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Animation seen while Smithing.


Smithing is one of the three crafting Professions, along with Accessory Crafting and Alchemy. A Blacksmith can craft armor, weapons, and some other items such as arrows, using the materials gained through Mining. Talk to Gere in Ardentmill in order to learn the Smithing ability.

Smithing allows you to create different kinds of equips. You can create many equipment and ammunition: hats, tops, overalls, bottoms, shoes, gloves, capes, weapons, shields, blades, mechanic equips, dragon equips, arrows, throwing stars, bullets and android parts. Equips goes level 40 through to level 130. You must be a Miner to learn Smithing.

Materials Used

In addition to ores and jewels, Smiths also need abrasives for almost every item. Starting at Level 2, they will also need item crystals, which can be extracted from equipment at an Extractor. Unfortunately, only Alchemists can construct Extractors, and other players must pay a fee, set by the Alchemist, if they wish to use one. You may also purchase item crystals from other players.

Traits Affected

Like all crafting Professions, Smithing increases Diligence.

Craftable Items

From Smithing, you can create:
• Shields
• Consumables (Stars, Bullets and Arrows)
• Dragon Equips
• Mechanic Equips


Level Warrior Magician Bowman Thief Pirate
40 Yellow Duke White Guiltian Green Distinction Dark Pilfer Red Misty
50 Silver Crusader Helm Orange Golden Circlet Black Maro Blue Sonata Brown Leather Ocean Hat
60 Blue Oriental Helmet Blue Seraphis Brown Polyfeather Hat Silver Identity Purple Cast Linen
70 Mithril Planet Dark Infinium Circlet Green Patriot Blood Nightfox Black Pirate's Bandana
Force Walker Hairband Arcane Walker Hairband Wind Walker Hairband Mist Walker Hairband Fortune Walker Hairband
80 Red Dragon Barbute Green Galaxy Blue Falcon Green Pireta Hat Blue Sun Boat Hat
90 Blue Grace Helmet Green Oriental Fury Hat Red Arlic Helmet Brown Osfa Hat Red Brave Hamal
100 Dark Valhalla Helmet Green Varr Hat Blue Arnah Cap Red Canal Hood Black Polax Hat
110 Blue Dragon Helmet Gold Dragon Crown Red Hunter Black Garina Hood Canopus Hat
120 Timeless Fennel Timeless Coral Timeless Rapido Timeless Chive Timeless Conrad Henkel
Reverse Fennel Reverse Coral Reverse Rapido Reverse Chive Reverse Conrad Henkel
125 Abyss Fennel Abyss Coral Abyss Rapido Abyss Chive Abyss Conrad Henkel
Fearless Fennel Fearless Coral Fearless Rapido Fearless Chive Fearless Conrad Henkel
Victor Von Leon Helm Hex Von Leon Helm Celine Von Leon Helm Scar Von Leon Helm Mer Von Leon Helm
130 Agares Bloody Gear Eligos Bloody Gear Ipos Bloody Gear Halphas Bloody Gear Vepar Bloody Gear
Imperial Brave Gear Imperial Memories Gear Imperial Sharpness Gear Imperial Swift Gear Imperial Fervent Gear


Level Warrior Magician Bowman Thief Pirate
40 Yellow Jangoon Armor (M) - White Piette (M) Khaki Shadow (M) -
Red Jangoon Armor (F) - Brown Piettra (F) Red Shadow (F) -
50 Ocher Shouldermail (M) - - Red China (M) -
Ivory Shouldermail (F) - - Maroon Moon (F) -
60 Green Orientican (M) - - Light Scorpio (M) -
Green Ice Queen (F) - - Light Mantis (F) -
70 Bronze Platine (M) - - Brown Studded Top (M) -
Aqua Platina (F) - - Blue Mystique (F) -
80 - - - Green Pirate Top (M) -
- - - Green Pirate Blouse (F) -
90 Green Commodore (M) - - Brown Osfa Suit (M) -
Green Valkyrie (F) - - Brown Osfa Suit (F) -
100 Green Neos (M) - - - -
Green Lucida (F) - - - -


Level Warrior Magician Bowman Thief Pirate
40 Brown Jangoon Pants (M) - Blue Piette Pants (M) Khaki Shadow Pants (M) -
Red Jangoon Skirt (F) - White Piettra Skirt (F) Red Shadow Pants (F) -
50 Ocher Shouldermail Pants (M) - - Red China Pants (M) -
Ivory Shouldermail Skirt (F) - - - -
Dark Shouldermail Skirt (F) - - - -
60 Green Orientican Pants (M) - - Light Scorpio Pants (M) -
Green Ice Queen Skirt (F) - - Light Mantis Pants (F) -
70 Bronze Platine Pants (M) - - Brown Studded Pants (M) -
Aqua Platina Pants (F) - - Blue Mystique Pants (F) -
80 - - - Green Pirate Pants (M) -
- - - Green Pirate Skirt (F) -
90 Green Commodore Pants (M) - - Brown Osfa Suit Pants (M) -
Green Valkyrie Skirt (F) - - Brown Osfa Suit Pants (F) -
100 Green Neos Pants (M) - - - -
Green Lucida Skirt (F) - - - -


