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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

So, you've decided to become a Bandit. Must be if you're here. Well, this guide will show you how to begin, starting as a Thief and leading into a Bandit and beyond.

Well, time to start our journey into Bandithood.

Part 1: Beginner

Well, you just started, or you're about to start, that's for sure. This here will be the basics on the start of your future Thief/Bandit/Chief Bandit.

Dice Roll Stats

However you choose your appearance is fine, so long as you are content with it. What matters most is the dice roll. It determines what your starting stats will be. Being a future Thief, along with all classes, it should have the best roll possible, for said class. Your stat roll, for a Thief should be as follows:

  • STR: 4/5 (or if you choose to be a future STR Bandit, anything will suffice)
  • DEX: X (anything rolled in this is fine)
  • INT: 4/5 (INT for a Thief is USELESS, therefore, try to have the lowest number possible, 4)
  • LUK: X (anything rolled in this is fine also)

And that is what your stat roll should look like for your future Thief. For the newly started player, it should be noted that the dice rolling is no longer in effect.

A lesson on STR Bandits

Now, as stated above, STR is only needed for future STR Bandits. You might be wondering, "Hey, what exactly is a STR Bandit?" Well, I'm going to answer that, so you won't be confused later on in this guide. STR Bandits are good if you think they are. They are a preference. Creating a STR Bandit causes your Bandit to be weaker, but only by a bit, as you are taking away from LUK, which is more important towards your damage. The main reason for STR Bandits is to use Cutters/STR Daggers.

  • Cutters are Daggers that require STR to be equipped, a.k.a. STR Daggers.
  • Cutters have FASTER speed as a Daggers speed is FAST. The weapon speed isn't very noticeable, and it doesn't exactly matter. You will basically be the same as a LUK Bandit either way.
  • Cutter's speed becomes FAST at higher levels and Daggers speed remains FAST, thus becoming equal after a time.

The main thing is they have a few more Weapon Attack points on them, then the current level LUK Dagger. Which barely makes up for the LUK you didn't add.

  • In fact, according to, and its damage calculator, you could be doing more damage if you had added the points from STR into LUK instead.

STR Bandits are about the same as LUK Bandits.

  • A little warning: If you follow through with a STR build, your LUK will eventually be too low to wear your current level equipment.
  • If you decide to add into LUK to fix such a problem, you will most likely have to wait an additional level or two to use your current level Cutter.
  • It's advisable to become a STR bandit because you will have the option to have a khanjar shield (the khanjar shield is equipable at level 80, requires 60 str, and 120 dex). the shield provides an avg of 1 luk (0-3) and an avg of 7 attk (6-9), and it is also extremely cheap if its clean. (although you shouldnt add in points to STR until you are around 60, otherwise youll do very small damage (edit: theres also a higher level khanjar called the dragon khanjar which is equipable at lvl 120.)

Stat Distribution

More importantly, you should learn about your stat distribution. Your DEX should be at the least 25, or else you can't become a Thief at level 10. You MUST advance at level 10, in order to ensure the best possible skill build.

  • STR: Not needed for all Thieves, but for a STR Bandit, it should be ten (10) less then your level. (If your aiming for Khanjar only, you can cap it at level 70 (aka cap at 60 STR) and then worry about requirements for dragon khanjar later
  • DEX: Not as important as LUK. The main reason for DEX is for equipment. DEX should be twice your Level.
  • INT: INT is USELESS for thieves, USELESS. NEVER add into INT.
  • LUK: LUK determines the power of a Thief. LUK is the basis for a Thief's attack.
  • HP/MP: These are the worst stats to add into. You get enough HP and MP on your own without pumping into these, and any points pumped, would be a waste.

In simpler terms each level you should do something like this:

  • Add 2 DEX each level (starting at level 13, whence you raise it to 26)
  • Add 3 LUK each level

and for STR Bandits

  • Add 1 STR each level (starting at level 21. Your STR should be 10 until Level 21, when you raise it to 11) (STR is meant to be 10 less then your level, until level 60 for STR Bandits)
  • Add 2 DEX each level (same as above, raise it to 26 at level 13, keep it twice your level afterwards)
  • Add 2 LUK each level.

