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#REDIRECT [[Bishop]]
The Bishop is the fourth Job advancement for [[Priest Class|Priests]]. The Bishop has access to the strongest holy magic. The skill [[Holy Shield]] allows the Bishop to protect their party from any enemy status effects for a short period of time. [[Bahamut]] summons a large holy dragon to help the Bishop. A very useful skill is [[Resurrection]], which revives a fallen party member. [[Angel's Ray]] acts like a much more powerful [[Holy Arrow]], attacking one monster for severe damage. The Bishop's ultimate skill is [[Genesis]], which blasts the battlefield with holy light, causing tremendous holy damage.
==Becoming a Bishop==
At Level 120, speak to [[Robeira]]. She will send you to see Gritto of Leafre. The job instructor will instruct you to return the [[Heroic Star]] and [[Heroic Pentagon]]. They are dropped by [[Manon]] and [[Griffey]], or obtained through buying the [[Secret Letter of Spell]] from [[Vega]] and giving it to Chief Tatamo of Leafre. Either way, return the items to Gritto and she will complete your journey as a [[Priest Class|Priest]] and advance you to Bishop!
==Magician Job Tree==
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==Bishop Skills==
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==<span style="color:red;">Wiki Guides</span><br>''<small><small><small>Pages made by '''MapleTip''' members.</small></small></small>''==
===Bishop Guide===
[[Party Mage to Bishop Guide]]
<small>This is an index of guides for [[Bishop Class|Bishops]]. If you would like to create your own guide, please view the [[MapleWiki:Create Guides|create guides page]] for more information.</small>
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