Bewnt's Guide to being a Spearman

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Before going into SP builds, we analyze the Hybrid Spearman and the Polearm/Spear Spearman...

Hybrids > Polearm/Spear

  • Polearms are faster leveling (and cheaper) in 2nd job, while Buster for Spears is the better 3rd job attacking skill.
  • Versatility: should a polearm drop when you're focusing on Spear techniques, it's wasted. With both skills you can use both polearms and spears, although if you're in 3rd job you would prefer spears and if you've just finished 2nd job you're going for Polearm Mastery.

Hybrids < Polearm/Spear

  • No Final Attack
    • Final Attack doesn't work with 3rd job skills
  • No maxed out Iron Will
    • Only 20 DEF...


So you can see, Hybrids > Polearm/Spear. So I'll be going for that in my guide.

SP Build

Polearm: Mastery, Booster

Most guides suggest maxing out Mastery first. Since we are hybrids and polearm > spears in 2nd job, we take Polearm Mastery. However adding 20SP over 7 levels is very boring, though it is good for you.

  • Level 30: Polearm Mastery (1)
  • Level 31: Polearm Mastery (3)
  • Level 32: Polearm Mastery (1)

Okay now Polearm Booster is unlocked. Here comes the forked road. You could choose to continue with mastery, or go for Booster. I find booster a great choice, just add a few SP for the boost in speed; you can max it out later. So here goes:

  • Level 32: Polearm Booster (2)

Here comes your personal choice: after one whole level of training with booster occasionally on, are you comfortable with the number of times you have to jab that button? Or are you alright with the HP/MP cost? If you find booster buff duration to be too short, or costing too much, then every level up:

  • Level up: Polearm Mastery (2), Polearm Booster (1)

This ensures that you gain 5% mastery per levelup, at the same time gain booster.
If you are comfortable with your booster level and are willing to max it out ten to twenty levels later, then:

  • Level up: Polearm Mastery (3)

Polearm: Hyper Body, Booster

HOWEVER around this time you can start on Ludibrium Party Quest. In such a case, parties will more likely accept spearmen with Hyper Body. So if you plan on leveling up through PQ from levels 35-50, get HB ASAP. But if you're not planning go pq so soon (less-than-level 40s are weaklings) then just go pure polearm mastery. Remember hyper body has a pre-requisite of 3 Iron Will, so:

  • Level up: Polearm Mastery (2), Iron Will (1) or
  • Level up: Polearm Mastery (2), Hyper Body (1)

Remember, it's not good if you max out hyper body first and then realize you have unstable damage during PQ. Only add points into hyper body if you are not the "attacking" kind and can afford to sacrifice Mastery. Not recommended.

After placing 19 SP in Mastery, STOP. The next point only adds 1 accuracy. Even though I am a big fan of Accuracy, and I know that Warriors have low Accuracy and therefore cannot properly get a hit on Alishar, this skill can be maxed out later on, because at this point you will be going for Hyper Body, because by now, you'd want to go PQ or would be PQ-ing soon. Hyper Body's master level is 30, so that's why if your booster isn't at a comfortable level, you'll be at a disadvantage.

After maxing HB:

Polearm Mastery: 19
Polearm Booster: X (depending on how comfortable you are with Booster)
Hyper Body: 30 (max)

I left my Booster at 5. So the above build for me takes up 54 SP, which means this build will be complete at level 48, with one SP to spare. I placed it in my Mastery.

Now what? If you still do not mind going with 5 SP in booster, then so be it, go for Iron Will. But I strongly reccomend you to boost your booster, because you'll be polearming till 3rd job, and since it's almost the end of your PQ days, you will be solo-ing a lot, and high booster saves potions and effort. In addition, who wants a puny +20 MD/WD?

After maxing Polearm Booster:

Polearm Mastery: 20 (max)
Polearm Booster: 20 (max)
Hyper Body: 30 (max)

The above build takes up 70 SP. At level 53, regardless of how you plan to add points into Booster and Mastery, you should land up with this.