Also, two final things to note: At level 40, you begin to add only 1 point to DEX every level. Continue adding the other 4 to LUK, or, for STR Bandits, 1 to STR and 3 to LUK. And at level 60, for STR Bandits, you only need to add 5 STR within 10 levels.

You will also cap your DEX at 150, in order to equip the level 110 Armor.

I must lastly add, that for STR Bandits, you will cap your STR at 75, in order to use a level 110 Cutter, and 120 Shield.


Taken from the Main Thief Guide:

  • Level 1-4: Blue and Green Snails in Maple Island.
  • Level 4-6: Blue, Red, Green Snails and Shrooms in Maple Island.
  • Level 6-10: Snails and Shrooms are sucky EXP at this level. You may try Orange Mushrooms, but they are rather strong, and take far to long to kill.
  • This should all take place on Maple Island.

What Skills to Add

  • Level 1: You begin at level 1, with no points to add into skills.
  • Level 2: +1 Recovery (1)
  • Level 3: +1 Recovery (2)
  • Level 4: +1 Recovery (3/3 MAX)
  • Level 5: +1 Three Snails (1)
  • Level 6: +1 Three Snails (2)
  • Level 7: +1 Nimble Feet OR Three Snails (1 OR 3/3 MAX)
  • Level 8: You do not receive a point.
  • Level 9: You do not receive a point.
  • Level 10: You do not receive a point.

End Result

Three Snails: Level 2 OR 3

Recovery: Level 3

Nimble Feet: Level 1 OR 0

The First Job Advancement

Finally, after an hour or two of leveling up, you are now level 10.

Since we are becoming a Thief, after departing Maple Island, you should take the boat to Lith Harbor.

When you have arrived in Lith Harbor, make sure you talk to Olaf on the far right.

After finishing, and taking Olaf's quests, head back left, and talk to the man inside the wooden ticket booth; Phil.

Take the transportation to Kerning city, and head towards the right of the map, to the 'Fusion Jazz Bar'.

Press up, and enter through, and climb down the toilet, and speak to The Dark Lord.

If you are capable of advancing to a Thief, he will promote you to a Thief upon confirmation.

If you are not capable of advancing, make sure you have spent your Skill Points, and your status looks like this:

  • Level 10:
  • STR: 4/5 (10 for STR Bandits)
  • DEX: 25 (this MUST be at LEAST this number to job advance)
  • INT: 4/5 (should always remain this number)
  • LUK: XX (every other possible point)

If you made a mistake, delete and restart your character. Continuing to level, just to fix your mistake is a HUGE waste, and it is very vital you do not level beyond level 10, until you job advance.

Even so, CONGRATULATIONS! You are, hopefully, now a level 10 Thief!

You have received one Skill Point to spend.

Part 2: Rogue

So, you've become a Thief? Well, congratulations and good choice. There's many Thieves running around now days, but even said, you still have the right to be what you wish to be.


Training, for me, doesn't happen. The number 1 thing to remember about training is:

  • Train on enemies that give a good amount of EXP that you can kill within ONE to TWO hits. Any more hits, and you will just be wasting time and MP. That's not a good thing.

Well besides that, let's get back to the training. Training is impossible to do if you don't know where to. If you follow the number one rule, you shouldn't have many problems, but nonetheless, some monsters you encounter may be to strong. You may not even find monsters you can kill within 2 hits. So I've collected some information from other guides, and users, and I've 'borrowed' elements for this Suggestions list. You should be at least level 10 by now, so we'll start from there.

  • Level 10-15: Slimes or Orange Mushrooms are good monsters to train on. The Orange Mushrooms may still be to strong for you to handle at level 10, but if you can handle them, go for it, as the EXP is great. If you haven't made the job advancement at level 10, and you are level 11 or higher, you should delete your current character and make a new one. You miss out on crucial Skill Points you could use.
  • Level 15-20: Pigs and Ribbon Pigs. Pig Beach is a great place to battle them. If they are too much for you to handle, return back to the Orange Mushrooms.
  • Level 20-30: I advise, as many others do, Green Mushrooms. Being at the lower levels and going to be a Bandit, these are advised as Double Stab should kill them fairly quickly. You can also try Horned Mushrooms but if you find yourself wasting MP, return to the Green Mushrooms. Also, the Kerning City Party Quest is a great way to train and level, and even make new friends. But beware if you are on a congested server, the time spent trying to get into a PQ may not be worth the EXP earned.

