   Blue (M)
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Female coats
RedFuryF.gif   Red (F)
GreenFuryF.gif   Green (F)
BlueFuryF.gif   Blue (F)
BlackFuryEF.gif   Black (F)

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