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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

This is my guide to being a Warrior/Spearman. Feel free to edit any errors you may find. A word of caution though: I think differently from conventional people.

Pros and Cons of a Warrior

I think I can start by saying a bit about this, so you can decide if you want to become a warrior or not.


  • Can opt not to spend mesos on training, by simply whacking monsters (i.e. cheap class for training, no need for MP/projectiles)
  • High physical defense, taking less damage from mobs
  • High HP, which is further augmented by Improving Max HP Increase
  • Easiest to level in Maple Island
  • Has a multi-hit skill in 1st job, Slash Blast
  • Can multiply damage by 2.6 times by using Power Strike for just 12 MP(compare to bowmen; their Arrow Blow costs 14 MP)
  • Dominates in the sector of dealing high damage in a single blow (Magicians use Magic Claw which is a double hit skill, most archers go for Double Shot which is also double hit, and while Assasins use Lucky Seven, Bandits use Double Stab and Savage Blow which are all multi hit skills.) In other words, Warriors are praised for their ability to knockback monsters with high KB values.


  • Lowest MP of all classes (minus Spearmen, our heroes =D)
  • Low Magic Defense
  • Short-ranged, prone to getting KS-ed
  • Unstable damage in first job (envying the magicians) due to lack of mastery
  • Usually encounters the problem of lack of accuracy (especially low-DEX warriors)

Creating your character

There isn't much to say. Pick any armor and hairstyle you like, it doesn't make any difference. Weapon choice is also up to you. What's most important is the stats you pick. Ideally your stats should look like this:
Str: any amount
Dex: any amount
Int: 4
Luk: 4
You can replace EITHER Int OR Luk with a "5" if you are not that patient.
Once you're done, welcome to the world of Maplestory!!!

Being a Beginner

So you're that puny little weakling wandering around Maple Island... well don't worry about big bullies here, for

  1. there aren't many high-leveled players in Maple Island, most of them have found new land, and
  2. if you do meet a bully just say "So what, I'm as tall as you!" xD

Okay enough about that. As a to-be-warrior you'll find that you are the easiest class to train on in Maple Island, because of your high strength. I reccommend you to do all the quests for the EXP and perhaps the items. If you have friends who are willing to train you in Victoria Island, by all means leave Maple Island, no need to do the quests there EXCEPT for Pio's quest, for the green chair.
As for new weapons and armor: DO NOT buy them from the stores. They are basically the same things as what you're wearing, and these mesos are better spent on potions.

Who/Where to train on

Basically stick to Snails until you can one-hit KO those Blue Snails and Shrooms. The best place to train on snails are the snail hunting grounds. Don't train on the Split Road unless you can tackle Red Snails efficiently. DON'T go to those big fat Orange Mushrooms unless you want to try doing the quests involving orange mushrooms (remember, the quests give EXP, which may actually shorten the time spent on Maple Island).

But the best way is to leech on a higher-leveled player on Victoria Island. Party someone and just sit back, relax, and watch your EXP bar fill up.

AP Distribution

Simple: You DEX is twice your level. The rest of the AP goes to Strength. DO NOT put any AP into the other 4 stats: I did that once and now I'm regretting it... the hard way. I was dishing out about 100 less damage compared to other warriors. Follow this all the way throughout you career.. well at least until 3rd Job.

Finding new land

Once you are Level 9 and have about 25-28% of EXP left to become Level 10, head on to the flying ship in Southperry. Pay 150 mesos (no problem, right?) and congratulations: you're in Victoria Island!!!
Head on to Olaf somewhere in the middle of the map and talk to him. Answer a few simple questions and tell him you want to take the path of the Warrior. Finishing that go to the ticket booth, talk to that guy and pay 120 mesos for a ride to Perion. Following that you make your way up. There should be a portal there. Enter and you'll see Dances with Balrog. Talk to him and you will become a Warrior! You'll notice a huge boost in your HP.

Being a Warrior

Go inside the Perion weapon store. Don't buy any armor just yet, but pick up a spear (or a polearm). Both work well due to their longer reach, though they may be slow. Then stock up on Red Potions, and you're ready to train!