When you are level 30, you are to immediately go and complete your Job Advancement. Do not gain any more levels, as that would not be good for skill distribution on your future Bandit skills.

What Skills to Add

Well, this is what I made up, and I'm sure it will be really helpful for anyone who follows this. This is basically my preference, but I'm sure many others would agree this is a decent skill build. Now, being a future Bandit, you are not to add any points into Lucky Seven and Keen Eyes. If you wish, you may switch Double Stab and Nimble Body.

  • Level 10: +1 Nimble Body (1)
  • Level 11: +3 Nimble Body (4)
  • Level 12: +3 Nimble Body (7)
  • Level 13: +3 Nimble Body (10)
  • Level 14: +3 Nimble Body (13)
  • Level 15: +3 Nimble Body (16)
  • Level 16: +3 Nimble Body (19)
  • Level 17: +1 Nimble Body (20/20 MAX), +2 Double Stab (2)
  • Level 18: +3 Double Stab (5)
  • Level 19: +3 Double Stab (8)
  • Level 20: +3 Double Stab (11)
  • Level 21: +3 Double Stab (14)
  • Level 22: +3 Double Stab (17)
  • Level 23: +3 Double Stab (20/20 MAX)
  • Level 24: +3 Disorder (3)
  • Level 25: +3 Dark Sight (3)
  • Level 26: +3 Dark Sight (6) OR +3 Disorder (6)
  • Level 27: +3 Dark Sight (9) OR +3 Disorder (9)
  • Level 28: +3 Dark Sight (12) OR +3 Disorder (12)
  • Level 29: +3 Dark Sight (15) OR +3 Disorder (15)
  • Level 30: +3 Dark Sight (18/20) OR +3 Disorder (18/20) After the Big Bang Patch, the max for Dark Sight is 15. Just put your extra SP somewhere else

This is, again, preference. Dark Sight will allow you to evade Physical Attacks, while Disorder will make it so the monster forgets you have attacked it, and carry on as it was, before you attacked. Pretty much, every Thief will tell you Dark Sight, as its use is far greater then Disorder.

End Result

Nimble Body: Level 20

Keen Eyes: Level 0

Disorder: Level 3 OR 18

Dark Sight: Level 3 OR 18

Double Stab: Level 20

Lucky Seven: Level 0

The Second Job Advancement

So, level 30 now? You are to immediately go and Job Advance, before you achieve level 31.

  • First you will go to see Dark Lord whom is located in the Kerning City Bar.
  • He will give you a Letter which you will bring to the Second Job Advancement Instructor. The Second Job Instructor is two maps to the right of Kerning City. He is at the top right of the building frame.

Note from a Player: I suggest you bring 50-100 Orange Potions (or 50 White Potions) and around 50-75 MP Potions.

  • The 'test' should be fairly easy to complete. After you collect 30 Dark Marbles, talk to the Instructor and claim your Proof of Hero. Go back to Dark Lord and complete your quest.
  • As this guide is for Bandits, choose 'Bandit'.

Congratulations, you are now a Bandit! You have received 1 Skill Point to spend.

Part 3: Bandit

So, as I said already, you're a Bandit. Congratulations! There isn't much to be said, so lets start with some Stats and Pros and Cons.


Being a Bandit your stats should be somewhat similar at level 30.

  • STR: 4 Unless you are a STR Bandit. It should then be Your Level - 10. Example: Level 30, your STR should be 20.
  • DEX: 60 Your DEX should remain twice your level for now. Keep it at the minimum of what's needed for your equipment. At level 40, you will begin to add only 1 each level, forever. Example: Level 50 your DEX should be 90, not 100.
  • INT: 4 INT is not needed for a Thief and it should be as low as possible, as stated many times.
  • LUK: ?? I'm not sure of the exact amount, but it should be more than enough to wear your current level equipment.


