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==Bishop Skills==
==Bishop Skills==
[[Image:Example.jpg]]===[[Holy Shield]]===
===[[Holy Shield]]===
Old name: Magic Interruption<br>
Old name: Magic Interruption<br>
Type: Party<br>
Type: Party<br>

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Bishop Skills

Holy Shield

Old name: Magic Interruption
Type: Party
Description: For a period of time, status abnormality attacks will be nullified to all party members.
Cooldown time: 2 minutes.
Max Level 30: 69 MP, 40 seconds duration.
Comment: This is a natural dispel ability, lasting for however only 40 seconds with a 10 minute countdown...

Angel Ray

Old name: Holy Strike
Type: Active
Description: Shoot a projectile with holy power.
Max Level 30: 240 magic power, 60% mastery
Comment: Looks like another version of Holy Arrow (small range, holy base, single target, low damage). Don't expect much from this skill. It is also not very fast.(Can do up to 10k Dmg)


Old name: Holy Dragon
Type: Summon
Description: For a period of time, summon the Holy Dragon to assist you. Holy Dragon hits up to 3 targets.
Requires Priest's LV 30(MAX) Dragon Summon.
Max Level 30: 160 MP,160 seconds lasting duration, 230 magic power.
Comment: A giant red dragon summon that does (high) Holy Damage, attack speed is about same as the Priest Dragon Summon. It however does not only hover around you; it will try to attack mobs across platforms (vertically or horizontally) by its own. It will continue to attack even when you are on the ladder.


Old name: Last Judgement
Type: Active
Description: Summon rays of holy light to destroy the battlefield.
Max Level 30: 3500 MP, 670 magic power, up to 15 targets.
Comment: The Bishop's equivalent of Volcano/Ice Field. Remember bishops don't have Magic Amplifcation from 3rd job, unlike the Arch Mages. Judgement is a full screen holy attack, but it might not have the same radius as Volcano/Ice Field.


Type: Active
Description: Revive dead party members using holy magic. Cooldown timer decreases with higher skill level.
Max Level 10: 40 MP, Cooldown time: 30 minutes.
Comment: Instantly restore a dead party member. The revived person will have 100% full life after being resurrected.