SP Build

The reason I weave in between slash blast and power strike is because at some levels the MP and HP costs rise.

Skill Build:

  • Level 10: +1 in Improving HP Recovery
  • Level 11: +3 in Improving HP Recovery
  • Level 12: +1 in Improving HP Recovery, +2 in Improving Max HP Increase
  • Level 13: +3 in Improving Max HP Increase
  • Level 14: +3 in Improving Max HP Increase
  • Level 15: +2 in Improving Max HP Increase (max!), +1 in Power Strike
  • Level 16: +3 in Power Strike
  • Level 17: +3 in Power Strike
  • Level 18: +2 in Power Strike, +1 in Slash Blast
  • Level 19: +2 in Power Strike, +1 in Slash Blast
  • Level 20: +2 in Power Strike, +1 in Slash Blast
  • Level 21: +2 in Power Strike, +1 in Slash Blast
  • Level 22: +2 in Power Strike, (save 1 SP)
  • Level 23: +3 in Power Strike (max!)
  • Level 24: +3 in Slash Blast
  • Level 25: +4 in Slash Blast (use up saved SP)
  • Level 26: +3 in Slash Blast
  • Level 27: +3 in Slash Blast
  • Level 28: +3 in Slash Blast (max!)
  • Level 29: +3 in Endure
  • Level 30: +3 in Iron Body

So you'll have:

What to wear?



Many people recommend that you use Swords, because they are fast. I say that though they are fast, their range is a complete different story. You need to get REALLY up close just to get a whack at them. And at lower levels, monsters aren't that fast, in fact, when I hold my attack button and whack away with a Fruits Knife (Dagger, Faster speed), the monster just gets knocked back so far, it gets out of reach, and I swing in thin air. Not a good thing: it wastes time.

So get a pole arm/spear. However from level 20 onwards, spears aren't sold in the departmental store anymore, so stick to polearms. Unless you get lucky with your drops or have a funded character to pay for your equipments.

Polearm statistics:

    Lvl | Polearm's Name | Price | WA
     10 | Pole Arm       |  3000 | 32
     15 | Iron Ball      |  8000 | 37
     20 | Studded PA     | 12000 | 42
     25 | Janitor's Mop  | 24000 | 47

For me, I easily get Spear drops from Orange Mushrooms so I use that until level 20, when I replace it with the Studded Polearm. If you don't get a spear, buy a Pole Arm from the departmental store. No need to hold on to the Fruits Knife/Razor you got from Maple Island.


I'll further split this section up.

Top, Bottom, Shoes, Helmet and Gloves

Note: I don't advocate overalls because they give less total defense compared to Top+Bottom

First things first. Since you're using an unfunded character, using upgraded (i.e. synthesized) armours are out of the question.

I won't list all the equipments you can get, but here's a guide to what equipments you should buy. Note that gloves cannot be bought, so they are difficult to get.

  • Level 10: Skip the level 10 set. Stick to your beginner armour.
    • Do get the level 12 hat if you wish.
  • Level 15: Get the level 15 top + bottom, they add stats.
  • Level 20: Obtain the level 20 shoes. From now on PQ until you get a Green/Blue bamboo hat. If you're tired of the low defense of the bamboo hat, get your level hats from the store instead. Oh, and through Nella & Kerning City Citizen's Request (Part 1), you can get the level 20 gloves. Get the level 20 set of top and bottom, if you're rich enough. Be warned that the pants still give low HP and MP bonuses. Also pick your shoes.
  • Level 25:Just stick to your armour. If you didn't get the level 20 set of top and bottom, acquire the level 25 set, or just the top if you're running low on funds.

