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Class Description

The Pirate class is the newest class available in several versions of MapleStory. This class was created on December 19, 2007. The job instructor name is Carlin or Karlin. As a Pirate, there are two paths you can choose; The Gunslinger and Infighter. Gunslingers use guns to shoot at monsters. Infighters attack with their knuckle weapons. Each path has its own distinctive style. The infighter has a critical damage skill once it hits level 30, so the character itself will be relatively strong around level 40-60. Infighters also get a skill called super transform. It is a very strong skill and if your character is high enough level for 4th job, this skill could do up to 10k(10,000)damage. Gunslingers are a bit weaker but they have many more skills, like Wings. This skill decreases your characters falling speed so you stay in the air longer. Another Gunslinger skill, Grenade (or mini bomb), throws a small bomb at a group of monsters to deal damage.


First Job Skills

- Quick Motion ( Max lvl 20 )

lvl 1 : +1 acc , +1 avoid

lvl 20 : +20 acc , +20 avoid

- 1st Strike ( Max lvl 20 )

lvl 1 : 3 MP , 143% dmg , targets 1 enemy

lvl 20 : 12 MP , 240% dmg , targets 1 enemy

  • Was 200% dmg.

- Back Flip Kick (Sommersault) ( Max lvl 20 )

lvl 1 : 3 MP , 102% dmg , targets 3 enemies

lvl 20 : 12 MP , 130% dmg , targets 6 enemies

  • Was 140% dmg.

- Double Barrel Shot ( Max lvl 20 ) *The ability can only be activated when a gun is in use

lvl 1 : 3 MP , 2 bullets , 40% dmg , area 320

lvl 20 : 12 MP , 2 bullets , 70% dmg , area 380

  • Was 60% dmg.

- Dash (Max lvl 10) *Press arrow key x2 to move forward

lvl 1 : 14 MP , 5sec

lvl 10 : 5 MP , 20sec

  • Reuse Wait time is 10 seconds

Pirates Ability Points Tactics

(Ability point requirements no longer matter to become a particular class, they will automatically be reassigned when you choice your first job.) First, if you want to become a pirate, you must have 20 DEX. if you wish to be an infighter I suggest that your DEX be 5 points higher than your level. As for gunslingers, I suggest that your STR be 5 more higher than your level. You can do it in another way but I recommend this one.

Skill Tactics

Second Job Skills


1.Double Fire 1

2.Somersault Kick 1, Dash 1 Double Fire 2

3.Double Fire Mastery

4.Quick Motion Mastery

5.Somersault Kick 10

6.Dash Mastery


1.Straight 1

2.Somersault Kick 1 Dash 1

3.Straight Mastery

4.Somersault Kick Mastery

5.Quick Motion 10

6.Dash Mastery

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