Blue Mushroom

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Possesses great speed and a powerful jumping attack, wearing down the travelers that run into it, but coughs up gold every once in a while, much to their delight.

Imagine an upgraded Orange Mushroom. They are mostly found in Blue Mushroom Forest, and rarely one or two have been spotted cohorting with the Octopus on the Construction Site North of Kerning City, and also spawn in the Forest East of Henesys. They can also be found on the way to Kerning City and in one of the trees on the way to Ellinia from Henesys. The main reasons they are hunted is for their Blue Mushroom Caps for the level 20 quest Pia and the Blue Mushroom or simply for their Gold Ores and cool high leveled rare items.


  • Level: 20
  • HP: 350
  • MP: 30
  • Experience: 32
  • Knock Back: 1
  • Speed: 5


  • Weapon Attack: 90
  • Magic Attack: 0
  • Accuracy: 55


  • Weapon Defense: 10
  • Magic Defense: 60
  • Avoidability: 7


Warrior Magician Thief Bowman Useable Etc.
Field Dagger, Iron Axe, Steel Mail (F), Blue Sergeant, Steel Sergeant Kilt, Mithril Pole Arm, Sledgehammer Purple Jewelry Shoes, Wizard Staff, Blue Matty Half-moon Zamadar, Black Knuckle Vest (M), Dark Avenger (F), Red Avenger (F)&, Red Loosecap , Green Burgler, Dark Nightshift, Field Dagger Red Shivermail (F), Red Skivermail Skirt (F) Blue Potion, Magic Potion, Orange Potion, 10% Scroll For Bottom Wear For DEX, 10% Scroll For Two-Handed Sword For ATTK Blue Mushroom Cap, Gold Ore
Mesos: 45-51