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Bellocan is the sixth server to be added to MapleGlobal. It first appeared on September 6th, 2006. The server was greeted with numerous 2x exp and 2x drop events. As well as various GM events.

From the time of the server's creation and well into 2007, the sever was infamous for its heavy hacking population. This led to a mass population decrease in the following months. Bellocan's economy struggled throughout 2008, after the banning of said hackers. However since then the population has slowly increased, and its economy is pretty tame compared to a few others. Bellocan is still listed just outside the bottom three servers however. Infact, it has one of the lowest populations in all of GMS (after Kradia , Yellonde and Demethos).

Top 5 Players in Bellocan

Rank Name Class Level Exp
1 WANDWAKKER Magician 200 0
2 iJoyce Magician 200 0
3 iHeartsxP (IMMIGRANT) Magician 200 0
4 h0IliSt3r Magician 200 0
5 MistuhMaii (IMMIGRANT) Thief 200 0

World Alliance

On July 6th, 2012, the Bellocan Server joined a Server Alliance with the Nova World. These servers will share the same playing world (Players from both worlds will play with each other) but players are allowed to make characters on both servers, which means people will have double the amount of players for that world. All the characters are still separated by worlds, so the rankings won't change. The number of channels has been increased to 20.

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