Iron Will, Iron Body

You'll be sticking with Polearms till Level 70. Take advantage of this fact, and leave Spear Mastery and Booster till the end. So the 5 essential skills: Polearm Mastery: 20 (max)
Polearm Booster: 20 (max)
Hyper Body: 30 (max)
Spear Mastery: 20 (max)
Spear Booster: 20 (max)

From Levels 30-70, you will obtain 121 SP in total. Which means after spending 110 of them in the above skills, you are left with 11 free SP. Go for the Iron, though I strongly encourage you to put it in Iron Will, simply because it is a party skill, and it gives Magic Defense, which all warriors severely lack in. This is the only chance you get to increase your Magic Defense, besides getting Earrings.
In other words, after maxing Polearm Mastery, Booster and Hyper Body, place 11 SP in Iron Will, then max Spear Mastery, then Spear Booster.

Final Stats

Polearm Mastery: 20 (max)
Polearm Booster: 20 (max)
Hyper Body: 30 (max)
Iron Will: 11
Spear Mastery: 20 (max)
Spear Booster: 20 (max)

Why no Final Attack?

Now many of you are wondering why I never include both FAs into this. Simple reason: FA SUCKS.


  • More swings/stabs, more damage
  • Passive, does not consume MP
  • good for boosing


  • Random chance of occurring, troublesome and time consuming if it activates on a monster which you 1-hit KO.
    • Passive, cannot toggle it on/off
  • Costs 30 SP!!! Maxing both FAs for Hybrid will take up half your SP for 2nd job.
  • Not compatible with 3rd job. Big negative point.


  • Ant Tunnel (Level 30+)
    • Great EXP, great spawn
  • Zipangu (MapleSEA): Crows (Level 30+)
    • Less HP than Zombie Mushrooms, fantastic EXP
  • Fire Boars: NO. If you want to train on Fire Boars, train on Ratz instead. (Level 35-45)
    • Ratz: Same HP, more EXP

Partying is encouraged. Especially in Ant Tunnel, where one can easily locate a Cleric to party with for free HP pots.

  • LUDIBRIUM PARTY QUEST!!! (Level 35-50)
    • Meso-making
    • Fantastic EXP
    • Friends :)
    • Not booooring
    • A MUST for all.

If you so choose to not enjoy the wonderful world of the Party Quest...

  • Zipangu (MapleSEA): Raccoons and Cloud Foxes (Level 40+)
    • 80+ EXP. Unbeatable. Except by PQ, of course...
  • Ludibrium Monsters: Robo, Panda Teddy, Dirty Ratz, Teddies etc... (Level 35-50)
    • Ludibrium = Cheap Potions
  • Hidden Tower inside Eos Tower Floor 8 (Level 45-53)
    • Block Golem, King Block Golem, Rombot
    • The EXP from the golems are 100+. Rombot adds more action and a boost of EXP to the pot.
    • NEVER purely train on Rombots. You're gonna burn a big hole in your pocket if you do so. Killing 7 golems is faster than killing one Rombot anyways.
  • Omega Sector (Level 45-55)
    • Okay this one is tricky. As you all know all monsters in Omega have Magic Attack, except for Plateon.
      • Training on Plateon is the most recommended.
    • If you want to train on other monsters, make sure you can 2-hit KO them, otherwise their magic attack will kick in.
    • Generally, the Octopi (Boswells) are better for training than the Grays (Kulans).
      • Boswells have their own maps (Mateon field, Plateon field, Mecatcon field)
    • Quests give earrings and gloves
    • If you are lucky, a Mecatcon will drop you a Dark Dome (it did on me... YAY!!!) [MapleSEA only]

At this level, Ludibrium is probably the best area to train. So I shall not post recommendations for other continents, except for...

  • Jr Cats (Level 37-45)
    • Exchange quest, though the reward isn't very splendid. Sell them for those who need it more.
  • Nependeath (Level 40-50)
    • Its honey sells for high prices, but don't, DON'T train on it.