Top (only some are listed)

  Lvl |        Name          | Price | WD | STR | DEX | +HP | +MP |
   15 | Steel Corporal       |  5500 | 20 |  -  |  -  |  10 |  -  |
   15 | Brown Corporal       |  5500 | 20 |  -  |  -  |  -  |  10 |
   20 | Blue Sergeant        |  9000 | 25 |  1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
   20 | Red Sergeant         |  9000 | 25 |  -  |  1  |  -  |  -  |
   25 | Dark Master Sergeant | 16000 | 30 |  2  |  -  |  -  |  -  |

Bottom (only some are listed)

  Lvl |               Name              | Price | WD | STR | DEX | +HP | +MP |
   15 | Steel Corporal Pants            |  5000 | 16 |  -  |  -  |  5  |  -  |
   15 | Bronze Corporal Pants           |  5000 | 16 |  -  |  -  |  -  |  5  |
   20 | Steel Sergeant Kilt             |  9000 | 20 |  -  |  -  |  5  |  -  |
   20 | Red Sergeant Kilt               |  9000 | 20 |  -  |  -  |  -  |  5  |
   25 | Dark Master Sergeant Kilt       | 14000 | 24 |  1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
   25 | Orihalcon Master Sergeant Kilt  | 14000 | 24 |  1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
   25 | Silver Master Sergeant Skirt    | 14000 | 24 |  -  |  1  |  -  |  -  |

Helmet (only some are listed)

  Lvl |          Name           | Price | WD | STR | DEX |
   12 | Bronze Helmet           |  2700 | 12 |  -  |  -  |
   15 | Bronze Full Helm        |  3500 | 12 |  -  |  -  |
   20 | Bronze Football Helmet  |  8500 | 12 |  -  |  -  |
   22 | Steel Sharp Helm        | 11500 | 22 |  -  |  -  |
   25 | Iron Burgernet Helm     | 19000 | 25 |  -  |  -  |
   25 | Blue Bamboo Hat         |    PQ | 15 |  3  |  -  |
   25 | Green Bamboo Hat        |    PQ | 15 |  -  |  3  |

Shoes (only some are listed)

  Lvl |        Name         | Price | WD |
   15 | Bronze Grieves      |  5000 |  9 |
   15 | Steel Grieves       |  5000 |  9 |
   20 | Blue High Boots     | 10000 | 12 |
   20 | Brown High Boots    | 10000 | 12 |
   20 | Orange High Boots   | 10000 | 12 |
   25 | Mithril War Boots   | 15000 | 15 |
   25 | Silver War Boots    | 15000 | 15 |
  • Level 10: Skip the level 10 set. Stick to your beginner armour.
    • Do get the level 10/12 hat if you wish.
  • Level 15: Get the level 15 overalls, since there is no top/bottom. Do this only if you're running out of Accuracy, if not, skip this and go for the level 20 one.
  • Level 20: Obtain the level 20 shoes. From now on PQ until you get a Green/Blue bamboo hat. Oh, and through Nella & Kerning City Citizen's Request (Part 1), you can get the level 20 gloves. Get the level 20 set of top and bottom if you're still wearing your beginner outfit. Get a pair of shoes, your feet stink!
  • Level 25: The Sky Shark Skirt (F) is good for running around, keep one for running about. If you don't want to wear overalls from levels 30-40, change your clothes now.

Top (only some are listed)

  Lvl |      Name      | Price | WD | STR | DEX | Speed |
   20 | Brown Lamelle  |  9000 | 25 |  1  |  -  |   -   |
   20 | Green Lamelle  |  9000 | 25 |  -  |  1  |   -   |
   25 | Sky Shark      | 16000 | 30 |  -  |  -  |   7   |
   25 | Blue Shark     | 16000 | 30 |  2  |  -  |   -   |

Bottom (only some are listed)

  Lvl |          Name         | Price | WD | STR | DEX | +HP | +MP | Speed |
   20 | Red Lamelle Skirt     |  9000 | 20 |  -  |  -  |  5  |  -  |   -   |
   20 | Green Lamelle Skirt   |  9000 | 20 |  -  |  -  |  -  |  5  |   -   |
   20 | Brown Lamelle Skirt   |  9000 | 20 |  -  |  -  |  3  |  2  |   -   |
   25 | Sky Shark Skirt       | 14000 | 25 |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |   5   |
   25 | Blue Shark Skirt      | 14000 | 25 |  1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |   -   |