Level Warrior Magician Bowman Thief Pirate
38 - Red Starlight (M) - - -
- Red Moonlight (F) - - -
40 - - - - Red Barbay
48 - Dark Calas (M) - - -
- Dark Calaf (F) - - -
50 - - Blue-Lined Kismet (M) - Green Plasteer
- - Red Lumati (F) -
58 - Blue Anakamoon (M) - - -
- Blue Anakarune (F) - - -
60 - - Orange Tai (M) - Black Royal Barone
- - Red Choro (F) -
68 - Arcane Walker Plate Mail - - -
- Red Requiem (M) - - -
- Red Requierre (F) - - -
70 Force Walker Plate Mail - Wind Walker Plate Mail Mist Walker Plate Mail Fortune Walker Plate Mail
- - Beige Linnex (M) - Red Viska
- - Beige Lineros (F) -
78 - Green Enigmatic (M) - - -
- Green Enigma (F) - - -
80 Red Battle Lord (M) - Green Pris (M) - White Pioneer
Red Battle Empress (F) - Green Pria (F) -
88 - Blue Oriental Fury Coat (M) - - -
- Blue Oriental Fury Coat (F) - - -
90 - - Red Ades (M) - White Marquini
- - Red Anes (F) -
98 - Green Varuna (M) - - -
- Green Bazura (F) - - -
100 - - Red Arzuna (M) Dark Katinas (M) Red Belly Duke
- - Red Armis (F) Dark Katte (F)
108 - Blue Czar - - -
110 Blue Dragon Armor - Red Mantle Black Garina Canopus Suit
118 - Timeless Myst Blue - - -
- Reverse Myst Blue - - -
120 Timeless Taragon - Timeless Evernew Timeless Prinsid Timeless Burgunt
Reverse Taragon - Reverse Evernew Reverse Prinsid Reverse Burgunt
125 Abyss Taragon Abyss Myst Blue Abyss Evernew Abyss Prinsid Abyss Burgunt
Fearless Taragon Fearless Myst Blue Fearless Evernew Fearless Prinsid Fearless Burgunt
Victor Von Leon Battle Suit Hex Von Leon Battle Suit Celine Von Leon Battle Suit Scar Von Leon Battle Suit Mer Von Leon Battle Suit
130 Agares Bloody Mail Eligos Bloody Mail Ipos Bloody Mail Halphas Bloody Mail Vepar Bloody Mail
Imperial Brave Mail Imperial Memories Mail Imperial Sharpness Mail Imperial Swift Mail Imperial Fervent Mail


Level Warrior Magician Bowman Thief Pirate
40 Brown Jangoon Shoes Red Moon Shoes Red Pierre Shoes Black Green-Lined Shoes Brown Leather Krag
50 Orihalcon Hildon Boots Pink Goldwind Shoes Brown Steel-Tip Boots Green Goni Shoes Brown Double Boots
60 Sapphire Camel Boots Orange Goldrunners Red Gore Boots Dark Moss Boots Black Basile Boots
70 Purple Carzen Boots Blue Lapiz Sandals Beige Elf Shoes Red Mystique Shoes Black Voyson Shoes
Force Walker Heavy Boots Arcane Walker Heavy Boots Wind Walker Heavy Boots Mist Walker Heavy Boots Fortune Walker Heavy Boots
80 Red Rivers Boots Purple Enigma Shoes Blue Wing Boots Red Pirate Boots Blue Pageant
90 Orihalcon War Greave Blue Neli Shoes Green Ades Shoes Brown Osfa Boots Black Markintz
100 Green Crescent Boots Dark Varr Shoes Green Arnah Shoes Blue Katinas Boots Black Duke Barkin Shoes
110 Blue Dragon Boots Blue Elemental Shoes Red Hunter Shoes Black Garina Shoes Canopus Boots
120 Timeless Grabbe Timeless Cabatina Timeless Rontano Timeless Moonsteed Timeless Faraon
Reverse Grabbe Reverse Cabatina Reverse Tontano Reverse Moonsteed Reverse Faraon
125 Abyss Grabbe Abyss Cabatina Abyss Rontano Abyss Moonsteed Abyss Faraon
Fearless Grabbe Fearless Cabatina Fearless Rontano Fearless Moonsteed Fearless Faraon
Victor Von Leon War Boots Hes Von Leon War Boots Celine Von Leon War Boots Scar Von Leon War Boots Mer Von Leon War Boots
130 Agares Bloody Boots Eligos Bloody Boots Ipos Bloody Boots Halphas Bloody Boots Vepar Bloody Boots
Imperial Brave Boots Imperial Memories Boots Imperial Sharpness Boots Imperial Swift Boots Imperial Fervent Boots