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==Becoming a Bishop==
To become a bishop you have to be LV120. Where do you receive this upgrade? It is in a place called Leafre.
First talk to Grendel the Really Old. He will then tell you to talk to Gritto, in Leafre.
Now she will give you some info. She will tell you to get these 2 items. The
Heroic Star and The Heroic Pentagon. To get these 2 items you will have to either:
Get them from Manon and Griffey
Give a scroll called Secret Letter of Spell to Chief Tatamo of Leafre and he will give you the 2 items
(Note: To get the scroll, you have to buy it from Vega in the 44th floor of the Eos Tower. This scroll costs 10 million mesos.)
Now to bring them back to Gritto. Then you will get the skill book for Maple Hero.
Then talk to her again and you will become a BISHOP! You'll receive 5 Ap and 3 Sp.
==Why Choose the Path of a Magician to Cleric to Priest and finally to Bishop?==
Well as you should know, magician is a popular class and is pretty fun to play on.
But once you are a Cleric, leveling becomes very slow but on the up-side, you will get a lot richer than most classes.
Then when your a Priest, you become amazingly powerful and popular for every party needs a Priest to Heal, Bless, etc. them.
But at level 120, once your a Bishop, you will become the most powerful type of character in Maplestory. All because of Genesis (basic attack of 670 when mastered which is more than 6 times as powerful than Shining Ray).
As a magician, you will level up very fast during levels 21-25 (at that level I trained on Horny Mushrooms)
Then when you become a Cleric, you should always master Heal first (even if you are a solo, party, two-timer (both partying and soloing) cleric. Leveling will be fast during levels 30-40 when you train on Zombie Mushroom and occasionally Jr. Wraiths (still takes a long time though)From levels 40-50, I'd suggest Ludi Party Quest or if you a solo cleric go to Jr. Wraiths or just do quests that offer a good amount of exp. From levels 50-70, a lot of people say it will take a long time. I don't know myself because my highest level chracter was only level 40 (*sob*). I'll suggest Wraiths, all three kinds of Chronos, and once you are above level 55 maybe Coolie Zombies. You should mass heal them, no magic claw or maybe holy arrow for individuals.
Well hopefully now you are a level 70 priest. Here on if you want some fun, go ahead and take on Jr. Balrog (take on Crimson Balrog onces you master Shining Ray). Otherwise, just keep on hunting Coolie Zombies. If it gets boring, try killing the Ghosts at Zipangu but make sure your about level 73. At level 80, go ahead and kill the Phantom Watches at Ludi as your average everyday monsters for decent exp. At level 90, you might try to take on Crimson Balrog because they have very good drops (all 10% scrolls). At level 100, try Pianus with other party members or try Papulatus with other party members too. Make sure when you are facing these bosses to have atleast one party member who is level 120 or higher. At level 110, you might as well take on any boss (except Zakum and the bosses at Showa) Maplestory has to offer.
At level 120, you become a Bishop!
Hurray! But the sad part is...
You won't have your special Bishop skills (not the common ones that every class gets).
How do you get them? Well, there are quests that have 4th job skills as the reward. You need to take those quests to receive your ultimate skills.
Good Luck!!
==Bishop Skills==
http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh231/kometto/bishop001.gif'''[[Maple Warrior]]'''(Level 20)
'''Type:''' Supportive
'''Description:''' Increase all players' stats within a party by certain percentage.
*Level 1: MP -10, for 30 secs, all stats + 1%
*Level 10: MP -20, for 300 secs, all stats + 5%
*Level 20: MP -40, for 600 secs, all stats + 10%
Comment: This move is crazy! It's like Hyper Body but I say it's a lot better.
It's like scrolling every piece of your armor. It also lasts a very long time.
I recommend maxing this after some crucial skills since you must have HIGH int by now.
http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh231/kometto/bishop002.gif'''[[Big Bang]]'''(Level 30)
'''Type:''' Active
'''Description:''' Gathers up numerous particles around the area as energy sources for a short period of time, culminating with a final powerful explosion.
*Level 1: MP -25, Max Attack 160, Skill 35
*Level 15: MP -40, Max Attack 300, Skill 55
*Level 30: MP -50, Max Attack 450, Skill 80
Comment: This is like a F/P Mage's Explosion. It wastes more time then any Bishop skill including
Genesis. It could be fast if you don't charge it much but you won't have much attack though.
Though a good skill I don't recommend getting this in the top priorities list.
http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh231/kometto/bishop003.gif'''[[Mana Reflection]]'''(Level 30)
'''Type:''' Active
'''Description:''' By drawing an incredible inner strength, enables one to reverse the flow of Mana back to the monster, returning the damage received from the monster. The returned damage cannot exceed 20% of Max HP of the monster.