  • Can battle up close
  • The Savage Blow skill can attack up to 6 times in a second
  • Great Damage
  • Requires less Mesos to manage because of less expensive weapons

Note from a Player: Technically, I think Sins And Dits use the same amount of mesos because of the price of stars for a sin and the amount of mp pots a dit uses

Note from TheGamePhreak: That makes logical sense. The pros and cons were copy-paste, so excuse these pros and cons for any illogicality.


  • Forced to battle up close
  • Is not ranged
  • Potions can cost a lot, especially being up close and taking damage, and Savage Blow draining MP


Onto the training. I've taken this list from the Main Thief guide also. I do not recall where I had trained, therefore, cannot include my personal input.

  • Level 30-35: Wild Boars and Evil Eyes are good for now. Also, if you're into making Mesos from drops, you can try Chronos in Ludibrium, if you have the potions. You may also remain at Kerning PQ until level 31.

Note from a Player: Bandits can also go to Wild Boars around level 33-35. Levels 30-33 should go to Ant Tunnel 1 & 2 and train on Horned Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms. Note from a Player: If you have lots of potions, try to go for Curse Eyes at SleepyWood. I could kill them at lvl 31 so it should be ok. Note from a Player: I have found that if you can handle them, Sakura Cellions in Amoria Hunting Ground 1 are 65exp and about 3 hits. They are absolutely amazing if you need some money for your expensive equips or weapons, they drop almost 300 Mesos per kill. It is also nice to get into a party with a Mage there (very nice if it's a cleric). They do around 50-70 damage but if you train efficiently you can more than make up for that with almost 100k in about 45 minutes which is very nice for your current level.

Note from Player: Level 30-51 you can do Monster Carnival PQ which gives from 7500-30000 exp every 10 minutes. Note from Player: Its best to quest/grind up until lvl 35. although its hard, you should then try to find a group for ludi pq at lvl 35. if nobody wants you, then do the eos tower quests until level 36-37, then people should see you as less of a noob and invite you. (IMPORTANT: IF YOU STARTING TO DO LUDI PQ [or any pq for that matter at a low level] ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING, cuz people will get fustrated bringing a lower level and they will expel you from the group if you take too long) At lvl 40 go back to cpq. because your a melee and most night walkers and bowman have trouble with carrying people, youll almost instantly get a group, not to mention 4x is golden for cpq, espically if ur melee. At lvl 45, soloing pyramid is a better idea, cuz u get better prizes and stuff, not to mention that you get more xp from cpq at lvl 40, and ALOT more xp from pyramid at lvl 45, if your semi funded.

  • Level 35-40: By now, you should be pretty strong. You can make a choice of either Wild Boar or Fire Boar for both Assassin and Bandit. Wild Boars would still be good until the mid-forty's (40-43), even though it is a pain.

Note from a Player: You can do the Ludibrium PQ for great EXP, and great prizes. Level 35-51

  • Level 40-45: Try Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner and Jr. Grupins. They give good EXP and great drops.
  • Level 45-50: By now, you should be able to fight Star Pixies. They drop a fair amount of Pan Lids and give decent EXP. You may also Ludibrium PQ for easier/faster leveling.
  • Level 50-55: Star Pixies or Zombie Lupins. Good drops and good EXP. Stone Gollems or Block Golems in Ludibrium would also be good.

Note from a Player: You can do the Orbis PQ for great EXP. Level 51-70. Though if you do the bonus stage you will start to get less exp from them.

Note from a different Player: You can also do the Ludibrium Maze PQ, fun, a few playful items, and quite decent EXP. In terms of EXP/hour, probably better than Orbis unless you have total pros on your side.

Note from yet another Player: I suggest to LMPQ your way from 51-55, then PPQ from 55-6x, then again LMPQ the rest of your way to 70 becuase its only like 2-4 min. pq's for lmpq x 5k-15k exp per time.