Level 30-34

  • Hat: Skip the Hat.
  • Top: A Green Hwarang Shirt (M) should drop from all that training in Ant Tunnel. Otherwise for Females get the Blue Shark (F) for 2 STR and only 16,000 mesos. Take the Sky Shark if traveling fast is important to you. The Dark Engrit is an overall worth taking a shot at, for 60,000 mesos.
  • Bottom: Buy the level 30 pants, at 38,000 mesos. The pair of DEX pants (White Martial Arts Pants (M)) is recommended.
    • PQ --> need Accuracy
    • The next pants you want comes at level 40
  • Shoes: Nella & Kerning City Citizen's Request will give the Grieves. Use them.
  • Gloves: No point getting the gloves.
  • Earrings: Stick to Leaf Earrings.
  • Weapon: A Mithril Pole Arm at this point is a huge upgrade from the Studded Polearm. I got an above average one, and it worked fabulously.
    • The problem will come because it is sold only in Ossyria for 60,000 mesos. Either go shopping at the Free market, or travel to Ludibrium to train on the Drum Bunnies. 1,100 drums are required for the level 35 hat, which saves you 160,000 mesos.
  • Scrolling: Don't scroll your equipments.

Level 35-39

  • [1] Hat: Trade in 1,100 Toy Drum for the Great Blue Helmet.
  • Top: Blue Dragon (M) costs 110,000 mesos at Showa (MapleSEA only). Otherwise, skip this.
  • Bottom: Forget about it, as it only gives 1 DEX, same as the level 30 pair.
  • Shoes: Nella's quest will give the Grieves. Use them.
  • Gloves: The Dark Briggon is your best bet, obtained from John's Present. +2 STR!
  • Earrings: Stick to Leaf Earrings. While fighting Alishar it is advisable to have a pair of Sapphire Earrings. Otherwise, a simple level 25/30 earrings will do fine.
  • Weapon: There is the Axe Pole Arm. Now if you got an above average Mithril Polearm, by all means skip this because it will rob you of 175,000 mesos. Otherwise please obtain it. An extra few Weapon Attack makes the difference.
  • Scrolling: Don't scroll your equipments, unless you are filthy rich. Polearm attack scrolls are recommended.

Level 40-49

Note: At this point, new armour come every 10 levels, so you will be trying to obtain as many of them as possible.

  • [2] Hat: If you are staying in Victoria Island, murder those Zombie Lupins for the Steel Nordic Helm.
  • Top: Do a series of Ludibrium quests which land you with the quest The Clock Workers' Batteries. Finish it for your +3 STR top: Maroon Jangoon Armor (M) or Brown Jangoon Armor (F).
  • Bottom: Buy them. It is more for the extra weapon defense. Brown Jangoon Pants (M) or Red Jangoon Skirt (F).
  • Shoes: Synthesize them. Brown Jangoon Boots are recommended, once again for beating Alishar.
  • Gloves: Stick to the Dark Briggon. +2 STR is already a good deal. Unless you are able to conjure the materials needed for synthesizing Dark Knuckle, stay with your level 35 glove. However the quest Eliminating Plateon and Mecateon gives away an Adamantium Knuckle which gives 1 more Weapon DEF. Why not use it?
  • Earrings: Stick to Leaf Earrings. While fighting Alishar/any mob with magic attack it is advisable to have a pair of Blue Moon. You can easily obtain these from PQ. Or a pair of Pansy Earrings, obtained from The Effort to Make-Up quest in Omega Sector.
  • Weapon: Wait for the Maple Scorpio at level 43. It would be horribly nice if you can obtain one that has above average Accuracy (more than 30), but Weapon Attack is more critical.
    • Now you can hit Alishar >50% of the time!!! :)
  • Scrolling: Time to scroll. Sell whatever you get from PQ, then use the revenue. Personally I feel you should only use 60% scrolls. If you get 10% DEF scrolls from PQ, use it on your equipment. If you are filthy rich, only use equipments which have at least 1 10% pass. Discard the rest.
    • The most important thing to scroll is your Scorpio: you'll be using it for 7 levels.

Note for Hat

Although I recommended the helmets you should wear above, none of them give +3 STR like the Blue Bamboo Hat. If you are willing to sacrifice quite a sum of Weapon Defense just for 3 STR, then by all means get a Blue Bamboo Helmet and scroll it well.