*Level 1: MP -26, for duration of 10secs, with success rate 31%, returns 55% of magic damage received back to enemy.
*Level 15: MP -40, for duration of 150secs, with success rate 45%, returns 125% of magic damage received back to enemy.
*Level 30: MP -45, for duration of 250secs, with success rate 60%, returns 200% of magic damage received back to enemy.
Comment: Similar to Power Guard but for Magic Attacks. Very useful in boss fights.
This is semi-important but not a MUST NEED! Get it after a few needed skills
have been gotten.
[[Image:Bishop004.gif]]'''[[Bahamut]]'''(Level 30)
'''Type:''' Active
'''Description:''' Temporarily summons Bahamut, a holy dragon. Attacks up to 3 monsters.
'''Pre-Requisite:''' Summon Dragon Lv. 15
*Level 1: MP -13, Basic attack 113, for 15 secs
*Level 15: MP -55, Basic attack 160, for 85 secs
*Level 30: MP -100, Basic attack 230, for 160 secs
Comment: Bahamut is one of the crucial skills for a bishop. It has a somewhat slower attacking rate compared to the priest's Summon Dragon but is a lot stronger and hits up to 3 monsters. There is no need for a Summoning Rock or Magic Rock.
http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh231/kometto/bishop005.gif'''[[Infinity]]'''(Level 30)
'''Type:''' Active
'''Description:''' Enables one to draw magic powers from sources around the area and use it for a time being in place of one's own MP. Time required between skills: 10 minutes.
*Level 1: For 11 secs, Mana is left intacted.
*Level 15: For 25 secs, Mana is left intacted.
*Level 30: For 40 secs, Mana is left intacted.
Comment: VERY useful when you have Genesis. Since genesis uses a lot of MP
A lot of people tend to use this first before using Genesis. Again not a MUST NEED!
but you should get this after Genesis.
[[Image:Bishop006.gif]]'''[[Holy Shield]]'''(Level 30)
'''Type:''' Supportive
'''Description:''' Temporarily provides all of the party members a buff that prevents them from suffering any abnormal status. Time required between skills: 2 minutes.
*Level 1: MP -12, for 11 secs.
*Level 15: MP -30, for 25 secs.
*Level 30: MP -40, for 40 secs.
Comment: When maxed, this buff allows you and your party to prevent from getting any abnormal status for 40 seconds. It will be very effective when facing boss monsters than can curse, weaken, etc. I recommend maxing this after the crucial skills.
[[Image:Bishop007.gif]]'''[[Resurrection]]'''(Level 10)
'''Type:''' Supportive
'''Description:''' Resurrects a member instantly.
*Level 1: MP -85, time required between skills: 57 minutes
*Level 10: MP -40, time required between skills: 30 minutes
Comment: This skill will make party members die to get you into their party when facing bosses so when one of them dies, you get resurrect him/her to full health. For party bishops, max this quickly.
[[Image:Bishop008.gif]]'''[[Angel's Ray]]'''(Level 30)
'''Type:''' Active
'''Description:''' Attacks a single monster with a holy arrow, incurring tremendous holy damages.
*Level 1: MP -16, Basic attack 123, Mastery 15%
*Level 15: MP -24, Basic attack 170, Mastery 35%
*Level 30: MP -25, Basic attack 240, Mastery 60%
Comment: This skill is similar to Holy Arrow but uses 25 MP (when mastered) and has a basic attack of 240 (when mastered) compared to Holy Arrow's usage of 24 MP (when mastered) and a basic attack of 80 (when mastered). I'd say this is a bishop's everyday attack (like a magician's usage of a Magic Claw).
[[Image:Bishop009.gif]]'''[[Genesis]]'''(Level 30)
'''Type:''' Active
'''Description:''' A holy ray of light falls from the sky, attacks up to 15 monsters at one time. Incurs tremendous holy damages to the attacked.
*Level 1: MP -2100, Basic attack 430
*Level 15: MP -3500, Basic attack 570
*Level 30: MP -3500, Basic attack 670
Comment: This is a bishop's ultimate move. It is recognized as the most powerful skill in Maplestory that can kill 2 Crimson Balrogs in probably 2 hits each when maxed. This skill is crucially important for a bishop if you want to level up fast. Although this skill is not recommended to use when facing a boss monster, it is still recommended to be maxed during your first levels of a bishop. Most bishops max this first/second.
http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh231/kometto/bishop010.gif'''[[Awakening]]'''(Level 1)
'''Type:''' Supportive
'''Description:''' Enables one to escape from abnormal conditions. The higher the skill level, the more variety of abnormal conditions one can escape from. Time required between skills: 10 Minutes
*Level 1: MP - 30 escape from abnormal condition
Comment: This skill use rather useless... Since you have dispel and since dispel doesn't have a cooldown time it is more better I think.

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