Note from yet another player:after going on to lvl30 u might want to party up with a friend who is willing to train you in monster carnival thats what i did and in 30mins i lvled from lvl30 to lvl33 and after you are lvl35 or so u can stick with monster carnival straight to lvl50 if you wan to.

  • Level 55-60: Zombie Lupins, stay there. If you're getting bored you could also try the various types of pixies.
  • Level 60-70: You can either go to Drake's Meal Table or Hot Sand. Coolie Zombies are okay for EXP at this level, but finding an area may be difficult, with every other class training here.

What Skills to Add

This is a list, taken, and slightly edited from the Main Thief guide.

As a Bandit, you can take two starting options: Master Savage Blow: Dagger, or Dagger Mastery first.

  • Level 30: +1 Dagger Mastery (1)
  • Level 31: +3 Dagger Mastery (4)
  • Level 32: +3 Dagger Mastery (7)
  • Level 33: +3 Dagger Mastery (10)
  • Level 34: +3 Dagger Mastery (13)
  • Level 35: +3 Dagger Mastery (16)
  • Level 36: +3 Dagger Mastery (19)
  • Level 37: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (3)
  • Level 38: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (6)
  • Level 39: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (9)
  • Level 40: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (12)
  • Level 41: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (15)
  • Level 42: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (18)
  • Level 43: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (21)
  • Level 44: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (24)
  • Level 45: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (27)
  • Level 46: +3 Savage Blow: Dagger (30/30 MAX)
  • Level 47: +1 Dagger Mastery (20/20 MAX), +2 Dagger Booster (2)
  • Level 48: +3 Dagger Booster (5)
  • Level 49: +1 Dagger Booster (6), +2 Haste (2)
  • Level 50: +3 Haste (5)
  • Level 51: +3 Haste (8)
  • Level 52: +3 Haste (11)
  • Level 53: +3 Haste (14)
  • Level 54: +3 Haste (17)
  • Level 55: +3 Haste (20/20 MAX)
  • Level 56: +3 Dagger Booster (9)
  • Level 57: +3 Dagger Booster (12)
  • Level 58: +3 Dagger Booster (15)
  • Level 59: +3 Dagger Booster (18)
  • Level 60: +2 Dagger Booster (20/20 MAX), +1 Endure (1)

*Level 61: +3 Endure (4)

  • Level 62: +3 Endure (7)
  • Level 63: +3 Endure (10)
  • Level 64: +3 Endure (13)
  • Level 65: +3 Endure (16)
  • Level 66: +3 Endure (19)
  • Level 67: +1 Endure Again, Endure was removed after the patch. Put it instead on Elemental Resistance (20/20 MAX), +2 Disorder (20/20 MAX) OR +2 Dark Sight (20/20 MAX)
  • Level 68: +3 Steal (3)
  • Level 69: +3 Steal (6)
  • Level 70: +3 Steal (9/30)

You do not have to follow this exactly, and you can even choose Steal over Endure, and as always, that is preference.

End Result

Dagger Mastery: Level 20

Endure: Level 20

Dagger Booster: Level 20

Haste: Level 20

Steal: Level 9

Savage Blow: Level 30

The Third Job Advancement

Well, here we are, the Third Job Advancement. You sure have come a long way, haven't you?

Well, since you are level 70, you should probably go Job Advance immediately, just as you should have at level 30, when you were to become a Bandit.

  • Now, to start, head on over to El Nath.
  • Enter the building to the far right, on top of the cliff, and speak to Arec.
  • Arec will ask you to head back to Kerning City and speak to Dark Lord.
  • Dark Lord will command you head to the portal in Monkey Swamp 2 to beat 'Dark Lord's Clone'.

Let me note that this battle was very easy, but you should definitely bring some Unagis or Potions with you.

  • After beating 'Dark Lord's Clone', head back to Dark Lord and claim your Proof of Strength.
  • He will command you back to Arec in El Nath, who will then command you to head on over to the Holy Stone in the Holy Grounds, located through Sharp Cliffs 2.
  • Hand over a Refined Dark Crystal to the Holy Stone, and answer ALL 5 OF ITS QUESTIONS CORRECTLY. If you answer any of the 5 questions wrong, you will have to acquire another Dark Crystal, to answer yet another 5 questions.
  • Claim your Proof of Wisdom from the Holy Stone and head back to Arec.
  • As you are already a Bandit, you do not have to choose anything.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a Proud and Happy Chief Bandit, or so you should be!