Overall (when no top + bottom is avaliable)

  Lvl |        Name        | Price | WD | Intristic Effects |
   15 | Steel Fitted Mail  |  8000 | 25 | +1 Accuracy, +5 HP|

Helmet (same as male)

  Lvl |          Name           | Price | WD | STR | DEX |
   12 | Bronze Helmet           |  2700 | 12 |  -  |  -  |
   15 | Bronze Full Helm        |  3500 | 12 |  -  |  -  |
   20 | Bronze Football Helmet  |  8500 | 12 |  -  |  -  |
   22 | Steel Sharp Helm        | 11500 | 22 |  -  |  -  |
   25 | Iron Burgernet Helm     | 19000 | 25 |  -  |  -  |
   25 | Blue Bamboo Hat         |    PQ | 15 |  3  |  -  |
   25 | Green Bamboo Hat        |    PQ | 15 |  -  |  3  |

Shoes (same as male)

  Lvl |        Name         | Price | WD |
   15 | Bronze Grieves      |  5000 |  9 |
   15 | Steel Grieves       |  5000 |  9 |
   20 | Blue High Boots     | 10000 | 12 |
   20 | Brown High Boots    | 10000 | 12 |
   20 | Orange High Boots   | 10000 | 12 |
   25 | Mithril War Boots   | 15000 | 15 |
   25 | Silver War Boots    | 15000 | 15 |
  • If you have a choice, take +STR or +DEX equipments over +HP or +MP. It's the same concept as not adding AP to HP/MP.
  • I usually take DEX equipments. Strength will not help much, only that few extra points of damage, which barely increases your chance of killing monsters with fewer strikes. On the other hand, DEX allows you to have a slightly higher hit rate, crucial for monsters like Jr. Necki. Though in the end this boils down to personal choice, really.
  • The reason why I do not advocate replacing armour every five levels is, of course, due to the high high cost. Sure you can resell your old equipments, but it's still difficult to rack up the mesos, and can be better spent on potions (or other stuff, like your funding to trip to Orbis)

Earrings and Capes

Arrrrgh!! These are expensive stuff. Usually you can only obtain them through trading with other players, or get lucky drops. You can't even smith them from NPCs!!! Generally, magic defence from earrings isn't important at all, because the places which you train in do not contain monsters which use magical attacks. As such, don't force yourself to buy these earrings, at least until you train on magical offensive monsters.

  • Level 10-24: No capes. Earrings-wise, there are two you can get in the Henesys shop. Do NOT buy them. For 8,000 mesos, they are a complete waste, Look at them, they do not give stats. Earrings are like that until level 25 so whether you can get earrings from drops or from shops, do NOT buy them. Sell earring drops instead.
  • Level 25-34: Okay a bit of overlap into 2nd job, but here's the catch: you get free earrings from the quest Alex the Runaway Kid. Cool huh? Plus you get earrings from Kerning City Party Quest too! Sounds too good to be true right? Yes, it does. Because it is. There is a better earring: Leaf Earring, acquired from Dr. Betty's Research on Plants 2. The additional 50 Max MP is a blessing, as warriors have stinkingly low MP. And as said before, magical attacks aren't used much in 1st job training, if at all.


My guide to training... llets use the 5W1H (WhatWhyWhoWhenWhereHow) model.


Train up -.-


To gain EXP. Not only that, but also effectively. It's useless fighting Tauromacis at level 20, but it isn't any better at Snails. Also a finding a good place is important. Not a place that has no monsters half the time (eg. Hidden Street : An Empty House)


You -.-"


When you play -.-"""""""


Finally. A relevant question.

Level 10-15: The Field Up North of Ellinia is a decent place to train. Slimes and Stumps are good to train on, and give items you need for quests. Those plants scattered around can give you red potions, meaning less time spent restocking potions! Alternatively you can regenerate your HP by sitting in your Relax Chair you obtained in Maple Island, but there aren't any safe spots in this field for you to rest, due to the Slime's ability to jump around. I find it very effective to slash blast the slimes at the bottom once they have accumulated, but you probably won't have any points in that skill yet.

