Bathrobe for Men (M)

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Bathrobe for Men (M)
Bathrobe for Men.gif
Type Overalls
No. of Slots 10
Class Common
Level 20
Weapon Defense +20
Speed +10


  • If worn inside the hotel sauna, the recovery rate for HP and MP will be 1.5x faster.

NPC Value

  • 15,000 mesos


Common Overalls
Levels 0-10
Fancy Noblesse Robe - Blue Bridesmaid's Dress (F) - Pink Bridesmaid's Dress (F) - Red Bridesmaid's Dress (F) - White Bridesmaid's Dress (F) - Blue Groomsman's Suit (M) - Brown Groomsman's Suit (M) - Red Groomsman's Suit (M) - White Groomsman's Suit (M) - Parachute Agent Suit
Levels 11-30
Bathrobe for Men (M) - Bathrobe for Women (F) - Blue Sauna Robe (M) - Red Sauna Robe (F) - Invincible Agent Suit - Blizzard Armor - Blizzard Armor (2)
Levels 31-70
Beryl Maple Prep Uniform - Ultimate Agent Suit - Unstylish Training Outfit - Empress's Fine Robe - Crimson Maple Prep Uniform
Levels 70+
Empress's Brilliant Robe