Honestly, congratulations for making it this far.

Also, you have received one Skill Point to spend.

Part 4: Chief Bandit

Well, there isn't much to be said. By now, you must be pretty knowledgeable and most likely do not even need my help. Pros and Cons!


  • Skill points may be applied in any manner.
  • Savage Blow remains a powerful skill.
  • With Meso Explosion, you can make Boss Fights rather easy.
  • Assaulter is a VERY powerful skill, especially when maxed, with a damage of 450%.
  • Assaulter also has a fantastic range, enabling you to use it and land on a ledge higher then you.
  • You can use Meso Explosion and Pickpocket together in combination quite beautifully.
  • Band of Thieves has a mobbing capability, thus making encounters with Mobs easier.
  • Chakra, using your MP, can restore a certain percent of your HP.
  • Meso Guard is a wonderful skill designed to protect you from a great deal of damage, and death.


  • Expensive to maintain.
  • Meso Explosion, especially during Boss Fights, may drain a ton of your Mesos.
  • Assaulter requires a Monster in order to be used.
  • Band of Thieves does not apply extra attacks unless there is more then one enemy nearby.
  • Chakra can only be used if your HP is under 50% of its Max.
  • Shield Mastery is by far the most useless skill, especially since you will most likely learn Meso Guard.

Enough of that, onto the training!


  • Levels 70-80: People suggest Zombies, but those have NEVER once seemed good for EXP. A nice place is Forest of Gollem and perhaps Voodoos if you can have an easy time finding an area.
  • Levels 80-90: People say Coolie Zombies and Mix Gollems are the best for EXP.

You may try Ghost Pirates if you would like. Halfway through your 80s you can attempt Spirit Vikings or Squids at Aqua Road. Parties at Master Death Teddys may yield good EXP too. You may also consider hunting Gobies at Aqua Road.

  • Level 90+: Most Thieves tend to stay at their prior training locations. If you can find a Priest, you can try to party at Dual Ghost Pirates, which I hear are nice for EXP.

Also, if you haven't yet, and you want one, you should try to get yourself a Zakum Helmet.

  • Level 100+: Not entirely sure where, but let me tell you, as many other guides would:

You are pretty much a Pro, and a master of the Bandit, so I'm sure you should be able to find your own places to train.

Edit by Jasparr: If you're rich, you may want to train on Gobies much earlier, since there are guides on how to effectively use Mesos Explosion on them, and level up much faster.

What Skills to Add

Well, here is the build I created. Yes, I created this. Whether or not it is similar to any other, I do not know. It probably is, but I overcame my sheer laziness and typed this up. Mainly for myself however. Also, may I note, the beginning Meso Explosion is not totally necessary. It is there, so you can have the skill, as that is usually what people want, and work on first.

