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Becoming a Blade Recruit

After becoming a Thief complete all of Ryden's quests. It is highly suggested that you do not do other quests until you advance, otherwise it may mess up your skill gains.

By the time you have finished Ryden's quests you should be nearly, if not exactly or even over, level 20. At this point you can talk to Ryden or enter the portal next to him to continue. After traveling a bit you will eventually find your new job instructor, Lady Syl. She will give you a quest to find an orb from lamps in the far left room parallel to her chamber. To break them use the normal ‘Attack’ key, and then "Use" them. If you do not gain one, you must continue hitting them until you obtain the orb. After you have obtained it return to her and she will advance you to Semi-Dualer/Blade Recruit.

Job Tree

First Stage
Second Stage
Third Stage
Fourth Stage
Fifth Stage
Sixth Stage
Blade Recruit
Blade Acolyte
Blade Specialist
Blade Lord
Blade Master


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Katara Mastery.png Katara Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of daggers and kataras. Passive 10 x -
Tornado Spin.png Tornado Spin QDashes forward quickly to perform a powerful spin attack against multiple enemies.
Lv. 15 effects: Links to Lv. 10+ Flying Assaulter
Active 15 x -
Self Haste.PNG Self Haste Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump. Increases maximum Movement Speed permanently. Supportive 10 x -