Level 15-20: Move on to Orange Mushrooms in Kerning City (best to train in Kerning City Construction Site. {Although other guides say Pig Beach or Green Mushrooms, I don't find them good because for pig beach the ribbon pig can easily take off lots of HP, and usually you cannot find a good spot because higher-leveled people KS you easily. Green mushrooms are way too tough.} You can occasionally go upwards to kill those Octopi. Their legs are needed for quests. Orange mushrooms also drop Diamond Ore!

Head to Pig beach early If you can get another person with a different job to come with you.

Level 20-26: NOW it's time for the piggies at Pig Beach. With such a fast spawn rate, this place is ideal for training... if no one else is around. Change channel if you spot an Iron Hog. I recommend training in the bottom area, then once in while go up the ladder to clear all the spawn collected by slash blasting. Pig Heads are very difficult to collect, so it's better to spend some time here. Leather also sells for a decent amount, should you happen to run out of mesos.

Level 22-26: Tree Dungeon, Forest Up North V is nice. It is rarely filled with people, and you can Slash Blast your way through mobs of slimes. The Horned Mushrooms drop their caps, needed for a few quests. This place is not so good for EXP due to the fact that you have to do quite a fair bit of jumping. Also this area is not easy to find. It's in the forest connecting Perion and Ellinia. Go in all the holes until you find it. Only ONE hole leads into the correct area!!

Level 26-29: Subway in Kerning City. The area is filled only with Bubblings. The number and spawn rate is simply amazing. The Bubbling's Huge Bubbles can be sold to other people for more mesos. Occasionally you can enter the Stirge area for Stirge's Wings, in the case that you get bored of training on bubblings. Accuracy shouldn't be a problem by now.

Level 28-30: Ant Tunnel. The spawn rate is high, and the Zombie Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms both drop their charms and caps respectively, which are needed for quests. A word of caution: many times I have fallen down because the platforms aren't big, and the Horned mushrooms keep knocking me down. If you're tight on potions at this point, do party with Clerics. They are easy to find (zombie mushrooms are undead), their heal immensely helps, and at the same time, you can finish the Rememberer quest faster with a party.

Level 28-30: Wild Boar Land. One map east of Perion, you will see a door. Enter it. The whole place is filled with Wild Boars, dropping teeth and, during a certain quest, Pieces of Mirror. But watch out for the Jr. Boogies, if you accidentally hit them, RUN AWAY!

Level 26-30: Kerning PQ. Actually this PQ is for those from Level 21-30. However before Level 26 your warrior is very weak: it misses Ligators half the time, and during the fight of King Slime you'd probably be tanking. But the rewards are good (+3 DEX given by the Green Bamboo Hat helps in hitting monsters with high avoidability | +3 STR given by the Blue Bamboo Hat will never be found in other hats until as high as level 80 hats). However be warned that the EXP gain is poor (unless you camp in 1st stage/Bonus stage) and the time taken to get in may impact your EXP gain badly.



  • If you have enough mesos, bring along 100 of each, so you can train for as long of a time as possible
  • Even if you start using Orange and White potions, keep spots for Red Potion drops from monsters.
  • Buy MP potions in Ellinia if possible, as the price there is slightly reduced. Of course it isn't that worth it if you take a return scroll all the way there just for the discount.

NOTE: Healing Ratio here means the ratio of the HP the potion heals to the cost of the potion, in other words, the cost of every hit point healed.