  • Level 70: +1 Meso Explosion (1)
  • Level 71: +1 Assaulter (1), +1 Chakra (1), +1 Band of Thieves (1)
  • Level 72: +2 Assaulter (3), +1 Band of Thieves (2)
  • Level 73: +2 Assaulter (5), +1 Band of Thieves (3)
  • Level 74: +2 Assaulter (7), +1 Band of Thieves (4)
  • Level 75: +2 Assaulter (9), +1 Band of Thieves (5)
  • Level 76: +2 Assaulter (11), +1 Band of Thieves (6)
  • Level 77: +2 Assaulter (13), +1 Band of Thieves (7)
  • Level 78: +2 Assaulter (15), +1 Band of Thieves (8)
  • Level 79: +2 Assaulter (17), +1 Band of Thieves (9)
  • Level 80: +2 Assaulter (19), +1 Band of Thieves (10)
  • Level 81: +2 Assaulter (21), +1 Band of Thieves (11)
  • Level 82: +2 Assaulter (23), +1 Band of Thieves (12)
  • Level 83: +2 Assaulter (25), +1 Band of Thieves (13)
  • Level 84: +2 Assaulter (27), +1 Band of Thieves (14)
  • Level 85: +2 Assaulter (29), +1 Band of Thieves (15)
  • Level 86: +1 Assaulter (30/30 MAX), +2 Band of Thieves (17)
  • Level 87: +2 Band of Thieves (19), +1 Meso Explosion (2)
  • Level 88: +2 Band of Thieves (21), +1 Meso Explosion (3)
  • Level 89: +2 Band of Thieves (23), +1 Meso Explosion (4)
  • Level 90: +2 Band of Thieves (25), +1 Meso Explosion (5)
  • Level 91: +2 Band of Thieves (27), +1 Meso Explosion (6)
  • Level 92: +2 Band of Thieves (29), +1 Meso Explosion (7)
  • Level 93: +1 Band of Thieves (30/30 MAX), +2 Meso Explosion (9)
  • Level 94: +2 Meso Explosion (11), +1 Pickpocket (1)
  • Level 95: +2 Meso Explosion (13), +1 Pickpocket (2)
  • Level 96: +2 Meso Explosion (15), +1 Pickpocket (3)
  • Level 97: +2 Meso Explosion (17), +1 Pickpocket (4)
  • Level 98: +2 Meso Explosion (19), +1 Pickpocket (5)
  • Level 99: +2 Meso Explosion (21), +1 Pickpocket (6)
  • Level 100: +2 Meso Explosion (23), +1 Pickpocket (7)
  • Level 101: +2 Meso Explosion (25), +1 Pickpocket (8)
  • Level 102: +2 Meso Explosion (27), +1 Pickpocket (9)
  • Level 103: +2 Meso Explosion (29), +1 Pickpocket (10)
  • Level 104: +1 Meso Explosion (30/30 MAX), +2 Pickpocket (12)
  • Level 105: +2 Pickpocket (14), +1 Chakra (2)
  • Level 106: +2 Pickpocket (16), +1 Chakra (3)
  • Level 107: +2 Pickpocket (18), +1 Meso Guard (1)
  • Level 108: +2 Pickpocket (20/20 MAX), +1 Meso Guard (2)
  • Level 109: +2 Meso Guard (4), +1 Chakra (4)
  • Level 110: +2 Meso Guard (6), +1 Chakra (5)
  • Level 111: +2 Meso Guard (8), +1 Chakra (6)
  • Level 112: +2 Meso Guard (10), +1 Chakra (7)
  • Level 113: +2 Meso Guard (12), +1 Chakra (8)
  • Level 114: +2 Meso Guard (14), +1 Chakra (9)
  • Level 115: +2 Meso Guard (16), +1 Chakra (10)
  • Level 116: +2 Meso Guard (18), +1 Chakra (11)
  • Level 117: +2 Meso Guard (20/20 MAX), +1 Chakra (12)
  • Level 118: +3 Chakra (15)
  • Level 119: +3 Chakra (18)
  • Level 120: +3 Chakra (21/30)

And well, that's about it. Nothing more I can help you with.

End Result

Shield Mastery: Level 0

Chakra: Level 21

Assaulter: Level 30

Pickpocket: Level 20

Band of Thieves: Level 30

Meso Guard: Level 20

Meso Explosion: Level 30

The Fourth Job Advancement

This section of the guide is not due for construction.

When, and if this section ever will be is unknown at this time.

TheGamePhreak 12:03, 14 October 2008 (UTC)

Brief Thank Yous

  • Thanks to the Main Thief Guide, for its information that helped.
  • Thanks to Kiyobi for his guide, which I "borrowed" some ideas from.
(And for editing this guide for grammar XD) -Kiyobi 23:16, 30 March 2007 (CDT)
  • Thanks to Nexon for creating Maple Story Global.
  • Thanks to all who edit.
  • Thanks to Life, for hosting MapleWiki, and reverting bad edits on guides all over.
  • Lastly, Thanks to Mapletip for hosting MapleWiki and mine and many other guides.