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"Ancient Shadowknight throwing stars made from black crystal. These can be recharged when used up."


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  • Weapon Attack: +30


Trivia and Tips

Balanced Furies, which give a heft 30+ attack, can be proclaimed as the strongest stars in the whole game.

Though it's strong, it's not easy to make, as you need to be funded and at least level 85 to kill typhoons for the feathers. You also need the 3 Tao's from CWKPQ or the box event from last year.

The throwing stars are about 75-80 million for one pair, but it's cheaper to make it yourself.

150 black crystals for 400k each= 60million 3 Tao's(If got by yourself)= Free Typhoon Feathers= Free

As you can see, this would save you a good 15-20 million.

Also, these stars usually were 30 million because they weren't able to be recharged from anywhere except for New Leaf City, but due to a recent update, they can be recharged anywhere, and hence the price went from 30 million to 80.

Quantity + Refill Cost

  • 800 per set (w/ out mastery)
  • 1500 mesos to refill


Type of Item

  • Throwing Stars


  • Strongest Throwing Stars in MapleGlobal and MapleSEA.
  • Resembles the Sharingan from the popular japanese anime show: Naruto.

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