  • Red Potions: I use these from level 8 onwards to level 12-15. Since you are a Warrior and have loads of MaxHP, you will upgrade your HP potions earlier than other classes.
    • Heals 50 HP
    • Costs 50 Mesos
    • Healing Ratio --> 1:1 (848:848)
  • Orange Potions + White Potions: After Red Potions, I get both of these. Usually I stock twice as many orange potions as white ones. Remember that both have the same healing ratio.
    • Heals 150/300 HP
    • Costs 160/320 Mesos
    • Healing Ratio --> 15:16 (795:848)
  • Hot Dog Supremes are the only food you'll be using in 1st job, and even so, you won't be using it frequently. Either you're going to Florina Beach for coconut picking, or you're in the Evil Eye cave for some tails, thus it may not be worth the trouble getitng. However it has a slightly higher healing ratio than Whites and Oranges, and should be used as much as possible after your MaxHP goes above 1,000.
    • Heals 500 HP
    • Costs 530 Mesos
    • Healing Ratio --> 50:53 (800:848)
  • Unagis: At least they are slightly easier to obtain than those hot dogs. However their healing ratio is really low, and should not be used for training at first job at all. The only reason I say this is for you to place it in some rarely used key, so in emergencies, or when you're out of potions, you have strong backup.
    • Heals 1000 HP
    • Costs 1100 Mesos
    • Healing Ratio --> 10:11 (~770.9:848)
  • Blue Potions: The only potion I recommend you to use for 1st job. Reminder: Low MP until you advance as a Spearman.
    • Heals 100 MP
    • Costs 200 Mesos (192 in Ellinia)
    • Healing Ratio (Normal) --> 1:2 (24:48)
    • Healing Ratio (Ellinia) --> 25:48
  • Lemons: If you really find that Blue Potions do not sustain you long enough and you're willing to spend extra mesos, then go for this.
    • Heals 150 MP
    • Costs 310 Mesos (294 in Ellinia)
    • Healing Ratio (Normal) --> 15:31 (23.2:48)
    • Healing Ratio (Ellinia) --> 25:49 (24.5:48)

Other potions

  • Sniper Potions: Good for killing monsters that you cannot 100% hit (eg. Jr. Necki). Also useful in PQ. Have a few of these handy at all times.
  • Warrior Potions: Due to the unstable damage range of Warriors, this isn't really useful. For Magicians, if using Magic Claw takes two hits to kill a Zombie Mushroom, drinking a Wizard Potion may help them kill those fungi in one hit 30% of the time, for example. But for warriors, this percentage is much less. So this is not useful.
  • Speed Potions: Ahhhh... I found this extremely useful when trying to get from Sleepywood to the 24-hr Mobile Store. Get several of them for cutting time spent travelling. Of course, for traversing between towns, it's always faster and better to use return town scrolls.
  • Dispelling potions: Only one place: the wild boar area, from the Jr. Boogies. Only get the Tonic and the Eyedrops so you can jump around and hit Wild Boars without resting. The other curses aren't important; EXP loss is minimal, and you can whack away at Dark Axe Stumps even if you can't slash blast or power strike.


  • Usually I start with a Power Strike then finish off with normal whacks.
  • Slash Blasts should only be used when there are 3 or more monsters. I always make the mistake of using it on two monsters, wasting precious HP and MP. Only do so if you're on a small platform and are at risk of getting knocked off unless you kill both monsters at the same time.
  • If you're out of mesos, try somewhere easier and just normally swing away with your polearm. At these levels, Warriors shine in their ability to make mesos fast in times of need by just whacking away. Magicians rely on MP, while Bowmen and Thieves need funds for their projectiles.
  • In places like Ant Tunnel, even if you have a nice comfy spot for yourself, if there is no one else in the map to help the spawn rate, you'll need to keep changing spots all around the map, wasting time. So a channel with some people is good, but not so many as to make it become a ks-ing war.

Introduction to Job Advancement

Okay, during your long ardous hours of training, you must have encountered Crusaders charging up their combos, or heard White Knightss telling you about the elemental attacks they can do. Well don't be swayed by them, because what we are going to do here is to make you become a SPEARMAN.

Before we talk about the test though, I'd like to share with you the pros and cons of a Spearman, in the ultra-rare case that you're admiring those crusaders/white knights.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of a Spearman (compared to the other two jobs)


  • Highest Max MP of all warrior jobs
  • No need to charge up combos
  • Of all 3 jobs, Spearmen are the most wanted warrior class for parties
  • Spears and Polearms have a longer reach than swords/blunts/axes


  • Lowest Max HP of all warrior jobs
  • Very slow (even with help from booster)
  • Has no skills that aids in killing monsters (Fighter: Rage | Page: Threaten)

The Test Itself

Talk to Dances with Balrog. He will hand to you a Letter of Recommendation. Go to West Rocky Mountain IV, and talk to the Warrior Job Instructor.

After talking to the instructor you'll be teleported into a moderately small area filled with Fire Boars and Lupins, with 600HP and 800HP respectively. This is DEFINITELY the TOUGHEST job advancement of all 4 jobs. Firstly the instructor is difficult to get to: a long, arduous climb up to the mountain. I've encountered Lupins outside the test itself. For magicians it's just a climb up one map, for bowmen just head a bit towards the dungeon and for rouges if you can survive octopi then it's easy to get there.

Moreover, the Lupin is the dread of all warriors. Being only level 30, and the only class without long-range attacks, this task is difficult. Those bananas they shoot hit for around 100 damage. Then they knock you back, and by the time you get within range to whack them, they pelt yet another banana at you (and knock you back again). Done Sabitrama and the Diet Medicine yet? The Lupins there are nothing compared to this. Remember once a Lupin decides to hit you with a banana, you either kill it (to stop it from throwing a banana at you) or you get hit, and you can't jump to evade the magical shot. Never try running away by climbing ladders, the banana hit will force you down. So in these cases, long range weapons like spears and polearms become useful again, even though they are slow. Remember if you use fast weapon they knock the monkey back too much, the warrior gets out of range, and the banana hits the poor warrior reeling from the impact.

Of course everyone advises you to kill only the fire boars so your job is made easier, however in my opinion, it is tough to filter them out. Lupins are fast, and by the time you have killed a fire boar, that Lupin would be hopping towards you because you accidentally hit it. The bottom platform has a lot of monsters, so avoid going down there unless you're done or there are no more spawns at the top. Try killing Lupins in groups. When you slash blast three of them, all three will start throwing bananas, but only one will hit, because you gain immunity after getting hit. Three for the price of one! The more the merrier. But doing so is also very difficult, most of the time you'll only be hitting one or two.

Collect 30 Dark Marbles from them. Do not train there; they give no EXP. Then talk to the job instructor to exit. For your information, I took more than 40 White Potions to finish the quest. When you complete this, you will receive a Proof of a Hero.

Becoming a Spearman!

Go back to Dances with Balrog and you get to choose your job. Choose Spearman. If you choose any other job you can stop referring to my guide... Hey and remember to take a screenshot (or fraps movie) of the one and a half seconds when Balrog blesses you, for you won't see the same thing until 40 levels later, which is looooong.

A good build(lvl 10-30)

Level 10: 1 in Improving HP Recovery

Level 11: 3 in Improving HP Recovery

Level 12: 1 in Improving HP Recovery, 2 in Improving Max HP Increase

Level 13: 3 in Improving Max HP Increase

Level 14: 3 in Improving Max HP Increase

Level 15: 2 in Improving Max HP Increase (Maxed), 1 in Power Strike

Level 16: 3 in Power Strike

Level 17: 3 in Power Strike

Level 18: 3 in Power Strike

Level 19: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 20: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 21: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 22: 1 in Slash Blast, 2 in Power Strike

Level 23: 3 in Power Strike

Level 24: 3 in Power Strike

Level 25: 2 in Power Strike (Maxed), 1 in Slash Blast

Level 26: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 27: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 28: 3 in Slash Blast (Maxed)

Level 29: 3 in Improving HP Recovery (You may replace this with 3 in Endure)

Level 30: 3 in Improving HP Recovery (This may be replaced with 3 in Endure and/or 3 in Iron Body)

(Becoming Fighters would usually go for Iron Body. 3 Iron Body is approximately able to cancel out the weapon defense penalty of a level 12 Rage.)

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